Who knew that with the KnitPicks Ambassadorship would come a push (more like a shove – thank you Heather from We Crochet! LOL) into pattern-making? I mean… I debated it, I thought about it, but suddenly I felt like needing to get into it. And when you play with yarn, more often than not, inspiration strikes. It used to come in the form of adjusting an existing pattern; for example, I often adjust basic patterns so that they are more comfortable for me. Sometimes it’s simply adding length, sometimes it’s making the item slightly differently. I’m also happy that my studies at George Brown’s School of Fashion Design have given me a great understanding of fabric, drape, fit and patterns, all items that translate into knitwear, and more importantly, that I can finally apply some of my knowledge!

Now on to this adorable headband!

Last month I raved about my love of the linen stitch. It provides such a beautiful and graphic fabric, yet is simply a little manipulation of the basic knit and purl stitch. And even better than that? It has two very distinct-looking sides, so your work can be reversible, if sewn carefully!

And with that, I decided to knit the Niloo Headband! An easy and super-quick project, this is a satisfying knit that you’ll wear over and over again. And so you’re not left out in the cold, crocheters, I have the crochet version coming at you shortly!

Oh, and did I mention that I will also be releasing a matching crochet AND knit Niloofar Scarf?

Let’s talk about that soft, warm yarn. I used KnitPicks Swish Bulky, which has quickly become a staple (I’ve now made numerous accessories and gifts with Swish Bulky!). Comprised of 100% Fine Superwash Merino, this yarn is the perfect antidote to those of us sensitive to wool: soft, non-scratchy, and very, very comfortable to wear. Oh, and it’s machine-washable!! Knit your heart out with Swish Bulky! Note that one hank of Swish Bulky will make two knitted Niloo Headbands!

Are you ready to knit your very own Niloo Headband?

Niloo Headband
Knitting Pattern

Size: One size, ladies’ size S-M to fit 22” head circumference (due to stretchiness of headband). Can be made longer to increase head circumference by adding rows.

Finished measurements:
Finished headband will be 20”/51 cm long, 4”/10 cm wide

Knitting needles, size 8 mm or US 11
or size needed to obtain gauge
Cable needle or spare DPN (Double Poined Needle)
Tapestry needle

20 st x 27 rows = 4”/10 cm in linen stitch

Yarn Recommendations:
KnitPicks Swish Bulky Yarn (100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool) or another Bulky weight /category 5 yarn
Approximately 65 yards/ 59m

Samples shown in photo are worked in KnitPicks Swish Bulky Yarn in Garnet Heather, Squirrel Heather, and Nutmeg Heather.

All The Obsessed Patterns are written in standard US terms.

CO Cast On
K Knit
P Purl
Sl Slip
St Stitch


Headband is worked lengthwise, in linen stitch. The twist is achieved using a cable needle during knitting, at the half-way point.
Headband will be reversible.


With 8mm needles,  CO 20.

Row 1: Sl 1, k 1, *sl 1 (purlwise) with yarn in front, k 1; repeat from * to end.

Row 2: Sl 1, p 1, *sl 1 (purlwise) with yarn in back, p 1; repeat from * to end.

Repeat rows 1 and 2 to form the pattern.

If you need more assistance, here is a detailed breakdown of how to perform each row:

ROW 1: 

-With the yarn at the back of your work, slip the first stitch purl-wise. 

– Knit the next stitch regularly. *Bring the yarn to the front of your work, between the 2 needles, and slip the next stitch purl-wise. Return the yarn to the back by bringing it between the 2 needles, knit the next stitch.* Repeat the steps from * to *. 

ROW 2: 

Begin your 2nd row with the yarn at the front, slip the first stitch purl-wise. 

With the yarn at the front, purl the next stitch.* Take the yarn to the back, slip the next stitch purl-wise.With yarn in front, purl the next stitch.*Repeat from * to *.

Repeat these 2 rows to form the pattern.

