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Yesterday I showed you a couple of the new Colour Clash polishes, released for fall 2013 from Butter LONDON. Today I bring you a cute skittle mani featuring three of their bright colours!

You’ve already seen the beautiful crisp Cotton Buds, and look how gorgeous it looks with Pimms and Silly Billy!!


ButterLONDON_ColourClash-skittlesPimms is a term for a “gin-based tradition at its finest,” and is desribed as being a “refreshing beverage that is almost as popular as English tea.” A gorgeous opaque, sun‑flower yellow cream shade, Pimms is a crelly (cream jelly) polish that applies easily and dries to a gorgeous shine. On my middle finger I blended it lightly with Cotton Buds to lighten and brighten it, and on my ring finger: 2 coats alone.

Silly Billy is an opaque bright orange orange crème, and is a term for a popular clown “at fairs in Britain, and a fab nickname for anyone named William.” Another crelly-type polish, this was another dream to apply! I used two coats on my ring finger above on its own, and as you can see, it dried to a high finish.

I am totally obsessed with the Colour Clash collection and… consider me converted! I am in love with Butter LONDON lacquers.

The Colour Clash Collection is now available where Butter LONDON lacquers are sold. For more information, check out their website or follow on Facebook!



(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Today I have for you the last two shades from Essie’s spectacular collection for Summer 2013. (See parts 1 and 2 here and here.)


A beautiful, vibrant lime green bordering on a neon hue, The More the Merrier is the only cream in this collection. The formula on this one was dreamy: easy application, self-levelling and drying to a gorgeous high shine. Even with its jelly qualities, the polish is so easy to work with!

Here are two beautiful coats, no top coat in the sun:


And one more pic of The More the Merrier, shade:


The final polish from this collection is The Girls are Out, a simultaneously warm yet cool fuchsia shade that is rich and highly saturated. The Girls are Out contains the glass flecks shared by the rest of this collection, lending it depth and shimmer in light. Application was really similar to Sunday Funday and Naughty Nautical: easy coverage, high shine, great dry time. Again, this polish appears innocent enough in the bottle, but apply it and you’ll see the summery brightness!

Here are two coats of The Girls are Out (don’t you just love this name?) in daylight:


And in artificial light you can really see the shine and intensity:


And finally, a macro shot to show you the iridescence of the glass flecks:


What is your favourite Essie Summer shade?

This collection is now available in beauty destinations worldwide! Go to for more or to find a salon near you, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook!




(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Continuing my reveal of Colors by Llarowe polishes, today I have for you a hot and bright jelly-sandwich-in-a-bottle called Cherry Bomb.  (See a few Colors by Llarowe reviews here!)

Cherry Bomb is a cool cherry-red jelly, almost leaning towards a raspberry shade, with red micro shimmer, red circle glitter and medium iridescent hexes. I was blown away by the intensity of the red shade – a vivid lipstick red, even on its first coat. It applies like a dream, leaving behind a cherry jelly on your nails that builds up beautifully by the second coat. And the shine… oh the shine!

Here are two gorgeous coats of Cherry Bomb, in the sun:


Some of the large glitters did not want to cooperate, but I actually really liked Cherry Bomb with the randomly placed pieces!

The cool raspberry undercurrent is really visible in artificial light:


Finally, a macro shot to show you just how squishy and gorgeous this lacquer is:


I am so obsessed with this polish that I’ve kept it on… and I still can’t take it off!


All Colors by Llarowe polishes are 3-free and cruelty free, and come in a 15 ml square bottles with rubber-grip cap.

Head over to Llarowe to get your very own Cherry Bomb! Don’t forget to follow Llarowe on Facebook, Pinterest and on Instagram!

Have you snagged any Colors by Llarowe polishes yet?




(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Yesterday I showed you two gorgeous shades from Essie’s new Summer 2013 collection, and today I have two more for you!


First up, my other favourite from this collection, the impossibly beautiful Sunday Funday!  Sunday Funday is a delicious-looking salmon/coral shade filled with the glass flecks shared by most of this collection. An absolute dream to apply, Sunday Funday was similar to Naughty Nautical with excellent coverage and high shine. This is one of my most favourite summer shades, year after year, and I love how Essie bottled it with the added sparkle factor (via glass flecks)!

Here are two gorgeous, quickly drying coats with base coat, pre-top coat in the sun:


And in the shade:



Tell me that is not the most perfect summer hue!

