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Earlier this year Nicole by OPI launched a new celebrity collaboration of 14 new lacquers inspired by mega-star country singer Carrie Underwood, and what a beautiful collaboration! Running the gamut from nudes to pinks to vamps… and a few sparklers and textures thrown in for good measure. There truly is something for everyone here!


Let’s look at the gorgeous lacquers! (Just a note that I did not receive Carrie’s namesake polish, Carrie’d Away, a beautiful gold, so I have only 13 of the 14 lacquers for you.) All polishes are swatched over Nicole by OPI’s new 3-in-1 base/top coat and strengthener.

One of the immediate standouts for me was the soft, pale rose-petal-pink Love My Pups. This one reminds me of some of my favourite OPI crellies (cream jellies) like Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny – sheer at first but buildable and totally office-and-also-wedding-appropriate! Here are two coats:


Look how gorgeous Love my Pups is with a hint of Party Bus, a beautiful silver holographic glitter polish with macro glitter and…  flower glitters! I didn’t know if I would like this glitter by looking at the bottle, but it totally blew me away once I had it on!! It’s so fun!! And summery, and really like a Party Bus, no?


Look at the macro… sigh:


Southern Charm is a gorgeous peach-leaning tan creme. Another beauty! This colour is slightly darker/more peach than nude on me, but this is the kind of nude lipgloss I usually fawn over, so no surprise, another love here! Below, 2 coats:


I paired Southern Charm with Lips are Dripping Honey, a gold holographic glitter bomb in a clear base. This one is filled with golden hex and micro glitter, making it sparkle no matter how much or how little of it you use. It’s like a gold version of Party Bus, minus the flower shapes. Doesn’t it make a gorgeous combo with Southern Charm?


And of course, a macro for my macro-lovers:


I love the holo glitters Nicole by OPI used in this collection!

Sweet Daisy is a beautiful salmon pink creme. I loved Nicole by OPI’s description “southern peach blossom” which I could almost imagine. In some lights it leans a bit more peach, and had a crelly quality as well. Another beauty! Here are two shiny coats:


A little bit brighter is Color Me Country, another crelly formula polish in a hot, medium-pink. It’s totally a hot summer shade and will sizzle with a little summer sun and tan! Here are two easy coats:


A sugary pink confection, I loved how Carnival Cotton Candy looked with Goodbye Shoes, used as an accent on my ring finger. Goodbye Shoes is a dustry grey-green, very different, but gorgeous. I usually don’t love green polishes but the grey-base totally called out to me! Both below at two coats:


Some Hearts is a polish I have already used a few times in a couple of recent nail art manis (here and with Color Me Country here). A beautiful bright coral, this is another sizzling beauty for summer! It looked really bright on me and I love it! Look at that shine! Again, two coats:


I have worn the next shade so many times that I’ve lost count. You have to know how hard it is for me to wear the same polish over and over again, given how many new or unworn polishes I have at any given time… not to mention the swatching that I do… but somehow, American as Apple Pie, this stunning red creme, just keeps calling to me! If you only purchase one colour from this collection, get this – sure to become a classic red in your stash. Amazingly easy to apply, self-levelling, quick drying. Two coats, no top coat and this shine!:


Moving on to the two vamps in this collection, another namesake polish, this one a play on her married name, Fisher Queen is a deep eggplant with a beautiful hidden shimmer. In the sun, as in below, it is very vibrant and the shimmer dances (click the pic to see full size), while in the shade, it is a mysterious vamp. Another easy application, two coats below:


Backstage Pass is a burnished purple, appearing brown in the shade, but with a hidden copper shimmer in the sun. If you click the picture, you can see some of the sparkle. Application was great with a gorgeous shine to the finish. Two coats:


Finally, the only textured polish in this collection is Sing You Like a Bee, a white frost with tons of golden shimmer. You can see the textured finish best on my pinky. This was a breeze to apply if you let the coats dry in between, and you have to apply it lightly as the formula was a bit thick. I used two coats below:


The gold shimmer is actually more of a gold flake if you look at the macro shot below. The iridescence of this polish is divine. It actually looks angelic!


Which of these shades is your favourite?

Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality. This limited edition collection will be in newly designed bottles featuring the NEW Nicole logo. These shades are available (in Canada) at Shoppers Drug Mart, Target Canada, Walmart Canada, Jean Coutu, London Drug, and Loblaws.

For more information, visit Nicole by OPI on the web, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter!

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(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

It’s piCture pOlish Thursday again, almost time for the weekend, and time for a party-ready glitter bomb: Blogger, the newest addition to the piCture pOlish lineup! I also have anothger review of Revolution, the new base coat made specifically for glitter polishes!