Knit these two rows until the headband is 10”/51 cm or approximately 68 rows before putting in the twist:

Finish a row 2 (wrong side of work facing you).

At next odd row (right side facing you):

Park first 10 on cable or DPN. Hold the cable needle in front of your work. 

K st 11-20 by: sl first st w yarn in front, k, sl, as in row 1.

Now work the first 10 stitches that are on hold starting with a sl st, then k, sl1 as in row 1, ending with a k.

These will be very snug to knit. 

(Note that these rows of twisting and the row after may be frustrating, but so, so worth it!)

Continue with row 2 instructions on next row, and back to row 1 and 2 to continue the pattern.

Knit for 10” after twist, until the length of the entire headband is 20”.

Bind off, being careful not to bind off too snug.

Seam the knitted headband with either the overcast or whipstitch, limiting leaving any edge on one side. This will allow you to have a reversible headband: wear your headband on both the linen stitch or purl side!

Tip! If you forget what row you’re on:
If you are ready to start the next row, and your yarn is at the back of your work, you will be working a row 1 next.
And if your yarn is in front, this means you will continue on a row 2.

©The Obsessed Blog / Aire Nitsotolis

Hope you will enjoy making my Niloo Headband! Tag me #NilooHeadband @The_Obsessed if you make it!

~xoxo, Aire

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This is a FREE pattern in collaboration with KnitPicks!
This post contains affiliate links, which means, if you make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage off each sale, at no extra cost to you.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope that despite the… strangeness of 2020, and despite many of us being in some state of limitation or lockdown, you were able to enjoy the holidays. Hope you gifted yourself a treat… or some me-time! Enjoy this clip of some yarnporn that I gifted to myself! 😉

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on two recent We are Knitters kits that they graciously sent to me. The kits are the Hibiscus Top, perfect for summer or as a layering piece, and the Lofoten Scarf, a super-easy squishy winter scarf.


First up, the Lofoten Scarf. Super-easy to make, on giant 15 mm knitting needles, this is the perfect kit for a beginner! All We are Knitters kits come with everything you need to make your own item: the pattern, the yarn, the needles or crochet hook (you can opt out of needles or hooks if you have your own), the darning needle to sew it all up and some tags to sew on your finished piece! How much easier can it get?

If you’re not familiar with WAK’s The Wool, it’s thick, really thick. And works up so fast, especially in beginner-friendly garter stitch (where you knit every row)! (We are Knitters even has awesome tutorials for beginners!) And the added interest of the two colours of stripes makes it beautiful. Want to give it a try? We are Knitters is having an amazing sale right now on some of the colours – grab it here! (My colours are natural and navy.)

Lofoten Scarf in easy garter stitch

A more summery piece, the Hibiscus Top is the perfect V-neck tank. Made in one of my favourite yarns, WAK’s Pima Cotton.


While still listed as an “easy” level project, I will tell you, you will need to pay a little more attention while knitting this beauty. A simple V-neck on both front and back, the Hibiscus Top gets its interest from the stitch used in this pattern: the linen stitch.

Linen stich detail

Let’s talk about this gorgeous stitch, and why it has quickly become one of my favourite stitches! What initially drew me to the linen stitch was the graphic look it produces – quite geometric and intricate-looking. And as most knitters know, one of the most annoying things is when your work curls… but the linen stitch produces a flat fabric and does not curl! Yes, it’s true! Need another reason to love this stitch? It has two really different looking sides… meaning, if you sew your work carefully, you may just be able to wear it both ways! Topping out the reasons to love the linen stitch: it’s a simple two-row repeat! I promise, if you give it a try… you’ll see just how easy this beautiful stitch is to create! I am obsessed!!

Want to try the We are Knitters Hibiscus Top for yourself? The WAK sale is still on! Snag a kit here! (Colour shown here is Terracotta.)

