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Today I have a new brand that I have been really excited about – a Canadian-based company from Vancouver named la couleur couture, or lacc for short. Based on a vision of creating a nail polish with no toxins that is highly pigmented and with UV protection, lacc beauty was founded by a beautiful woman named Farima Hakkak. Hoping to inspire women to follow their heart, the brand logo of open wings represents freedom, passion and hope.  Some more information about this emerging brand:

la couleur couture is a unique vegan friendly nail polish collection containing no toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and toluene. Classy and edgy with couture quality staying power, la couleur couture is available in a range of fashion-forward and trendy colours.

The unique basecoat formula ensures long lasting protection, while the topcoat offers unmatched diamond-like shine. Each polish contains a protective UV inhibitor so women can wave goodbye to brittle and yellow nails, and say hello to gorgeously coloured and healthy nails!

Headquartered in Vancouver and manufactured in New York, la couleur couture officially launched in March 2013 and the first collection is available online for global shipping.

Something even more amazing? la couleur couture is a strong supporter of community and charitable causes for women in need.

Let’s have a look at the gorgeous polishes, named by years not phrases. 2011 is a pale shimmery yellow, with a hint of mustard, or what looks like a drop of green to mute the colour a little. I loved this shade on me! I know not everyone likes to wear yellow polishes, but I love the colour in summer and am lucky to be able to pull it off with my olive skin. I wore 3 thin coats over lacc’s rubberized base coat, 2012, with a layer of 2013, lacc’s top coat:


In the bottle and in the shade (above), 2011 shimmers a little, but it truly comes alive in the sun. Look:


It is such a gorgeous summer shade! Application was relatively easy as this was one of the thicker lacc polishes, but there may be some streakiness due to the frosty base of this polish.


The next colour is 1976, a robin’s egg-blue with a hidden purple shimmer. 1976 leans very pale, and the shimmer shows best in direct sunlight. This polish was very sheer, so I could have used one more coat. Here are three coats with lacc’s base and top coats:

LACC_1976Isn’t the shimmer beautiful?

I loved the pale eggshell shade of 1976 and decided to play with it a little. I settled on French tips in pure white:


I loved this look!! 1976 has a cool softness that makes it perfect against bright white! What do you think?


Both of the lacc polishes were on the thinner side, very fluid, and requiring three coats for full opacity. The lacc base coat, 2012, is rubberized to provide strong adhesion, and the top coat, 2013, promises diamond-like shine with superior wear and chip-resistance. I wore both 1976 and 2011 with lacc’s base and top coat for 3 or 4 days with nary a chip or dullness. I can’t wait to show you a few more lacc colours soon!

lacc la couleur couture is available directly through their website, as well as through Harlow & Co and Llarowe. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Have you tried any lacc products yet?



(Products provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Can you believe 2012 is almost over? This year was a big one for me… I started my new job, recently moved to our new home, started blogging and taking my polish and beauty obsession to a whole new level, and along with that, I met some amazing people in this community.

It’s been a little quiet on my blog lately, mainly due to my big move just before Christmas… I thought I would catch up, not only on a blog post or two, but also share some of my top polishes of the year (with links to the original posts).

Hope this is a fun read for you!

In no particular order, here is Aphrodite Lacquers’ It’s My Party topped with The Icing on the Cake. I immediately fell in love with this hot pink jelly (and its glittery topper), and can’t wait to wear this with a little tan!


My most popular post, even garnering a shout-out from Suzi Weiss-Fishman, OPI’s Creative Director, on her twitter chat recently (!!), was the Monet jelly sandwich. This was created using OPI’s Funny Bunny with Shimmer Polish Linna, and it turned into one of my favourite manicures.


Oh Zoya Ornate Collection, how I love thee! After patiently waiting for this gorgeous collection to arrive, I created my very first striping tape mani using Zoya Storm and Aurora:


Another day, another gorgeous Shimmer Polish! Karina, a deep vampy red jelly, is beautiful and glamorous and oh-so-sparkly!


I loved the sparkle of this mani: a-England’s Dorian Grey topped with Shimmer Polish Vanessa. Look at that sparkle!


And so you can see why I love Dorian Gray, look at this steely pewter:


This year I also tried my very first Nubar polishes, and I fell in love. Look at shiny Nubar Espresso from the Simplicity Meets Elegance Collection:


From the same collection, here is Nubar Rouge, another gorgeous pink I fell in love with:


Up next, another of my most popular posts comes courtesy of OPI’s first foray into magnetics, from the OPI Skyfall Collection to commemorate 50 years of Bond films: OPI Magnetic Lacquer Is that Silva? I just love the holo magnetic!


Blue is my favourite colour though I’ve often steered clear of it in my manicures. But Revlon Royal, especially combined with Aphrodite Lacquers’ Doorman, was something spectacular….


Who doesn’t love a sparkly linear holographic polish? The ladies at Glitter Gal have made holos their business, and let me tell you, Glitter Gal Wisteria does not disappoint!! I loved the subtlety of this light hue…


I am a fool for sparkles, and Aphrodite Lacquers Peacock Earrings was distracting. Here it is, layered over China Glaze’s Liquid Leather for optimum sparkle and shine:


I think by now you know how much I adore jelly sandwiches. (And I should really do more of them!) Another Zoya collection that I was lusting after, Zoya Gloss, is a jelly-lover’s dream come true. Here is Zoya Frida layered with a relatively new indie, Kiss Your Elbow Polish’s A Drop in the Ocean:

Zoya-Frida Drop in Ocean Jelly
This list wouldn’t be complete without Picture Polish and their Mesh shade Tease, a glittery silvery-pink beauty that I received as part of their Blog Fest for 2012:


Next is a sparkly vampy black jelly courtesy of Aphrodite Lacquers, Nebula. Though I love vamps, I don’t always wear straight black polishes, unless, of course, they have a little something like Nebula does. Filled with aqua and silver glitters, Nebula has depth and sparkle:


And last but not least, the one that started my love affair with Aphrodite Lacquers, Grapetini! I think it’s fair to say that AL is one of my favourite indies, having created a number of polishes that I wear again and again… and Grapetini, with its purple squishiness, was part of my very first AL order that was not meant to be. It has the unfortunate distinction of being my first polish to arrive smashed to pieces lol.


And that, dear readers, is my first top… 16 list! It was meant to be a top-12 but there were simply too many that I adore. There are many more that I love and wanted to share, but in the spirit of keeping this a somewhat shortish blog post, not all the beauties could be included… Perhaps I will share another top-12 list soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I have enjoyed selecting my favourites. May the New Year bring you and your loved ones much joy and happiness, success and love.


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