The English Saint

After receiving my A-England haul, I had such a hard time deciding which colour to use first.

Seeing as I had just filed my nails down to sweet-nothings, it was down to the two darker ones: St. George and Bridal Veil. Both colours I have been itching to try since the day Adina launched them!!!

Here is the winner! And what a gorgeous choice!

The above picture is with flash, making the colour appear a bit darker than it really is. But look at that shine!  (Click to enlarge the photos)

Here’s another shot of St. George in natural light:

St. George is stunning. I had a hard time capturing the holo effect as it was really overcast and cloudy, but you can see its stunning depth in these photos. Like beautiful Lady of the Lake, the colour looks like it’s built up, layer by layer, allowing its tiny particles to sparkle through the gorgeous teal colour.

Here’s a close-up:

I found St. George to be dense yet very fluid, easy to apply, though the colour does seem to stain the skin a bit more than the others, if you happen to dab any on the cuticles… A quick swipe with nail polish remover will clean that up for you.

It dried like a dream, just like my other A-Englands. I used 2 coats of St. George, a base and top coat by OPI, but I am really wondering… is it time to get The Knight and The Shield, A-England’s very own top and base coats? Look forward to seeing what you have to say!

Get your very own St. George directly from Adina, or from Llarowe in the US!



Update: Finally, a sunny day!! Here is the holo magic, captured in direct sunlight:

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  1. ooh, so pretty! what a gorgeous colour. I’m also debating getting the Knight and Shield– her polishes are so amazing I figure her base and topcoat must be the same!

    1. I thought the same! Many times I stick to top/base coats I already love… but I wonder if I will love A England’s more! 😉

    1. Thanks, I love it too!
      The only thing with St George is that I have found it stains terribly… have you experienced that?

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