Linen stitch and wrong side

If you follow me on social, you know that there are a couple of yarns I really adore. And I have loved most of my We are Knitters kits so far… but boy, am I glad I tried a new We are Knitters kit and learned a new stitch!! I am totally obsessed with the linen stich, and if you subscribe to my blog and want to learn how to make the linen stitch, you’ll soon see what else I have up my sleeve. 😉

Wrong side of the linen stitch

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever worked the linen stitch?

And what is your favourite We are Knitters kit so far?

~xoxo, Aire

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(Product was provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

It’s funny. When I started this blog, I knew that I wanted to talk about my experiences with products, but mostly it was a place to discuss beauty, life, with some crafting.

More recently I have discovered that a lot of my life is centred on being a mom and wife, home care and cooking, knitting and crocheting. I think these are the things that I spend the most time on. And thanks to Covid, my every day make-up use has diminished to almost nil… Although thankfully I still do my hair and wear mascara. LOL.

And speaking of knitting and crocheting, I want to add a lot more of that content to my blog. I hope you will join my journey!

Today I wanted to bring you my honest (definitely not sponsored) review of one of the most popular vacuums around. A review of the Dyson stick vacuum. My first experience with the Dyson brand was with their DC39 Animal model vacuum, a large, heavy and plug-in model with a bagless canister that was pretty impressive for its time. (I think I purchased mine in 2011 or 2012.) I still have it, and it still performs incredibly; however, its weight is enough to take out your back, especially when using the motor head. It should be noted that no other vacuum compared to the Dyson in terms of cleaning at that time, especially with pet hair. And because of this experience, I have stuck with the brand… purchasing several more models through the years.

Last year, we decided to invest in one of their newest stick vacuums, the Cyclone V10 Animal. I believe at the time it retailed for approximately $800. And although this is no longer their newest model, my V10 Animal is only one and a half years old. The Dyson website promises that this is the most powerful motorhead yet (at time of launch), and that it removes 25% more dust than their V8 model. It also promises up to 35 minutes of battery life, which was a big selling point for me. With two dogs in the house, vacuuming is a regular sport in my home. I also liked the larger canister which means less trips to empty it.

You probably want to know: How did the Dyson v10 stack up?

Let me preface this by repeating that I have been using this vacuum for approximately 1.5 years now. I also use my vacuums a lot – so I do understand that I may not be the typical user. (By a lot I mean, at least three times a week, usually maybe four.) Two big dogs, a young son… it adds up fast! 😂

When it first arrived, we loved it. My goodness was it ever light compared to the large plug-in Dyson! Stick vacuums do tend to do a number on your wrists though — there’s definitely a bit of a transition for the body to adjust. (My wrists are not the strongest and holding a vacuum with your index finger depressing a trigger for half an hour isn’t… fun.) It was still easy to love it. It moves quickly through the home as there is no large canister dragging behind you, and there is no plug to constantly move. The motor head picked up pretty well, and compared to the old Dyson’s motor head, which could almost chew up a carpet (it was that strong), this motor head is safe on my delicate rugs.

I also love the accessories. This vacuum, though a bit large to use as a handheld (without the stick), makes it easy to vacuum your couch, chairs, the car, and any other tiny or small spaces or any furniture. As a dog owner, the mini motorized head is my favourite! I use it to clean dog beds, kid furniture… There were a few tools including the crevice tool and duster. Very useful!

Now let’s discuss some of the downsides.

First, for me, the pick-up just isn’t there. Sure it’ll clean good-enough. But the soft roller head, meant for hardwood, kept leaving tiny things behind. Anything small, such as dirt at the front door or food crumbs, would be left behind… not to mention this roller head is way too loose and not easily controlled. (I kept banging into things on the side because the soft roller head doesn’t move in a straight direction but swivels.) Back to the pick-up: even the motor head only works at its best when you adjust the height of the roller to the lowest setting. Otherwise…. there’ll be a lot missed.

