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Given recent events, I did not think I would be up for participating in a Nail Art Challenge…

However, as I was playing around with the beautiful Carrie Underwood for Nicole by OPI polishes (will soon be on the blog), inspiration struck! I really wanted to do a simple gradient, so I sponged on three beautiful colours for a Valentine’s Day-appropriate mani that was perfectly my style. I hope you like it enough to vote for it on Nail Polish Canada’s contest page.

I used Nicole by OPI’s new 3-in-1 Base and topped that with 2 coats of the beautiful Color Me Country, a beautiful coral pink in an amazing creme formula that leans slightly jelly:

NicolebyOPI_Carrie_ColorMeCountryLook at that! Exactly what a girl needs to brighten her day. I cannot wait to wear this shade as it warms up – it’s exactly the kind of shade I really adore.

I then sponged on a three-colour gradient: the stunning cherry red American as Apple Pie towards the tips (you may have seen it on my Instagram feed – it’s incredible) and the deep pink Some Hearts in the middle, with a touch of the base colour Color Me Country towards the cuticles.


I used Glitter Gal’s fantastic top coat Gloss Boss to finish it all up, et voila:


And a sunny pic:


What do you think of the end result?

If you like my nail art, would you vote for me on the Nail Polish Canada challenge page?


Today I have for you one of two of Glitter Gal’s latest collections, a colour story called Celebrate – Sydney Style. Comprised of varying hues from soft pastel to vibrant to deep, the six gorgeous cremes should provide something for everyone.  Swatches after the intro from Glitter Gal:

Glitter Gal Australia have created a crème formula that is like no other with superior Glitter Gal ingredients with Australian names. We have released 2 colour stories consisting of twelve colours. The two collections are:

· Holiday in Oz

· Celebrate – Sydney Style

In addition to the two collection, Glitter Gal is introducing three new unique “phenomenal” top coats:

· Gloss Boss – 15ml

How many times you have been asked for a top coat that doesn’t take away the holographic effects – well here it is! A top coat that can be used on crèmes or used to enhance holographic and special effect formulas. It is a high impact gloss top coat with a gel like finish. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TOP COAT EVER!!!!!

· Galaxy Holo – 10ml  This has the most outstanding holographic effects.

· Dorothy’s Revenge – 10ml  A holographic, red based sparkle top coat. Can be worn alone as well as over crèmes.

A beautiful, soft peach shade, Tan Line is just this side of a nude, with a pale peachy finish. No application issues and I absolutely love this shade’s muted peach hue! Two coats in the shade, with Gloss Boss top coat (more on that Gloss Boss later):

GlitterGal Tan Line

Another soft shade, Booze Bus, a pale pastel lilac shade. As with many white-based shades, this one needed a bit of care, but I had zero application issues. Below are two coats, no top coat:

GlitterGal BoozeBus

And Booze Bus with Glitter Gal’s new holo top coat, Galaxy Holo, and finished with Gloss Boss top coat:

GlitterGal BoozeBus-GalaxyHolo
The Galaxy Holo top coat is a clear topper filled with irregular shards of holographic pigment that reflect in beautiful, rainbow-like colours in direct light. Click on this macro to see the full-size pic:

GlitterGal BoozeBus-GalaxyHolo MacroThe effect is much more noticeable in sun but unfortunately, no sun on this Canadian winter day…

She’s Cactus a bright mint green that can veer every so slightly into neon territory. A gorgeous soft green if you like greens!

GlitterGal ShesCactus

I thought She’s Cactus and Tart Yourself Up made for a very beautiful combination:

GlitterGal ShesCactus_TartAcct

Tart Yourself Up is a vivid medium blue shade, and probably my second favourite of the bunch. Blue is my favourite colour, and though I don’t wear it often on my nails unless it’s dark, I can’t help but gravitate towards it! Tart had an amazing application and was almost a one-coater. Below are two coats with an accent of Galaxy Holo on the ring finger, and Gloss Boss top coat on all nails. See the large bottle of Gloss Boss: (I love the large square bottles!)

