Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués

When I expressed interest in writing another guest post for The Obsessed, I was overwhelmed with the selection Aire provided to me! While difficult (insert dramatic sigh here), I finally selected 3 of the gorgeous limited edition “Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués.” Talk about a fashion collaboration made in heaven! The nail art was inspired by Marchesa’s signature couture gowns and each kit comes complete with 18 nail appliqués, mini file, buffer and cuticle stick.

Revlon_Marchesa_GildenMosaic_boxRevlon by Marchesa 3D Jewel Appliqué Box


I decided to start with “24K Brocade.” This gorgeous turquoise base with stunning gold brocade detail has injected a bit of summer back into my life! The pattern has a slightly exotic, glamorous Bollywood feel to it. And the best part – the application was absolutely simple and foolproof. Between putting my little one to bed for nap time then serving his older brother a snack, I knew I had maybe 20 minutes to get these babies on! And thankfully 20 minutes was more than enough!

I started with clean, bare, dry nails and quickly pushed back my cuticles. I then lined up each finger nail underneath the clear appliqué strip to best match the size. One by one, I placed an appliqué on each nail and tautly pulled and folded the appliqué over the tip. Using the mini file, I gently filed down over the nail tip until the excess appliqué separated from my nail. Only one nail was not to my satisfaction so I followed the box’s removal instructions, pulled from the cuticle up and voila! The appliqué was removed with no remaining glue or residue.

Revlon_Marchesa_24kBrocade24k Brocade – daylight

Revlon_Marchesa_24kBrocade224k Brocade – shade

How spectacular is the contrast between the turquoise base and the metallic gold?

I kept “24K Brocade” on for 3 days, looking for any excuse to remove it for the next set…
When I noticed the slightest tip wear on one nail, I decided it was time to try “Gilded Mosaic!” (Note: these would absolutely last longer than 3 days – I was simply too excited to try the others!)

Once again following the box’s removal instructions, I removed each appliqué by gently lifting from the cuticle and pulling forward and up. There was a small amount of residue on a couple of my nails so I simply wiped each nail with polish remover for a clean, fresh canvas.

“Gilded Mosaic” looks just like it sounds – almost like a beautifully jeweled (faux) snakeskin in gold, silver and hints of black. Based on feedback around my office, this one was the fan favourite. It added sophistication to every outfit and was the perfect accessory!

Revlon_Marchesa_GildenMosaicGilden Mosaic

I tested my patience by keeping this one on for 5 days before moving on to the last (and my personal favourite) “Crown Jewels.” I contemplated using a deep black or blue base colour but decided to go bare. “Crown Jewels” was an effortlessly chic update to the standard French manicure. The appliqué tips varied slightly in design, which made each nail unique. I actually trimmed a bit of the clear base toward the cuticle so I could have more of the gold tip on each nail. I love the way this looked on my bare nails and will definitely be purchasing a few of this design to try over polish!

Revlon_Marchesa_CrownJewelsCrown Jewels


This is a super fun, easy and quick way to achieve a professional salon look without the salon price tag. Not to mention, Marchesa – need I say more?

Revlon_Marchesa_24kBrocade3Another view of 24k Brocade

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliqués are available in limited release in drugstores throughout fall 2013,  in eight beautiful designs. For more information, head to, or become a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram fan!

Do you have a favourite design yet?


~xo, Artemis


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