What about the battery life? No Dyson review would be complete without some mention of battery life! We mostly use it on the second (out of three) settings. If I move really quickly, I can usually complete one floor in about 15-20 minutes and not run out of battery. Most days, however, it would die on me with one small area remaining – which can be frustrating. (If you try and use the highest power, the 3rd setting— you would probably get 10 min run time!) The worst part was, over the past month or two we noticed the battery life shortening… we thought it was just us at first. Until the machine did only three small area rugs and died — we knew it was time to email Dyson.

I will give them this: The customer service can be very good (with a good rep). They truly stand behind their product and send out warranty parts, more often than not, free of charge. I have had the experience where I had to go back-and-forth too many times when I already outlined the issue, but otherwise, very good customer service. It’s a hassle to be left without a working vacuum, but the self-repair and the standing behind their products is probably the best part of owning a Dyson.

My personal opinion has evolved to this: it’s probably time to update my central vac… and use that for my whole-home cleaning. A stick vacuum is amazingly convenient – but perhaps not the most thorough, or long-lasting cleaner. I will still use it for quick cleans, to vacuum the furniture or reach cobwebs… however, I am just not sold on purchasing another, and at this price point, in the future.

How do you feel? What is your personal opinion about Dyson vacuums or stick vacuums in general?

Do you have a favourite brand?

~xoxo, Aire

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Happy December!!!

It’s finally time to decorate for the holidays (if you haven’t already)… and enjoy all the sparkly lights and glitter the holidays bring. And although 2020 hasn’t been great in many ways, I wanted to bring some cheer to your life…

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you already know that…

I am hosting a 10-day giveaway extravaganza!!! Thanks to the amazing crafters over at Knit Picks for sponsoring this awesome giveaway-fest!! Please show them some love by following Knit Picks and We Crochet. 😊)

For ten days this month I will share a new maker’s giveaway on Instagram! You will have a chance to win not only tons of yarn, but also craft supplies like knitting needles and more! Make sure you’ve turned on notifications and are following me! (We are on day 2 of our 10 Days of Holidays Giveaway!)

I hope this brings you some joy! Let me know in the comments if you are going to be entering the contests!

Tell me… are you ready for Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holidays? Are you ready to wrap up 2020? 🎁

~xoxo, Aire

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This post contains affiliate links, which means, if you make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage off each sale, at no extra cost to you.

Friends, I am so excited to announce that I have become a KnitPicks Ambassador!!

Over the last couple of years, as I have dived back into knitting and crocheting, I learned about KnitPicks and its sister company, We Crochet. I actually found We Crochet first… and quickly started ordering their incredible yarns. (I even got my mother hooked on them!) Well-priced, high-quality… this brand has everything necessary to get started with crafting. I was thrilled to be able to bring my love for knitting to you by partnering with this company!

Let’s unbox what arrived this month, shall we? Oh… and there is a huge surprise at the end.

There was so much yarn!

Let’s talk about what yarn I selected for my make. I really wanted a bulky, warm, but soft scarf. Something oversized that I could wear with anything. My issue is that I can’t wear most wools because I have a slight sensitivity to untreated wool. If it’s treated, something like superwash, or blended, then I can usually get away with it. So I decided to try KnitPicks Bare Super Bulky Wool, composed of 70% Superwash Wool and 30% Superfine Alpaca. Can I tell you, although I read that this yarn was soft, I was surprised at just how soft and squishy it really is!! It comes in a bare, undyed shade which was perfect for me!

As I’m working on my project… perhaps it’s time to share my surprise?

In early December, I am going to be hosting 10 Days of Holidays Giveaways!!!

So if you’re not already following me on Instagram and Facebook, head over there and give me a follow! I’ve already teased one of the incredible prizes… may tease one more this weekend… Wait until you see the rest!! (I’m also on Ravelry, Pinterest and Twitter. 😉)

Are you going to be entering???

Psst, there’s also a site-wide 20% off sale at KnitPicks and WeCrochet – until November 30th!

