The Rio Rush Collection by Gucci Westman for Revlon Summer 2014


A colourful, vibrant limited edition collection from Revlon, the Rio Rush Collection feels like heat, summer, salsa! A little bit of info from Revlon:

The latest collection from Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman transports you to the lush city of Rio de Janeiro during the height of its famous ‘Carnaval,’ a celebration of life, of dancing, and colour. The Rio Rush Collection by Gucci Westman for Revlon Summer 2014 captures the essence of this festival and brings together bright, tropical colours that evoke the sexiness of this vibrant carnival south of the Equator.

“I pictured a provocative Brazilian woman, full of life and fun,” said Westman of her collection inspiration. “She is bold yet sensual; fierce with a touch of glamour.”

This highly anticipated collection for Summer ‘14 draws a tropical vibe with radiant makeup for a look that is both
sexy and alluring.


Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow is available in two new shades, Exotic and Wild.

Revlon_Rio_Rush_Eye_ShadowsColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow in Wild (L) and Exotic (R)

Wild is a gorgeously arranged quad containing a frosty vanilla, metallic taupe, sunburnt orange and deep teal (above left, clockwise from the lightest shade). You’ll notice it contains the complementary shades of teal and orange-red – perfect when paired! Unfortunately the beautiful taupe blended with my slightly tan skin, but you can see a hint of it at the top of the photo – it actually makes a gorgeous nude, even on my skin!

Revlon_Rio_Rush_Wild_Eye_ShadowsWild quad

Exotic contains a soft metallic bisque, a muted violet, a vibrant matte yellow, and a soft black. Once again, complementary colours yellow and violet are present, resulting in a fun ’80’s effect when paired!

Revlon_Rio_Rush_Eye_Shadows_ExoticExotic quad

Revlon’s famous Super Lustrous Lipstick is available in three new shades: Brazilian Tan, Carnival Spirit and Sultry Samba:


Swatches on my hand, with Sultry Samba on top, Carnival Spirit in middle, and Brazilian Tan on bottom. You can see the sheer finish of Carnival Spirit:

Brazilian Tan, a gorgeous nude creme that I absolutely loved, applied perfectly with an opaque, creamy finish:


Sultry Samba, the most vivid of the three, is a bright fuchsia that can be built up to full opacity with a fairly matte finish:


Finally, Carnival Spirit appears bright in the tube yet is the softest of the three, applying a shiny, sheer wash of orange on your lips. It can be built up but not to full opacity. Its finish is moist and rich and feels amazing!


Revlon introduces four new limited edition shades with this Rio Rush Collection: Carioca Crush, Copa Sunset, Gold Goddess and Oi Beautiful. I have three of the four for you, starting with Oi Beautiful, a pretty mid-tone purple creme. Great coverage, high shine, all at two coats (no top coat):


A gold flake glitter, Gold Goddess has a clear base, making it a perfect topper for any shade! I paired it with Oi Beautiful for a gorgeous, regal soft glitter gradient:

Revlon_Rio_Rush_lacquer_OiBeautiful_Gold_GoddessIs that not a perfect pairing?

Carioca Crush is a beautiful blue shade with a slight jelly finish (you can see the jelly ever so slightly at the tips of my nails), so does need careful application. The work is well worth it as the shade is a muted blue, making it very wearable, especially with that gorgeous shine:


Also available, Revlon ColorStay’s Creme Gel Eyeliner in Rio Blue. This metallic blue is the perfect finish to your Wild or Exotic eyes:


Join the festival and celebrate colour with The Rio Rush Collection by Gucci Westman for Revlon!

For more information, head to, or become a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram fan!

What is your Rio Rush favourite so far?



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(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

When I expressed interest in writing another guest post for The Obsessed, I was overwhelmed with the selection Aire provided to me! While difficult (insert dramatic sigh here), I finally selected 3 of the gorgeous limited edition “Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués.” Talk about a fashion collaboration made in heaven! The nail art was inspired by Marchesa’s signature couture gowns and each kit comes complete with 18 nail appliqués, mini file, buffer and cuticle stick.

