Repairing Shine Mist


Introducing a product from our new segment, Treatment Styling.

SHIMMER.SHINE is a styling product that simultaneously treats hair. Light reflective technology from high-end skincare adds a brilliant shine to hair with no oily residue. SHIMMER.SHINE contains treatment ingredients that repair damaged hair driven by essential oils, bioflavonoids and vitamins.

Extracts from 6 Australian Rainforest were chosen for their resilience and their ability to flourish in harsh climatic conditions. Immortelle and Baobab extracts moisturize and add elasticity to the surface of the hair as they are rich in antioxidants.

Bamboo Extracts and Vitamins A, C and E nourish and thicken the hair and are instantly absorbed deep into the cortex. Bamboo has a high concentration of silica known for its restorative effects on the hair’s surface. Bamboo Extracts add a natural shine and lustre to the hair.

Apply to damp hair before styling and or use as a finishing product to add shine.

Suggested retail price is CAD$27.50 and it will be available in salons July / August 2013!

For more information, check out the Kevin.Murphy website, or to find a salon in your area, click here!

Let the BC Miracle continue!

Schwarzkopf Professional Extends their Miraculous Care Range with NEW BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 & Divine Polish!

It’s a golden time for hair in need of radiant shine! Based on precious oils, Schwarzkopf Professional’s already highly acclaimed BC Oil Miracle range provides hair with opulent shine, excellent nourishment and caressable softness for a glamourous finish. NEW for 2013, the miracle continues with the launch of BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 and BC Oil Miracle Divine Polish!

Schwarzkopf-BC-OilRecently, the long established benefits of oil in skin care have been extended as must-have ingredients in the hair industry. Their precious effects, especially seen with the results of Argan oil in the BC Oil Miracle line, are unmatched in delivering divine smoothness.

Suitable for all hair types, the BC Oil Miracle collection is complemented by two appealing new products. BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 nourishes hair with a marvelous combination of five different oils. Formulated with Argan, Marula, Almond, Macadamia and Jojoba oils, this daily leave-in finish gives hair velvet shine and suppleness along with instant grip and volume. The milky elixir includes glitter particles for subtle sheen, and helps to protect the hair from styling heat. For those who wish for an even hair surface, new BC Oil Miracle Divine Polish is an excellent choice! Applied to dry hair, the pump spray gives mirror-like gloss and a soft touchable feel without overburdening the hair.

The new BC Oil Miracle Volume Amplifier 5 and BC Oil Miracle Divine Polish will be available at
Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons from July 2013 for a suggested retail price of $17.95 CAD
each per 100ml bottle.

For further information on the complete BC Oil Miracle product range, please visit

After reading the press release for the new OSiS+ products Blow & Go, I knew I had to take them for a spin. I will try anything to reduce blowdry time of my long hair!! Especially this time of year when I often wash my hair daily (I know, so bad for your hair).

There are two blow-dry sprays for the perfect blow-dry: OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK provides hair with great volume and a glamorous shine, while OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH provides sleek and luxurious smoothness.


So how did they fare?

Both products come in a clear 200 ml spray bottle, misting a perfect, even spray. This may not sound like an important factor, but I always test sprays before buying a hair product – I’ve purchased too many with weak or faulty spray tops.

OSiS+ Blow & Go is easy to use: spray onto damp hair, blowdry and style as required. Not a lot of product is needed. The only negative for me at this stage was that the product has a bit of an alcohol/hair spray scent to it when you first apply it; however, the scent does dissipate once you blowdry, leaving behind a very faint hair product scent.

OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK makes your hair feel thicker, denser as you blowdry, and leaves behind visible volume. Who doesn’t love more volume! It also smoothes your hair with a touch of hold, eliminating the need for finishing products.

OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH is very similar to THICK, minus the volume. Once you have blowdried, it feels more as though you quickly ran a hair straightener through your mane; it leaves behind a smooth, shiny, sleek finish, and helps eliminate frizz.