~xoxo, Aire

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This post contains affiliate links, which means, if you make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage off each sale, at no extra cost to you.

We can all agree 2020 has been a… new kind of year. AmIright?

We watched as supermarkets ran out of supplies (specifically, personal care, cleaning, and baking supplies), home-schooling became mandatory for many, parents struggled with working while keeping the kids learning/entertained/busy all while trying to not pull their own hair out.


And this new social isolation led to… hobbies. Many, many hobbies.

So many of us turned to old faithfuls; tasks that keep us busy, but happy. Cooking and baking was one of my favourite things to do! I became a bread baker, creating everything from Simply So Good’s Crusty Bread to my own dozen iterations of this one bread (Olive Bread is my family’s favourite!), to old staples like banana bread and peach crisp pies. Boy, did we bake a lot! I became worried about the Quarantine20 so slowed the baking before I gained any more weight lol!

I find cooking to be a solace. Sometimes a chore, yes… but mostly, relaxing, calming… especially more so if there is a glass of wine in my hand and music in the background. The spring brought cool summery meals, while lately I have been whipping up my favourite soups (lentil soup is incredible, as is Italian Wedding) and Greek dishes (Youvetsi from Three Sisters is a favourite). I don’t know if I would say that I’ve been cooking more this year, but I definitely love cooking.

My favourite olive loaf

But let’s talk about my passion hobbies! How many of you took up crafting this year?

I’m talking knitting, crocheting, needlework, weaving, etc.

(Yes, knitting enormous chunky blankets with your arms does count!) Apparently one industry that did not suffer this year was the yarn industry. Everyone I’ve spoken with has seen empty yarn shelves, sold-out lines of yarn (I can’t tell you how many times the yarn I was dying for on WeCrochet was sold out this summer!) and needles and hooks out of stock. And I’m so happy that this happened!

As a lifelong knitter and crocheter, someone who learned as a small child in German schools and from my sweet mom, I always return to my favourite crafts. It used to be a seasonal affliction (haha)… where I would crochet a cute bag or bikini top in the summer… and make all the warm accessories in the winter. However, over the last two years, I find that I’ve started, and never stopped. 2020 especially brought a few converts to my corner! Friends, cousins, other bloggers, asking what they need to start this magical hobby. A couple of skeins of yarn and hooks and needles later, and thanks to the magic of the internet and YouTube, all have turned into incredible makers in a few short weeks!

My own design
Knitterella’s Wixom Hat

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably witnessed some of my makes coming to life. Maybe I’ll share them all here on the blog one day! Oh hey, I’m also on Ravelry!

Tell me all about your new hobbies? Have you rediscovered old passions? Taken up knitting or crocheting… perhaps painting or sketching?

Or perhaps you spent your time differently. Tell me more in the comments!

Let’s maybe talk about plants and journaling, and other #covidstereotypes, in another post! 😉

Can’t wait to see how everyone has been doing. Hope you have all stayed safe, healthy, and happy.

~xoxo, Aire

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Well here is a post I really never intended to write… haha! But I have learned so many things in my quest that I felt compelled to share them with you… in case you are also curious about the differences!

Do you want to know which is more effective at controlling underarm odour? Read on, friends!

(You should also know this post was not sponsored, none of the products were freebies or PR-sent, and this entire piece shares my own experience and opinions!)

Over the past few years I have tried to change my dependency on certain beauty products, and that change included switching away from mainstream anti-perspirants.

What is the difference?

Deodorants typically “mask” body odour with their scent, and could provide some protection against sweat depending on their ingredients. E.g. if they contain some kind of powder like baking soda or starch, they will help absorb both odour and sweat from your underarms.

Anti-perspirants are designed to prevent sweating. Aluminum salts in anti-perspirants help to block pores on the outer skin layer, essentially turning into a gel upon contact with sweat. This leads to “plugging” sweat glands and limiting both moisture and body odour from forming.