Another soft shade, the next polish is Rock the Boat (this name always reminds me of Aaliyah’s song), a beautiful pale sky-blue shade. The glass flecks look really silvery in this bottle, lending a cool sheen to this polish.

Formula-wise, this was very similar to Full Steam Ahead, with Rock the Boat being a crelly (cream-jelly) formula, making application sometimes tricky. I find a quick application of  light-to-medium coverage on the first coat helps, then  let that dry for a moment before starting on your next coat, so as to prevent any dragging. Here are two coats of Rock the Boat in the sun:




And in the shade:



So do you have any favourites yet?

This collection is now available in beauty destinations worldwide! Go to for more or to find a salon near you, or follow them on Twitter and Facebook!




(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Happy weekend!

I’m in a bit of a shimmery mood so today I have another gorgeous Shimmer Polish for you: Lorene! This one is described as a “Raspberry Mix” – a perfect description for this berry-coloured polish. The base is a deep berry colour, filled with tons of multi-hued glitter. The primary glitter colours that stand out are turquoise, magenta and lilac, accented with gold hexes. Like most Shimmers, the jelly base is great for layering, but I really wanted to wear Lorene on its own.

Here are 3 coats of Lorene with a coat of Gelous and a coat of top coat:





Look at this gorgeous macro shot of Lorene (click on the pic to see more glittery detail!):



Get your very own Shimmer Polish here. Be sure to like them on Facebook to participate in their contests and see more gorgeous photos!

Do you own any Shimmers?





(Some product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Happy Fourth of July to our American Friends!

Much like Black Gold, Texas Tea, In the Navy is a gorgeous linear holo from Colors by Llarowe’s brand-new polish collection. A deep navy the colour of the deepest sea, In the Navy is a vampy shade after my own heart… the holo in it is so strong that even in shade, you see tiny glimmers of rainbow dancing on your nails.

Application was a dream: a fluid, full-coverage polish, In the Navy has an ultra-shiny base, levelling easily, and drying quickly. Here are two coats of In the Navy over base coat with FNUG’s new IGEL Manicure Top Coat:


And here is a photo slightly blurred to show you the gorgeous linear holo:


Check out this gorgeous macro shot:


FNUG’s IGEL top coat really delivered. It is incredibly long-lasting, and truly adds an extra level of shine. I managed to wear it for a full 5 days before my polish ADD kicking in and “forcing” me to change my nail colour, but even after 5 days, there were barely any chips. I was tough on my nails, washed dishes without gloves (which I usually try not to do) and other irresponsible nail things in order to test-drive this baby. And best part? It’s a quick-dry top coat!! (I think they need to add the label “quick-dry” to the bottle because I had no idea it was fast-drying.)

See the other Colors by Llarowe here and here! Just like my previous experience with this new brand, I was impressed! The holo was incredible and application was a breeze. All of Colors by Llarowe polishes are 3-free and cruelty free, and come in a 15 ml square bottles. The future bottles after the initial launch will have those amazing soft-touch caps that we’ve come to love!

In the Navy is available from Llarowe (along with the FNUG IGEL Top Coat)! Don’t forget to follow Llarowe on Facebook, Pinterest and on Instagram!

(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Hope you’re having a great long weekend so far if you’re in Canada!

I wanted to share with you a supercute and girly mani today… something simple but perfect for summer! The glitter polish I used was from Candeo Colors, a US-based indie brand that I’ve unfortunately not had a ton of experience with. I have worn only two other Candeos (see them here), both glittery, colourful polishes, and Zef is no different in that aspect.

Candeo Zef is a matte glitter polish. It is filled with small black, blue and pink matte hexes, medium pink matte squares and black hexes in a clear base with some matte large blue hex glitters. I simply love pink and black together! Throw in my favourite colour blue… well, this is a gorgeous bottle, let’s put it that way!

The base colour I used is one of my recent favourite pinks – Nicole by OPI’s Still into Pink, a truly outstanding hot pink lacquer that is also matte! (You must see this post, if you haven’t yet!) Still into Pink lights up when paired with shiny top coat, and Candeo Zef looked luminescent overtop!

Artificial light:



Natural light:




Candeo Colors are available on Candeo’s website, and used to be available from Llarowe though I am not sure if she still has Zef. Don’t forget to follow Candeo Colors and Llarowe on Facebook!



