What to Expecto?

Lately I have seen so many indie polish-makers emerge that it has blown my mind. It’s as though a trend has emerged, wherein the franken polish is overtaking the mass market. Even the big guns are paying attention — have you seen the glitters and flakies emerging with OPI (Muppets collection anyone?) or with China Glaze (hello Luxe and Lush, Hunger Games collection)? Not to mention that there are whole brands dedicated to flakies!

Having said all this, I am in love with the creativity of the indie polish makers. And speaking of creative, look at this beauty I finally buckled and purchased:

I ADORE Expecto Patronum. I mean, just adore!!!

There is something about white jelly bases. Such a beautiful clean canvas, sprinkled with the most gorgeous blueish turquoise glitter, and dotted with the teeniest bit of pearl-coloured specks. The glitter in this polish is quite dense, some of it even settling on the bottom of the bottle.

Here is another shot of this beauty:

(Click to enlarge)

In these pics, I used two coats followed by a generous coat of OPI top coat. At first I worried a little that Expecto would not be very shiny (some frankens I’ve tried have had almost no shine), but the top coat brought its shine to life. I was thrilled!

And I have to say, this bottle was delivered much quicker than I anticipated–arriving in about 8 or 9 days, versus the usual minimum 2 weeks it takes from the US. And the bottle was beautifully packaged in a little sachet, with a Dollish Polish card, inside bubble wrap. Bullet-proof! 🙂

I guess my only slight confusion was over the current edition of Expecto, shown here, versus one purchased a couple of months ago, which seems to be more milky and sheer and much less glitter-dense. Not sure if that was a bad bottle/one-off, or if Dolly recently changed the formula.

Here is a pic of that older bottle:

Would love to hear your feedback or general thoughts!

Expecto Patronum is available from Dollish Polish’s Etsy store, which will hopefully open up again soon! 🙂

Happy polishing ladies! xo

(Please don’t mind my dry cuticles in these pics! :o)

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  1. I love this color!! Great manicure;) You might like one of my features..she makes her own lacquer: http://fashionjunkiiee.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/haute-girl-yvonne-shisley/

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  2. I had previously bought a mini bottle of Expecto and my consistancy was also more watery with less densely packed sparkles too. The “new” formula looks great! So my guess is that she must have upgraded her formula. Thanks for the pix!

    1. Oh you’re kidding! Did you have the same one that is pictured above? Yes, it does seem quite different, almost like 2 different polishes!!

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