Without getting into the hot debate for or against anti-perspirants or its active ingredient, this was a personal choice I had wanted to make for some time. And so I started purchasing deodorants and occasionally switching between my deodorants and anti-perspirants.

Here is where things became very interesting.

While using my deodorants regularly (for an extended period of time of days or weeks), I felt pretty good about almost never smelling odour on myself, even on days when I sweated more, despite the fact that I did occasionally feel some sweat! How could this be? Shouldn’t the anti-perspirant be more effective at controlling odour because it actually prevents you from sweating as much? Let’s hold this thought while I share my experience with the main brands I’ve tried.

One of the first brands I tried was Tom’s of Maine. I use (and LOVE) their toothpastes, even the toddler paste, and am a devoted fan of brands I already like and trust. Tom’s also had a pretty good variety of scents. I will say… I was dedicated to making this deodorant work for me. I’ve tried this brand on and off for years.

But — their deodorant just did not work for me. While smelling amazing on me, the deodorant left behind a sticky, tacky residue that did not dissipate. This stickiness left me feeling even more wet and uncomfortable throughout the day than if I wore nothing at all! I finally started dabbing some cornstarch baby powder on my underarms to combat the wet, sticky feeling which helped.

I decided this was the magic ingredient that was missing! Powder!! Do I try making my own? Do I try one of the deodorant pastes in the marketplace? I decided I still needed a ‘stick’ formula…

I searched and searched until I found Schmidt’s Deodorant, containing both arrowroot powder and baking soda. Arrowroot apparently helps absorb the sweat while baking soda is meant to neutralize any odour. Now this was something I could get behind!! You can immediately feel the dry finish of Schmidt’s on the skin, compared to the sticky, tacky residue left behind by Tom’s Deodorant. And the scents… wow, did Schmidt’s smell good! My favourite by far is Rose + Vanilla, but their Bergamot + Lime and Lavender + Sage are equally incredible.

Fast forward a few months of daily use… and I started getting itchy and red underarms. (insert very sad face here)

I felt like the baking soda (also listed as sodium bicarbonate) was the culprit… and sure enough, when I stopped using Schmidt’s Deodorant (and with the help of some hydrocortisone), the itching and redness started to fade. Being the brave blogger that I am, I even experimented a few more times by going back to my various scents of Schmidt’s (I have three or four), in case the different essential oils were the trigger, and each time… the same indications of contact dermatitis. You will find dozens and dozens of articles about why baking soda is bad for your skin – and to summarize, the alkaline properties of baking soda (a pH of around 9) are harmful to our more neutral/slightly acidic skin pH of around 4.5 – 6.5, throwing off our skin’s natural pH levels and causing dryness, itching, redness, or rash.

Feeling a little sad that I can no longer use this effective deodorant, I set out to find an alternative. And not having anything else to safely use, I reverted back to my anti-perspirants… and this is the part of the “experiment” that became interesting.

After just a few hours of wearing the anti-perspirant (and this is one I had used for many, many years prior to switching!), I checked… smelled… and woah. There was some not-so-pleasant odour emitting… As the day wore on, the smell did not disappear, and the worst part was, it had mixed in with the anti-perspirant fragrance and it was just not… very fresh-smelling. It was bad enough to warrant a shower. (Thank goodness I was working at home.)

Imagine that.

In the battle of ‘natural’ deodorants vs. antiperspirants… the anti-perspirant was not really cutting it! My trustworthy, long-depended-on anti-perspirant may have been blocking some sweat glands, but it certainly was not reducing underarm odour. And this explained why my previous back-and-forth switching from deodorant to anti-perspirant was not really helpful, leaving me feeling slightly not-fresh one day, yet without any issues the next when I only used deodorant (even with some moderate exertion and sweating on a warm summer day).