(Some product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)


It’s time for piCture pOlish, and my final piCture pOlish Thursday post is another stunning Ozotic! This time I bring you Ozotic Scatter Chrome 910, a beautiful duochrome polish with holographic shimmers. Described as “a golden scatter chrome holo without any glitter,” you can literally see this “shade change from chrome specks to multi coloured specks in bright sunlight.”  The holographic shimmer in 910 are just gorgeous, dancing in the slightest hint of light, reflecting like tiny little diamonds on your nails!

Ozotic 910 is opaque enough to wear on its own, reaching full opacity in two coats. Though it looks really shimmery and sparkly, it dries to a perfectly smooth finish. I applied two coats over base coat, and even in the shade, you can see the stunning shimmer:


Is that not a beautiful mossy, antique gold?

Application was flawless, with a polish that flows nicely, applies easily even with a chrome/metallic-type finish, and dries very quickly. Like all my other piCture pOlish and Ozotic products!

Look at the duochrome shift when in sunlight. And look at that scattered holo sparkle!!!


And to show you the beautiful and intense sparkle, a slightly blurry photo in the sun:


Which of the Ozotics do you have (or do you have on your wishlist)?

To get your very own Ozotics, visit piCture pOlish on-line and or visit any piCture pOlish Network member, including Harlow & Co, Llarowe and Nail Polish Canada.

And don’t forget to follow piCture pOlish on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for all the latest news, giveaways, and more!!


(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Yesterday I promised you swatches of the beautiful, Limited Edition OPI Neon Revolution mini set, and today I have your first look… at hot, HOT pink, “Pink Outside the Box!!”

As announced, the Neon Revolution mini pack features four limited edition neon nail lacquers, along with a neon white base coat and OPI Top Coat. They are adorably cute!


OPI advises applying these lacquers in 3 simple steps:

  1. One coat of colour-intensifying white base
  2. Two coats of Neon lacquer
  3. One coat of OPI Top Coat

The white base, like almost all whites, tends to be a bit streaky if not applied carefully. This was not a big deal under Pink Outside the Box but can be under lighter colours. Here is one coat:


The next step is applying the Neon shade. All the lacquers in this set are a jelly formula – lending themselves towards a sheerer application – which makes them perfect over a white, intensifying base. At first glance, in the bottle, POTB looks like a bright pink. But apply two coats of POTB over the white base… and it is absolutely and blindingly HOT PINK!!!

OPI_Neon_PinkOutsidetheBoxIs that not a perfect neon shade?

The polish dries to a slight satin finish as neons often do (you can see it in the picture above). Apply one coat of top coat, and it obtains a mirror-like shine:


What do you think of Pink Outside the Box and the Neon Revolution mini pack? Were you as excited as me to get your hands on this?

Next time, I’ll bring you the rest of the OPI Neons, and you can pick your favourites.

This limited-edition collection will be available in July wherever OPI is sold, including Nail Polish Canada, though I have heard that this set has already been spotted in stores!

For more information, visit, follow them on Twitter, and become a Facebook fan.



(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Today I have for you another amazing indie brand that has consistently created beautiful polishes and has an awesome creator, Smitten Polish! I previously reviewed Smitten’s Fall collection, and today I am excited to share some of Smitten’s Berrydrops collection!

First up, Bananaberry Gumdrop, a beautiful pale yellow crelly base with subtle flakies. I adore yellow, and yellow can be a pain when it comes to polish; a pain to find a good yellow, a pain to find a good polish, and a pain to apply. But Bananaberry Gumdrop is perfection. It is such a pretty pale yellow that I suspect it would look great on many skintones. And it is such a springy, summery, buttery yellow that I fell in love! It wasn’t as tricky as I thought it could be to apply… I applied a coat over base, let it dry, and applied a second coat.


Is that not like a banana pudding?? Delicious and shiny! I love it!


The second polish is Beautyberry Gumdrop, a sweet-looking lavender crelly with subtle flakies. What can I say but demure, pretty, subtle, ladylike. I wore this one for a few days and loved it every moment. Again, two coats over base coat, this one, with top coat:



What I love most about the Berrydrops is their subtleness. You’ve probably read occasionally about my hesitance to wear crazy polishes to work, and these are absolutely work-appropriate without being boring!

The only downside, if I have to find one, is that the flakies can be sticky during removal, so you may need to scrub a little. Nothing like removing glitter though!

Have you tried any Smitten Polishes, and which one do you love most?

Smitten Polish is available on their Etsy store or from Llarowe.  Don’t forget to follow Smitten Polish on Facebook for the latest news and previews!!



(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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