Glitter Gal – Celebrate, Sydney Style Collection

Today I have for you one of two of Glitter Gal’s latest collections, a colour story called Celebrate – Sydney Style. Comprised of varying hues from soft pastel to vibrant to deep, the six gorgeous cremes should provide something for everyone.  Swatches after the intro from Glitter Gal:

Glitter Gal Australia have created a crème formula that is like no other with superior Glitter Gal ingredients with Australian names. We have released 2 colour stories consisting of twelve colours. The two collections are:

· Holiday in Oz

· Celebrate – Sydney Style

In addition to the two collection, Glitter Gal is introducing three new unique “phenomenal” top coats:

· Gloss Boss – 15ml

How many times you have been asked for a top coat that doesn’t take away the holographic effects – well here it is! A top coat that can be used on crèmes or used to enhance holographic and special effect formulas. It is a high impact gloss top coat with a gel like finish. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST TOP COAT EVER!!!!!

· Galaxy Holo – 10ml  This has the most outstanding holographic effects.

· Dorothy’s Revenge – 10ml  A holographic, red based sparkle top coat. Can be worn alone as well as over crèmes.

A beautiful, soft peach shade, Tan Line is just this side of a nude, with a pale peachy finish. No application issues and I absolutely love this shade’s muted peach hue! Two coats in the shade, with Gloss Boss top coat (more on that Gloss Boss later):

GlitterGal Tan Line

Another soft shade, Booze Bus, a pale pastel lilac shade. As with many white-based shades, this one needed a bit of care, but I had zero application issues. Below are two coats, no top coat:

GlitterGal BoozeBus

And Booze Bus with Glitter Gal’s new holo top coat, Galaxy Holo, and finished with Gloss Boss top coat:

GlitterGal BoozeBus-GalaxyHolo
The Galaxy Holo top coat is a clear topper filled with irregular shards of holographic pigment that reflect in beautiful, rainbow-like colours in direct light. Click on this macro to see the full-size pic:

GlitterGal BoozeBus-GalaxyHolo MacroThe effect is much more noticeable in sun but unfortunately, no sun on this Canadian winter day…

She’s Cactus a bright mint green that can veer every so slightly into neon territory. A gorgeous soft green if you like greens!

GlitterGal ShesCactus

I thought She’s Cactus and Tart Yourself Up made for a very beautiful combination:

GlitterGal ShesCactus_TartAcct

Tart Yourself Up is a vivid medium blue shade, and probably my second favourite of the bunch. Blue is my favourite colour, and though I don’t wear it often on my nails unless it’s dark, I can’t help but gravitate towards it! Tart had an amazing application and was almost a one-coater. Below are two coats with an accent of Galaxy Holo on the ring finger, and Gloss Boss top coat on all nails. See the large bottle of Gloss Boss: (I love the large square bottles!)

GlitterGal TartYourselfUp

She’ll be Right is a dark, vampy (yes, vampy!) purple crelly (jelly/cream), which as you know, makes for an incredible shiny finish. She’ll be Right’s formula was a bit on the thick side, and could drag if you went over an area too often, but well worth it for this in my opinion! Probably one of my favourites of the collection… Two coats, with an accent of Galaxy Holo top coat, and no top coat:

GlitterGal ShellbeRight-Galaxy

Off Your Rocker, a bright pink, had an amazing formula like Tart Yourself Up, being almost a one-coater (seriously, you can just do one coat and top coat it but I usually do two for consistency). Another favourite:

GlitterGal OffYourRocker

A few words about Gloss Boss: Though not a traditional “quick dry,” Gloss Boss truly dried incredibly fast to the touch, and to a mirror-like, gel-like finish. I personally LOVE gel-like top coats as they provide a thicker, glossier look without bulking up your nail polish! And they have this jelly feel to them that I love!

Glitter Gal is Big 5-free (Camphor, TFR, DPB, Formaldehyde, and Toluene), cruelty-free, long-wearing and fast-drying, and has become famous for their linear holographic polishes.

Glitter Gal is available directly from Glitter Gal’s online shop (they now ship from within the US to save on shipping!), or from online shops Llarowe, Harlow & Co, or check out the full list of stockists here. Glitter Gal’s entire range is now available in a 10ml size, or the premium 15 ml bottles.

Don’t forget to follow Glitter Gal on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and previews!

Which one is your favourite shade from this collection?


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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    1. Thanks! The green is quite bright and may make a great pedi color for those of us who wouldn’t necessarily wear it, but the variety was fantastic!

    2. I’ve worn a really bright green on my hands and it just didn’t look good. I can pull off any color, but some of these greens are too much for me.

      I agree, the color selections were fantastic.

    3. I also don’t wear some colours on my hands, especially for work. I try to maintain some semblance of “simple” some days when it comes to my manis! 😉

    4. I actually just found it distracting and weird on my hands. It didn’t mesh well with my super pale complexion. I liked it for maybe a day, and then I eagerly awaited my next manicure. I try to stay away from anything too bright that clashes with my skin tone.

  1. The purple looks so much like China Glaze !
    And I just love your nailz they are amazing !
    I wish my nailz looked that good than I could post them on my blog too 🙂

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