Blogger is described as “a colourful sparkly ode to you all! ‘indie-esque’ glitter creation!  Blogger is jam packed with multi-coloured glitters and has a very thick consistency.  Full coverage with one to two coats with no base colour.” And jam-packed with glitter it is. Blogger is a bottle full of various colours of glitter, and I literally placed an order the moment it launched! (Along with Hope, see it here.)

I decided to layer Blogger over a base coat of Revolution (get it, Blogger Revolution?), a base coat made specifically for glitters (My Hope post has the details around Revolution’s application.) After 2 coats of Revolution, I applied 2 coats of OPI… Eurso Euro, a gorgeous bright, deep indigo creme, followed by a gradient of Blogger. The result, in my opinion, was amazing:


Eurso Euro was a gorgeous contrast and played nicely off the bright glitters in Blogger!

Here are a couple of sun pictures:

OPI_Eurso_ppBloggerLook at that crazy sparkle!!! All natural, no photo tricks!


Blogger was quite thick due to its glitter content. It has a clear base, and is probably thick enough to provide full coverage in just two coats. I wiped the brush in order to get the gradient effect you see above.

As for removal, I found Revolution to make removal a touch easier, but I still had to do some good scrubbing to get the thickest part of glitter off. I also think I rushed Revolution’s initial 2-coat application, and that led to it removing easier on some nails than others. Another thing to note is that Revolution balls or pills when removing polish, so I went over the nail one last time just to wipe those little pieces off. I’ll definitely use Revolution again when wearing Blogger – I think it will need all the help it can get for removal! 😉

Once again the amazing girls at piCture pOlish have recognized their fans and their bloggers, creating this ode to indie-like glitter polish for us to adore.

Get your very own bottle of Blogger and Revolution by visiting piCture pOlish on-line and or any piCture pOlish Network member, including Harlow & Co, Llarowe and Nail Polish Canada. They had both sold out last week, but more is on the way!

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I adore Shimmer Polish. You can read all about how pretty and glittery and delicate they are all over my blog, but today I bring you a beautiful siren named Marilyn. I have been eying this stunner since I saw it on Shimmer Polish’s Facebook page. It is so beautiful and deep, described as a “dark burgundy glitter” and as being a darker version of Eva & Karina.

A vampy blood red jelly base surrounds a ton of tiny deep red glitter, creating an opaque glitter bomb. This polish is so dense that it took only two coats to reach nice opacity!

I wore 2 coats of Marilyn with a coat of Gelous and another coat of top coat to smooth it out and give it a glass-like finish. Look at this beauty!


Is that not perfection?


This polish is aptly named after the screen legend because I kept thinking “Marilyn” when I wore it. It screams sex goddess!

What do you think of this beauty?

And you can find Shimmer Polish here. Be sure to like them on Facebook to participate in their contests and see the latest offers!



(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Candeo Colors always look so pretty in the bottle, but until recently, I had not had a chance to try any of them. And the two I have today are total glitter bombs!

The first colour is Candeo’s Plumage, from their Birds of Paradise Collection. Plumage is described as having “a sheer base… loaded with silver shimmer, green, turquoise and dark blue hex glitter. A liberal amount of seafoam square glitter is also included.” There is also a lot of gold glitter, oddly left out of Candeo’s description.

Here it is, over La Femme’s Preciosa holo polish:


Isn’t it beautiful? I love this combination! Plumage was easy to apply, though I did dab some of the larger pieces of glitter into place to ensure even coverage.


The next manicure I have for you is one of my very favourite kinds… I decided to create another jelly sandwich with my next Candeo! (If you follow my blog, you know how I feel about jelly sandwiches… see this post and this post  🙂 ) Here is Candeo Joker, probably the most popular Candeo (at least for me), described as “a clear base with blue, purple, lavender and periwinkle hex glitter.  A light sprinkle of large silver hex glitter completes the mix.” This is another top coat-type polish, but instead of wearing it over a polish, I sandwiched it with my most favourite white jelly, OPI’s Funny Bunny!!!


At first I wasn’t sure about this combination… I wondered whether the blue and purple was too intense for Funny Bunny’s softness, but as I was looking back over the photos, I decided I love its depth and squishiness!

And here is one more pic:


I mean, is there anything that Funny Bunny doesn’t look good with?? I wore this mani for quite a few days and would wear it again. The only downside was that I found Joker’s base very thick which made it a little difficult to use over the jelly base of Funny Bunny. It could probably use some thinner… Joker’s glitter colour combination was phenomenal though!!

Candeo Colors are available at Llarowe and on Candeo’s website. Don’t forget to follow Candeo Colors and Llarowe on Facebook!

So what do you think? Which do you like best and would you jelly sandwich Joker or Plumage?




(Some product provided for review and consideration. All opinions are my own.)

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