All That Matters…

I received some amazing nail mail yesterday!!!!

Both my order from A England and Llarowe‘s shipment arrived at the same time. What impeccable timing.

Chief among these beauties are two Lynnderellas I have been wanting to try for a while. It was so hard to decide which to wear first… Galahad with Connect the Dots?? or with Morgan La Fay? Or beautiful, regal Elaine?

I finally settled on gorgeous, subtle Iseult. Can I just say, what a classic shade of pink.

I am convinced this shade is for everyone. Looking for a summer colour to wear with a tan? Iseult!
How about a light and shimmery shade for the office? Iseult it is!

I honestly don’t know why I held off on purchasing this stunner for so long!

As much as I wanted to keep wearing Iseult, I had a ton of polish to try… so after a day, I added Lynnderella’s Matter of the Heart, another beauty I’ve been eyeing for some time.

I had some trouble with this one. Application was easy just to get the famous irridescent Lynnderella base colour on, but the glitter was mostly at the bottom of the bottle (even though I had the bottle upside down for some time before application). Even the tiny pieces would not stay on the brush. I also found the base to be super-runny and watery, and that’s perhaps why the glitter would not stay on the brush.

I had to literally stop wiping the brush and allow a lot of excess polish to get on my nail in order to get any of the glitter you see here…

You know what, after all that, I still love this colour.  It’s such a sweet and pretty mix… so feminine and cute.

My only concern is that out of all my glitter manis, this is probably the least office-appropriate!

How do you guys like Matter of the Heart? Or gorgeous Iseult? 🙂

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