Candeo Colors (& a jelly sandwich!)

Candeo Colors always look so pretty in the bottle, but until recently, I had not had a chance to try any of them. And the two I have today are total glitter bombs!

The first colour is Candeo’s Plumage, from their Birds of Paradise Collection. Plumage is described as having “a sheer base… loaded with silver shimmer, green, turquoise and dark blue hex glitter. A liberal amount of seafoam square glitter is also included.” There is also a lot of gold glitter, oddly left out of Candeo’s description.

Here it is, over La Femme’s Preciosa holo polish:


Isn’t it beautiful? I love this combination! Plumage was easy to apply, though I did dab some of the larger pieces of glitter into place to ensure even coverage.


The next manicure I have for you is one of my very favourite kinds… I decided to create another jelly sandwich with my next Candeo! (If you follow my blog, you know how I feel about jelly sandwiches… see this post and this post  🙂 ) Here is Candeo Joker, probably the most popular Candeo (at least for me), described as “a clear base with blue, purple, lavender and periwinkle hex glitter.  A light sprinkle of large silver hex glitter completes the mix.” This is another top coat-type polish, but instead of wearing it over a polish, I sandwiched it with my most favourite white jelly, OPI’s Funny Bunny!!!


At first I wasn’t sure about this combination… I wondered whether the blue and purple was too intense for Funny Bunny’s softness, but as I was looking back over the photos, I decided I love its depth and squishiness!

And here is one more pic:


I mean, is there anything that Funny Bunny doesn’t look good with?? I wore this mani for quite a few days and would wear it again. The only downside was that I found Joker’s base very thick which made it a little difficult to use over the jelly base of Funny Bunny. It could probably use some thinner… Joker’s glitter colour combination was phenomenal though!!

Candeo Colors are available at Llarowe and on Candeo’s website. Don’t forget to follow Candeo Colors and Llarowe on Facebook!

So what do you think? Which do you like best and would you jelly sandwich Joker or Plumage?




(Some product provided for review and consideration. All opinions are my own.)

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