Overall verdict? Both OSiS+ Blow & Go sprays seemed to help reduce dry time a little, and I loved the finished feeling of my hair. I did not think that they would be very different, but as mentioned, they do provide a slight variation in finish. I personally prefer the volume THICK provides, but have loved how SMOOTH helped provide some control on high-humidity days.

OSiS+ Blow & Go is now available in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons across Canada, for $21.00 Cdn/bottle. For further information please visit or or visit the Facebook fan page!




(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)


wash.rinse. & masque

In order to help combat the aging process of hair, KEVIN.MURPHY has introduced an entire new line of YOUNG.AGAIN products. Composed of a WASH, RINSE & MASQUE, this new line of anti-aging hair care is designed to help renew youthful lustre and shine to dry, damaged or brittle hair. Ingredients chosen for their longevity and resilience to renew youthful lustre and soften dry damaged hair, make up YOUNG.AGAIN.WASH, YOUNG.AGAIN.RINSE & YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE.





Immortelle and Baobab infused restorative softening shampoo. Gently cleanses and preps the hair to receive the essential ingredients of the masque and the rinse.







Immortelle and Baobab infused restorative softening conditioner. Formulated to lock down the cuticle and lock in moisture.





Immortelle and Baobab infused restorative softening masque. Addresses all three factors that relate to the premature aging of hair.

Key Ingredients:

6 Australian rainforest fruit extracts – Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, these extracts were
shown to flourish despite the harsh climatic conditions.
Baobab seed oil – Provides moisturizing benefits to the hair while improving elasticity and tone
Orchid flower extract – Rich in proteins, reinforces hair strength and provides intense hydration Immortelle – Extraordinary healing qualities and great regenerating ability, super antioxidant
Lotus flower extract – Helps to protect the hair from moisture loss. Rich in protein, leaving hair soft and supple
Kakadu plum extracts – A potent antioxidant essential for the repair of damaged hair
Phospholipids – Create a skin like barrier to lock in moisture
Bamboo extracts – Known for its restorative e≠ects, adding natural shine and lustre to the hair

Suggested retail price in Canada:
In salons: JULY/AUGUST 2013

Having long, colour-treated hair like I do, it can sometimes feel like an agonizing chore to wash and blow-dry it. And cutting it is not an option – I just love long hair too much! (I know, I know, I just can’t win with myself!)

So what options does a girl have? Well… as it turns out, we have one really good one.

I recently had the opportunity to try göt2b’s Dry Shampoo from Rockin’ it, a high-quality professional line based on Schwarzkopf technology that includes the Dry Shampoo, Rockin’ it Hairspray, and Gel, all at affordable prices.


A little about the product:

Rockin’ it Dry Shampoo effectively removes oil from hair to instantly refresh your style without having to shampoo.  Perfect for women-on-the-go, those whose styling routine is too extensive for daily washing or those looking to preserve their hair colour.  As an added bonus, Rockin’ it Dry Shampoo offers incredible hold and volume.  Suggested retail price is $7.99, 122g.

Final Verdict:

Having relied on dry shampoo to freshen up my hair for some time now, this was admittedly my first attempt using a spray-on dry shampoo. My previous products were wonderful, but were messy to apply and difficult to control as they were in a loose powder form (think, baby powder-like). Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo applies with an even mist, in strong, powerful bursts. It smells fantastic, and does apply whitish (due to the powder); however, the white quickly dissipates with a quick brushing. I found the product freshened up my scalp and hair immediately, and it really delivers on its volume promise.  This might have become my new favourite dry shampoo….

The new Rockin’ it line is available at mass retail locations including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Loblaws PharmaPlus, London Drugs, Metro, Sobeys, Jean Coutu and Zellers across Canada.

(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

A Blow Dry to Go, please!

Schwarzkopf Professional presents OSiS+ Blow & Go!