I am truly surprised. Never did I think that my anti-perspirant could have been behind those less-than-fresh days! Every vacation, especially the hot ones, I used to revert back to anti-perspirant thinking it was the wiser choice… and every day that I wore it, I felt a bit less fresh. (Can I also add how much I loathed trying to remove the coating of anti-perspirant in the shower? Do you have that, too?)

So here we are in my quest for a powder-containing, yet-skin-friendly, odour-and-sweat-absorbing, deodorant. On the advice of my blogger friend Mai I have ordered some discovery sets of Each & Every Deodorant, and while I await this (hopefully) effective and amazing shipment, I share with you my thoughts. (I’m also blown away by the delicious-sounding scents Each & Every offers!)

Would you like an update on my experience with Each & Every Deodorant?

Is there a deodorant you use and love? Please share in the comments!


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Friends, it’s that time of year when you are most likely shopping for holiday gifts, planning family get-togethers, or simply (and so lucky if this is you!!) waiting for a few days off to relax by the fire with a good book or some good knitting/crafting and a drink!

To help you end this year on a high note, we are hosting a number of giveaways over on our Instagram page! We started with an amazing giveaway last week with one of our favourite moisturizers ever, IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream… and are continuing today with an amazing giveaway for all of our maker friends with one of the coolest Canadian yarn brands, Sugarbush Yarns!!

Head on over to The Obsessed’s Instagram page, drop down the menu under “following” then “notifications” and toggle both to on!


Hope to see you on Instagram, and GOOD LUCK to all who are entering!


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december giveaway-03

Hey new parents! How tough was it finding a monitor for your new baby? One that you would love to use? I struggled with finding a monitor, reading review after review, debating the merits of each monitor and just how many settings we really required…

In that search, I came across Baby Delight’s 7″ Video Baby Monitor, quite by accident. I went on their website to purchase their Sleep Nest Harmony Infant Sleeper when my son was just a month old, and Baby Delight offered to send me their video monitor for review. With our then-sleeping arrangement, we did not end up using this monitor for many months… I was a nervous first-time mom, and when we first moved my son into his crib, I went with a movement video monitor instead (we used this one, which did not last long but more on that later).

So what did I think of Baby Delight’s Video Monitor?

First, a little about this device, directly from Baby Delight:

The Baby Delight 7” HD Tablet & WiFi Video Monitor (Model BD4060) is the first complete baby monitoring system that allows you to see your baby on your Monitor inside or outside your home. The system comes with an HD camera and fully functional 7” HD Android Tablet with a stunning best-of-class IPS display for crystal clear viewing. The Tablet comes pre-loaded with the Baby Delight App and setup is fast, easy and secure. See your baby directly on the Tablet inside or outside the your home anywhere WiFI is available. The Baby Delight App can also be downloaded and viewed on your iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices as well . You can take snapshots, share photos and video with friends and family and add additional cameras to the system.

Baby Delight 7inchHDTabletWiFi_Monitor_PROD_3000px

The pros:

  • The quality of the video is the BEST I’ve ever seen on any baby monitor. It is clear enough that you can even see your baby breathing by the movement of their stomach, in certain positions. (See photos below.)
  • The sound is good (a tad delayed).
  • The 7″ tablet screen is quite large and very convenient.
  • With it being a WiFi camera, you are able to check on baby remotely, eg if he’s sleeping at home with babysitters and you’re out of the home.
  • The iPhone app is very convenient for checking on baby remotely or from your home, if you don’t have the tablet with you.
  • Again, incredible picture on both the app and the included tablet.

The video quality is incredible!