GlitterGal TartYourselfUp

She’ll be Right is a dark, vampy (yes, vampy!) purple crelly (jelly/cream), which as you know, makes for an incredible shiny finish. She’ll be Right’s formula was a bit on the thick side, and could drag if you went over an area too often, but well worth it for this in my opinion! Probably one of my favourites of the collection… Two coats, with an accent of Galaxy Holo top coat, and no top coat:

GlitterGal ShellbeRight-Galaxy

Off Your Rocker, a bright pink, had an amazing formula like Tart Yourself Up, being almost a one-coater (seriously, you can just do one coat and top coat it but I usually do two for consistency). Another favourite:

GlitterGal OffYourRocker

A few words about Gloss Boss: Though not a traditional “quick dry,” Gloss Boss truly dried incredibly fast to the touch, and to a mirror-like, gel-like finish. I personally LOVE gel-like top coats as they provide a thicker, glossier look without bulking up your nail polish! And they have this jelly feel to them that I love!

Glitter Gal is Big 5-free (Camphor, TFR, DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toluene), cruelty-free, long-wearing and fast-drying, and has become famous for their linear holographic polishes.

Glitter Gal is available directly from Glitter Gal’s online shop (they now ship from within the US to save on shipping!), or from online shops Llarowe, Harlow & Co, or check out the full list of stockists here. Glitter Gal’s entire range is now available in a 10ml size, or the premium 15 ml bottles.

Don’t forget to follow Glitter Gal on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and previews!

Which one is your favourite shade from this collection?


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Happy Monday!

It is getting impossible to ignore the chill of the approaching winter (at least for us in the Northern Hemisphere) and what better way to warm up than “Hot Chili!” Today I have for you two beauties from Glitter Gal that are in limited availability – Hot Chili and Transfusion, perfect shades for the season.

Hot Chili is an appropriately named chili-pepper red linear holographic. A warm and flattering, easy-to-wear red. Application was easy, however it was very sheer on the first coat. I would recommend a generous second coat, which gave me perfect opacity. I noticed that both Transfusion and Hot Chili dried to a slightly satin finish, so top coat was a must for me. I used China Glaze’s Fast Forward and it did not diminish any of the holo effect.

Two coats in soft sunlight:


and in the shade:


Transfusion is deep blue-based berry shade with vampy qualities – definitely my favourite of the two! The holo provides it with a deep red/purple effect that I just loved. The formula on Transfusion was slightly crelly (cream-jelly), and it reached full opacity at two generous coats. Again, Transfusion dried to a somewhat satin finish and I added top coat which brought out a very high shine.

Two coats in natural light:


in sunlight:


Finally, a macro to show you the gorgeous holo effect:


Glitter Gal is Big 5-free (Camphor, TFR, DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toluene), cruelty-free, long-wearing and fast-drying, and has become famous for their linear holographic polishes.

Glitter Gal is available directly from Glitter Gal’s online shop (they now ship from within the US to save on shipping!), or from online shops Llarowe, Harlow & Co, or check out the full list of stockists here. Glitter Gal is available in premium-boxed 15 ml bottles or the newer 10 ml bottles.

Don’t forget to follow Glitter Gal on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and previews!

Which one is your favourite shade, Hot Chili or Transfusion?



(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Want to win a lot of Glitter Gal holos??

Glitter Gal needs your imagination to help name their next holographic shade!

The best/creative/fun name will win a fantastic holographic nail polish prize pack!

Email Glitter Gal at with a name that you create for their next, soon to be released, holographic shade. The colour is a secret though the “inspiration board” below is a big hint on the new colour. See the link for further details, fine print and prize inclusions!
(Ends June 25, 2013)


Can you believe 2012 is almost over? This year was a big one for me… I started my new job, recently moved to our new home, started blogging and taking my polish and beauty obsession to a whole new level, and along with that, I met some amazing people in this community.

