Grey Obsession Continued…

I don’t know what it is lately, but I have developed this feverish love of grey polish. I have always adored grey–much of my fall and winter wardrobe somehow ends up being grey, and I’ve even taken to painting rooms in my house in this gorgeous neutral.

Now the adoration is moving onto my fingernails.

(click to enlarge the pic)

Meet Ascalon.

Ascalon is part ofย A England’s The Legend collection, and like most of the other colours of this release, is a beautiful holographic nailpolish. The colour is subtle–there is no arrogance or flash here. But by being demure and classy, this polish wows from a mile away.

It glistens with A England’s famous shine. And for this series, Adina’s second release of her not-so-indie polish line, she filled it to the brim with teeny tiny sparkles of a subtle rainbow.

Like crushed diamond powder, Ascalon will reflect the light off your fingers into a million directions.

Here is a shot in a different light:

I won’t bore you with the many, many adjectives I would use to declare my love of this polish line… However, you must know that Ascalon stayed on my nails for over a week, no chips, hardly any wear, and this after typing away all day at work and cooking and doing dishes.

I love A England. And soon I will post about all the other beauties I purchased from Adina, A England’s genius creator!

You can purchase A England’s Ascalon at Llarowe or directly from Adina herself! Happy shopping!!

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    1. Aw thanks!! I love love love A England and take it from someone who normally does not pay too more than $10 per polish (for all the usual suspects: OPI etc)—- A Englands are WELL worth the price. They last well over a week!!! Amazing!

    2. They so look worth it! Its just… with the GBP to NZ dollar exchange, it would cost me $35 for 2 polishes, at 30% off. I still think they’d be worth it, and one day oh yes, they will be mine ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. Oh yikes!! Well hopefully someone locally can start to carry Adina’s polishes! You should find a local retailer (like llarowe in the US) that will carry it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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