Revlon_Marchesa_GildenMosaic_boxRevlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliqué Box


I decided to start with “24K Brocade.” This gorgeous turquoise base with stunning gold brocade detail has injected a bit of summer back into my life! The pattern has a slightly exotic, glamorous Bollywood feel to it. And the best part – the application was absolutely simple and foolproof. Between putting my little one to bed for nap time then serving his older brother a snack, I knew I had maybe 20 minutes to get these babies on! And thankfully 20 minutes was more than enough!

I started with clean, bare, dry nails and quickly pushed back my cuticles. I then lined up each finger nail underneath the clear appliqué strip to best match the size. One by one, I placed an appliqué on each nail and tautly pulled and folded the appliqué over the tip. Using the mini file, I gently filed down over the nail tip until the excess appliqué separated from my nail. Only one nail was not to my satisfaction so I followed the box’s removal instructions, pulled from the cuticle up and voila! The appliqué was removed with no remaining glue or residue.

Revlon_Marchesa_24kBrocade24k Brocade – daylight

Revlon_Marchesa_24kBrocade224k Brocade – shade

How spectacular is the contrast between the turquoise base and the metallic gold?

I kept “24K Brocade” on for 3 days, looking for any excuse to remove it for the next set…
When I noticed the slightest tip wear on one nail, I decided it was time to try “Gilded Mosaic!” (Note: these would absolutely last longer than 3 days – I was simply too excited to try the others!)

Once again following the box’s removal instructions, I removed each appliqué by gently lifting from the cuticle and pulling forward and up. There was a small amount of residue on a couple of my nails so I simply wiped each nail with polish remover for a clean, fresh canvas.

“Gilded Mosaic” looks just like it sounds – almost like a beautifully jeweled (faux) snakeskin in gold, silver and hints of black. Based on feedback around my office, this one was the fan favourite. It added sophistication to every outfit and was the perfect accessory!

Revlon_Marchesa_GildenMosaicGilden Mosaic

I tested my patience by keeping this one on for 5 days before moving on to the last (and my personal favourite) “Crown Jewels.” I contemplated using a deep black or blue base colour but decided to go bare. “Crown Jewels” was an effortlessly chic update to the standard French manicure. The appliqué tips varied slightly in design, which made each nail unique. I actually trimmed a bit of the clear base toward the cuticle so I could have more of the gold tip on each nail. I love the way this looked on my bare nails and will definitely be purchasing a few of this design to try over polish!

Revlon_Marchesa_CrownJewelsCrown Jewels


This is a super fun, easy and quick way to achieve a professional salon look without the salon price tag. Not to mention, Marchesa – need I say more?

Revlon_Marchesa_24kBrocade3Another view of 24k Brocade

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués are available in limited release in drugstores throughout fall 2013,  in eight beautiful designs. For more information, head to, or become a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram fan!

Do you have a favourite design yet?


~xo, Artemis


A few months ago, I was selected to participate in Revlon Selects, a new program that Revlon launched to allow fans to try some of their latest products. The package was shipped to us pretty quickly, and included the following:

  • Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ Lipstick in Backstage
  • Revlon PhotoReady™ Primer + Shadow in Metropolitan
  • Revlon Nail Art Expressionist™in Vincent Van Gold
  • Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy™ in Orbit and a
  • Revlon Diamond Collection™ File

Here’s what it looked like:

Revlon_SelectsNot a bad package to receive for a newly launched program!

It seemed like most of us, if not all, received the same packages, which, I feel, is a nice way to launch a program. However, in the future it might be nice to send out a variety of different colours. 🙂

I think my favourite items in the collection were the eyeshadow set and the Nail Art polish in Moon Candy. Here is a close-up of the PhotoReady shadow set:


The colours are stunning. I love the chocolate brown as well as the neutrals provided around the deep chocolate. The glittery gold accent shadow is a nice optional touch that you can add or skip, depending on your mood. I don’t think I have ever used a shadow primer in powder format so I was a little skeptical about this shadow’s promises of longevity, but the first time I wore it to work (it was a long day), it held up! By the time I was washing my face that night, I only had a hint of a crease… the primer worked well! I’ll definitely be wearing this shadow again.