It’s been a little quiet on my blog lately, mainly due to my big move just before Christmas… I thought I would catch up, not only on a blog post or two, but also share some of my top polishes of the year (with links to the original posts).

Hope this is a fun read for you!

In no particular order, here is Aphrodite Lacquers’ It’s My Party topped with The Icing on the Cake. I immediately fell in love with this hot pink jelly (and its glittery topper), and can’t wait to wear this with a little tan!


My most popular post, even garnering a shout-out from Suzi Weiss-Fishman, OPI’s Creative Director, on her twitter chat recently (!!), was the Monet jelly sandwich. This was created using OPI’s Funny Bunny with Shimmer Polish Linna, and it turned into one of my favourite manicures.


Oh Zoya Ornate Collection, how I love thee! After patiently waiting for this gorgeous collection to arrive, I created my very first striping tape mani using Zoya Storm and Aurora:


Another day, another gorgeous Shimmer Polish! Karina, a deep vampy red jelly, is beautiful and glamorous and oh-so-sparkly!


I loved the sparkle of this mani: a-England’s Dorian Grey topped with Shimmer Polish Vanessa. Look at that sparkle!


And so you can see why I love Dorian Gray, look at this steely pewter:


This year I also tried my very first Nubar polishes, and I fell in love. Look at shiny Nubar Espresso from the Simplicity Meets Elegance Collection:


From the same collection, here is Nubar Rouge, another gorgeous pink I fell in love with:


Up next, another of my most popular posts comes courtesy of OPI’s first foray into magnetics, from the OPI Skyfall Collection to commemorate 50 years of Bond films: OPI Magnetic Lacquer Is that Silva? I just love the holo magnetic!


Blue is my favourite colour though I’ve often steered clear of it in my manicures. But Revlon Royal, especially combined with Aphrodite Lacquers’ Doorman, was something spectacular….


Who doesn’t love a sparkly linear holographic polish? The ladies at Glitter Gal have made holos their business, and let me tell you, Glitter Gal Wisteria does not disappoint!! I loved the subtlety of this light hue…


I am a fool for sparkles, and Aphrodite Lacquers Peacock Earrings was distracting. Here it is, layered over China Glaze’s Liquid Leather for optimum sparkle and shine:


I think by now you know how much I adore jelly sandwiches. (And I should really do more of them!) Another Zoya collection that I was lusting after, Zoya Gloss, is a jelly-lover’s dream come true. Here is Zoya Frida layered with a relatively new indie, Kiss Your Elbow Polish’s A Drop in the Ocean:

Zoya-Frida Drop in Ocean Jelly
This list wouldn’t be complete without Picture Polish and their Mesh shade Tease, a glittery silvery-pink beauty that I received as part of their Blog Fest for 2012:


Next is a sparkly vampy black jelly courtesy of Aphrodite Lacquers, Nebula. Though I love vamps, I don’t always wear straight black polishes, unless, of course, they have a little something like Nebula does. Filled with aqua and silver glitters, Nebula has depth and sparkle:


And last but not least, the one that started my love affair with Aphrodite Lacquers, Grapetini! I think it’s fair to say that AL is one of my favourite indies, having created a number of polishes that I wear again and again… and Grapetini, with its purple squishiness, was part of my very first AL order that was not meant to be. It has the unfortunate distinction of being my first polish to arrive smashed to pieces lol.


And that, dear readers, is my first top… 16 list! It was meant to be a top-12 but there were simply too many that I adore. There are many more that I love and wanted to share, but in the spirit of keeping this a somewhat shortish blog post, not all the beauties could be included… Perhaps I will share another top-12 list soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed selecting my favourites. May the New Year bring you and your loved ones much joy and happiness, success and love.