Now on to the reason that I struggled to write this review for the last few months…

The not-so-great things about this video monitor:

  • Although the quality of its video is amazing, it cuts out. Often. The signal seems to drop on the included tablet regularly, with it searching on a blank screen to get your video back. This is extremely unacceptable on a baby monitor!
  • The iPhone app may not lost connection, but it does time out every 3-5 minutes, and if you don’t shut down the app (swipe it up to close it completely), you lose the zoom functionality on the iPhone.
  • Speaking of zooming, you cannot zoom with the included android tablet, only on the iPhone app.
  • Timing out on the iPhone app makes it very difficult to use remotely, when you are away from your home and would like to check in on baby.
  • The tablet is unfortunately, just terrible. It takes a long time to start up/load. Sometimes, it just will not work, and you don’t know why… you reboot several times until you receive a notice that all updates were installed. I never knew when it may need updating as it does not give you an alert before needing to update, so you never know when it may fail to work.
  • The tablet screen cannot be shut off with the baby monitor sound running so that baby can be monitored without the screen glare at night. This is a big gap in the technology.
  • Apparently there are additional features included in the “Alerts” tab in the app that all require an “account upgrade.” You will receive a pop-up alerting you that “you must have a paid account to receive notifications and enable motion detection video recordings.” I still have no idea how to upgrade or why any baby monitor company would think parents would like a monthly subscription. (Screenshot below.)
  • And if you change your internet modem, good luck. We’ve been unable to get it working again on the new home network (since it no longer recognizes it), and despite a “send a message” tool within the “help” tab of the app, I have yet to hear back from them.

Subscription error

I wanted to love this monitor, I really did. The video quality is so impressive, and despite not wanting a WiFi monitor at the onset, we grew to love the remote capabilities. However, the flaws (mostly with the included tablet) caused me so much anxiety that I lost sleep over it potentially cutting out overnight. We eventually changed monitors and chose another, although we have yet to find another monitor with comparable video quality.

Here is a promotional video from Baby Delight for this monitor:

The Baby Delight’s 7″ Video Baby Monitor is available directly on Baby Delight’s site, retailing for $120 USD.

Have you tried this monitor? What is your favourite baby monitor?


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(Product was provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

In 1947, Miss Dior was born, an ebullient, cajoling fragrance in which Jasmine from Provence mixes with sensual mosses and a surprising green note of Galbanum. Sprayed generously around the rooms, the first Dior perfume instantly charmed the audience at the New Look show. And hooked countless women, who flocked to 30 Avenue Montaigne to offer themselves this youthful, elegant Miss Dior.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a subtle floral composition that celebrates the beauty of flower buds and the velvet softness of petals. It is a delicate evocation of Christian Dior’s legendary love of flowers.

And now, as the world changes at high speeds, reinventing daily life and removing boundaries, the House of Dior rolls out its new Roller-Pearl bottle. An innovative design, this new application method provides sensual, casual perfume application for an instant sensorial hit that adds new pleasure to perfume.  A miniature and portable version of the original, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Roller-Pearl is small but generous. Featuring a wide crystalline bead atop a gorgeously elegant and architectural bottle, Dior Roller-Pearl is also hermetic thanks to a screw-on cap.

One of the biggest challenges of on-the-go perfume application is the bottle size, which is beautifully addressed by this miniature Miss Dior accessory-style bottle. Fitting not only in the palm of your hand, but also in a purse, there will be no more carrying around a large 50 ml or 100 ml bottle. And removing another barrier to public perfume application (or PPA 😉 ), there is no spray to potentially offend another! PPA away with this beautiful Roller-Pearl! I personally cannot wait to throw this stunning bottle into my purse, and use it to my heart’s content. (An aside from a new mom: spray perfume can sometimes also be offending to apply around baby. This gem will make it so much easier for me to apply a dab of my favourite Miss Dior as I’m running out of the house.)

Miss Dior Roller-Pearl is available in Limited Edition in Blooming Bouquet ($49) and Absolutely Blooming ($59), in a perfectly-sized 20 ml bottle, exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores and beautyboutique.ca starting today, April 20th!

For more information (no shipping to Canada), head to Dior.com!

What is your favourite Dior perfume or cologne?


If you liked this post, please take a moment to ‘like’ this post and/or comment! I love to read what you think.

(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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