I wore the Moon Art polish duo only once, and didn’t get any pics because of the wintery weather we’ve been having, so I’ll try and post pictures next time. 🙂 Overall, I loved the purple polish in this set; it applied perfectly and could have been a one-coater. The flakie accent polish is gorgeous, but the only downside is that there could have been more flakies. You really need to apply quite a bit of polish to get the flakie effect that you see in the bottle.

The Revlon Diamond Collection nail file is sparkly and pretty, and a great file to keep in your purse as it comes in a sleeve.

I cannot wait to try the Vincent Van Gold polish and the ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ Lipstick soon!


Don’t forget to follow Revlon and Revlon Canada on Facebook here and here for the latest news and maybe even some future offers!


Can you believe 2012 is almost over? This year was a big one for me… I started my new job, recently moved to our new home, started blogging and taking my polish and beauty obsession to a whole new level, and along with that, I met some amazing people in this community.

It’s been a little quiet on my blog lately, mainly due to my big move just before Christmas… I thought I would catch up, not only on a blog post or two, but also share some of my top polishes of the year (with links to the original posts).

Hope this is a fun read for you!

In no particular order, here is Aphrodite Lacquers’ It’s My Party topped with The Icing on the Cake. I immediately fell in love with this hot pink jelly (and its glittery topper), and can’t wait to wear this with a little tan!


My most popular post, even garnering a shout-out from Suzi Weiss-Fishman, OPI’s Creative Director, on her twitter chat recently (!!), was the Monet jelly sandwich. This was created using OPI’s Funny Bunny with Shimmer Polish Linna, and it turned into one of my favourite manicures.


Oh Zoya Ornate Collection, how I love thee! After patiently waiting for this gorgeous collection to arrive, I created my very first striping tape mani using Zoya Storm and Aurora:


Another day, another gorgeous Shimmer Polish! Karina, a deep vampy red jelly, is beautiful and glamorous and oh-so-sparkly!


I loved the sparkle of this mani: a-England’s Dorian Grey topped with Shimmer Polish Vanessa. Look at that sparkle!


And so you can see why I love Dorian Gray, look at this steely pewter:


This year I also tried my very first Nubar polishes, and I fell in love. Look at shiny Nubar Espresso from the Simplicity Meets Elegance Collection:


From the same collection, here is Nubar Rouge, another gorgeous pink I fell in love with:


Up next, another of my most popular posts comes courtesy of OPI’s first foray into magnetics, from the OPI Skyfall Collection to commemorate 50 years of Bond films: OPI Magnetic Lacquer Is that Silva? I just love the holo magnetic!


Blue is my favourite colour though I’ve often steered clear of it in my manicures. But Revlon Royal, especially combined with Aphrodite Lacquers’ Doorman, was something spectacular….


Who doesn’t love a sparkly linear holographic polish? The ladies at Glitter Gal have made holos their business, and let me tell you, Glitter Gal Wisteria does not disappoint!! I loved the subtlety of this light hue…


I am a fool for sparkles, and Aphrodite Lacquers Peacock Earrings was distracting. Here it is, layered over China Glaze’s Liquid Leather for optimum sparkle and shine:


I think by now you know how much I adore jelly sandwiches. (And I should really do more of them!) Another Zoya collection that I was lusting after, Zoya Gloss, is a jelly-lover’s dream come true. Here is Zoya Frida layered with a relatively new indie, Kiss Your Elbow Polish’s A Drop in the Ocean:

Zoya-Frida Drop in Ocean Jelly
This list wouldn’t be complete without Picture Polish and their Mesh shade Tease, a glittery silvery-pink beauty that I received as part of their Blog Fest for 2012:


Next is a sparkly vampy black jelly courtesy of Aphrodite Lacquers, Nebula. Though I love vamps, I don’t always wear straight black polishes, unless, of course, they have a little something like Nebula does. Filled with aqua and silver glitters, Nebula has depth and sparkle:


And last but not least, the one that started my love affair with Aphrodite Lacquers, Grapetini! I think it’s fair to say that AL is one of my favourite indies, having created a number of polishes that I wear again and again… and Grapetini, with its purple squishiness, was part of my very first AL order that was not meant to be. It has the unfortunate distinction of being my first polish to arrive smashed to pieces lol.