Do you love the dance of holo particles reflecting off your nails? Then you’ll want to grab your coffee/wine/protein shake/etc., sit down, and enjoy this post…

Glitter Gal has released a new collection of nine new incredible holographic shades for fall 2012 (spring 2012 in Australia 🙂 ). Have a look!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Today I bring you the delicate beauty of Wisteria, a lavender, effervescent polish. Don’t let the delicateness of it fool you though, it is extremely holographic!!  I experienced this with another Glitter Gal fave, Frappe, which, though delicate and light pink, was probably the most holographic polish I have ever purchased.

This is such a demure and lady-like polish. As I applied it, I kept thinking how perfect it would be for a special event, such as attending a wedding or shower. Super pretty!

And speaking of application, it applied really smoothly. I find Glitter Gal polishes to be on the thinner side, but not in a bad way. They apply really easily, and because the coats are thinner than other polishes, each coat also dried very quickly. I also adore the glass-like finish that Glitter Gal provides! It actually feels as smooth as glass. Three coats of Wisteria dried to a glossy finish before I had even applied a top coat! I did end up topping up with my favourite, China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat, only because I like to make my manis last without chipping… but there really was no need.

Here it is when I first applied it:


It was overcast and that’s exactly how it looked in the shade. A gorgeous, holo lavender even without any direct light. Love!

Here are more pics from when the sun finally peaked out:

Direct sun

I have no words for that crazy holo reflection. It was all I could do to type/get any work done with that beautiful distraction shining in my eyes….

Some background on Glitter Gal:
This amazing brand was created in Australia by longtime friends Kerry and Anna, both with industry backgrounds, who decided to create a unique and premium makeup and nailpolish product line. Glitter Gal is Big 5-free (Camphor, TFR, DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toluene), cruelty-free, long-wearing and fast-drying, and provides this amazing true linear holographic finish that we love.

To get your very own, check out Glitter Gal’s online shop (they ship internationally!), their Canadian stockist Harlow & Co, or check out the full list of stockists here! Glitter Gal is available in premium-boxed 15 ml bottles or the new, larger, 10 ml bottles that have replaced the old 9 ml smaller bottles (all thanks to customer feedback – how’s that for customer service!).

Don’t forget to follow Glitter Gal on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and exclusive giveaways!

Do you own any Glitter Gal polishes?? If not… you NEED to own one. I mean, drop-what-you’re-doing-kind-of-need. Go online, and get yourself some holo love. Because Glitter Gal holos are insane.


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

What better shade to celebrate Valentine’s Day than pink? And what better pink than Glitter Gal’s stunner of a shade, Frappe?

Let me be honest: I never truly believed the holographic wonder that is Glitter Gal. I did not believe the posts that raved about its linear, multicolour specs of light.

But tonight… I believe!

Words cannot describe the gorgeousness of this holographic polish. Admittedly, the colour is a bit sheer to start, and I debated layering it over a base colour, maybe a light pink, but I did not want to risk losing any holo effect. And so after just one coat….

Frappe applied smoothly and the first coat dried very quickly.  Unlike most polishes that have any type of glitter in them, it dried to an unbelievable glass-like, smooth finish.

I definitely needed a second coat.

Here it is, no topcoat. Just 2 coats of Glitter Gal over a clear base coat.

With a slight blur in the picture, you can really see all the rainbow colours in this polish:

This was my very first Glitter Gal polish, and I am in love!! The colour is just soft enough to provide more of a “neutral” mani, though it will go ablaze in light! (And if you’re a newbie–this colour is so forgiving…)  If there are any drawbacks, it’s the fact that the polish is rather sheer and you definitely need 2 or 3 coats for complete coverage, and that isn’t helped by the mini bottle these have typically been produced in (only 9 ml!). But fear not! Glitter Gal’s website has started carrying a 15 ml standard polish size!! 

You can also purchase these from Harlow & Co and Llarowe, both amazing, independent stockists.

I am in love and cannot wait to try more of these beautiful holos.

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