And that, dear readers, is my first top… 16 list! It was meant to be a top-12 but there were simply too many that I adore. There are many more that I love and wanted to share, but in the spirit of keeping this a somewhat shortish blog post, not all the beauties could be included… Perhaps I will share another top-12 list soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed selecting my favourites. May the New Year bring you and your loved ones much joy and happiness, success and love.


I have a slight problem with distraction. Sometimes I plan things out a certain way, e.g. the way I had planned to swatch then write a few reviews, but then somewhere along the line this amazing polish combination completely distracted me!!

First off, I have to thank the amazing Thea from Munchy’s Nails for introducing me to this stunning polish. She did a review not too long ago using Revlon Royal as undies (read it here), and I was blown away!! A gorgeous, deep, royal blue? (My favourite colour!) But one that is also a JELLY?? Get me to the drugstore!

To be honest, I might be called a bit of a drugstore snob… I haven’t owned a Revlon polish in longer than I’d like to admit. There is so much selection within the “pro” lines and indies of the world that I generally don’t get to shop for polish at a drugstore. But let me tell you, I was at the drugstore during my next lunch hour for Revlon Royal!

Have a look:

And that is just ONE coat since I was using it as a base. Is this not amazing???

Poor Royal has been sitting, untried, for a while… but I knew it would be perfect for my review of the next Aphrodite Lacquers Friday Night Glitter Bomb. Today I have Doorman (lol at the name) from the FNGB collection, and it’s a gorgeous sheer blue base with “a colour changing shimmer (from blue to purple to pink), and multiple different blue, black and white glitters.” It is so beautiful, and wait until you see it combined with Revlon Royal. It’s like they were made for each other!

In natural/artificial light

I love the way the tiny shimmer in Doorman comes to life over Royal!!! It looks really sky blue/turquoise in the shot above, as do the blue glitter squares. Doorman just seems to float overtop of this base!

In shade

And finally, a beautiful macro:

I just want to make a note about the square glitter in Doorman: in many indies I own, some of the square glitter, especially with thinner foil glitter, often starts to curl. You can see some waving in some of the glitter in the above shots, but I want to clarify that this was not quite tacoing or curling. It almost gave the glitter a 3D effect, accentuating the jelly look, which I personally love. I used a coat of Gelous, then a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat and the mani was perfectly smooth.

Revlon Royal so impressed me that even though I had removed this mani, I just had to wear it again. Immediately reapplying Royal, the blinding sparkle of yet another unworn Aphrodite FNGB called to me. Check out how incredible Aphrodite Lacquers’ Miniskirt looked over Royal:

Full sun

(Though I’m personally not a fan of accent nails on me, I couldn’t decide between Doorman and Miniskirt – hence the accent pinky! lol)


This was 2 thin coats of Royal, followed by a generous coat of Miniskirt (and a coat of Doorman on the pinky 🙂 ), followed by a coat of Fast Forward top coat.

Miniskirt is so very pretty and versatile. It is described by Rebecca from Aphrodite Lacquers as a “sheer polish base, with green microglitter, a color changing shimmer that goes from green to aqua, and color changing glitter that goes from yellow to green to aqua.” It was a dream to apply. It’s so dense with this microglitter that you could even wear it alone, or over any other colour. And it is pretty smooth to start with which is why I skipped the Gelous coat this time.  I cannot wait to pair it with another undie!!

Edit: I wanted to share with that Revlon Royal did NOT stain my nails at all! I am always nervous when wearing highly pigmented greens or blues but Royal not only is gorgeous, but non-staining!!

So what do you guys think? Do you like one combo better?


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