You have an important business meeting in the afternoon, followed by an exciting date in the
evening – but your hairstyle lost its bounce and it’s not even lunch! How great would it be to quickly
stop by at your local salon for a “Blow Dry & Go” to save the day – and your hairstyle? Here comes your wish: with new OSiS+ Blow & Go, Schwarzkopf Professional offers you the first 2-in-1 blow-dry sprays reducing drying time while providing hair with additional voluptuous volume or luxurious

As if that wasn’t great enough, these innovative styling products allow you to indulge in the trend of
blow-dry bars demanded by our busy schedules, from the convenience of home! With the exciting
launch of OSiS+ Blow & Go, Schwarzkopf Professional emphasizes its innovative leadership
yet again, by bringing this trend to salons as well as bathrooms worldwide. OSiS+ Blow & Go includes two innovative blow-dry sprays for the perfect blow-dry service: OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK gives hair great volume and a glamorous shine, while OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH is the ideal product to provide sleek and luxurious smoothness. Both OSiS+ Blow & Go sprays by Schwarzkopf Professional offer trend aficionados great styling opportunities, and are available in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons across Canada from July 2013.

Experience a new dimension of blow-drying!

Perfectly styled hair – all day long? Here’s how: Bad hair days can now be blown away forevermore; the future belongs to blow-dry services in the salon, as well as blow-dry styles at home! Enjoy great blow-out hair styles in next to no time. Discover OSiS+ Blow & Go and you’ll find accelerated drying time with unparalleled finishes, ensuring great styling results!

OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK: The formulation instantly gives hair incredible volume and glamorous shine. Hair looks thicker and fuller with added moisture. Thanks to a new technology, the spray provides hold and care without overburdening the hair. Simply spray into damp hair, blow-dry and style as required. 200 ml, $21.00 CAD

SKP Osis BlowAndGo Thick

OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH makes the hair lustrous and smooth as it is blow-dried – for the perfect shiny, sleek look or for luxurious, gentle waves. The innovative formula ensures long-lasting smoothness and incredible shine of the hair surface, as well as perfect frizz and style control. Simply spray into damp hair, blow dry and style as required. 200 ml, $21.00 CAD

SKP Osis BlowAndGo Smooth Sleek BlowDry 200ml Render_SKP

For further information please visit or or visit the Facebook fan page!


Journey to Hair Oasis and Get the Best of Both Worlds with NEW göt2b Oil-licious Shampoo & Conditioner!

Coming off the success of the styling oil, göt2b recently introduced NEW Oil-licious Opulent Smooth Shampoo and Golden Shimmer Conditioner – a deliciously-scented duo to complement all hair types. Containing Argan Oil, Marula Oil and White Grape Seed Oil, the Smooth Shampoo and Golden Shimmer Conditioner provides lightweight manageability and touchable silkiness without the greasy feel sometimes associated with rich hair products.

got2b_Oil-licious S&C

As I like to do with beauty products whenever possible in order to provide an accurate review, I have been using the Oil-licious Opulent Smooth Shampoo and Golden Shimmer Conditioner for a few weeks on my wavy, colour-treated hair, and I am so obsessed that today I picked up a ton of backup!!

The Oil-licious Opulent Smooth Shampoo is slightly musky, sweetly scented in a clear, golden formula of smoothing oils. I have to warn you, a small amount of product goes quite a long way, cleansing without sudsing up to a huge lather… The first time I tried it, I thought I needed more shampoo, but it is a great product, cleansing well, allowing me to go a full 3 days between shampoos (which I do not do often!). That is saying a lot considering this a moisturizing shampoo. My hair felt not only cleansed, but protected and soft after use. And the continuous use is helping keep my hair shiny, soft and protected from all of the heat-straightening and curling I put my hair through.

Oil-licious Opulent Smooth Shampoo offers:

  • Micro-emulsion technology providing sumptuous shine and touchable smoothness.
  • Improvement of shine more than 100% versus untreated hair!

The Golden Shimmer Conditioner actually contains tiny traces of golden shimmer, which at first made me nervous… was it going to sparkle in my hair? Was it a special-occasion product? Rest assured that the shimmer simply serves to add additional shine to your hair once you rinse it out – no glitter here! It provides a light condition to protect your hair without weighing it down. And the slightly musky scent is delicious!!!

Oil-licious Golden Shimmer Conditioner delivers:

  • Effective detangling while nourishing hair with indulgent care of precious oils.
  • Restoration of damaged hair even before blow-drying!
  • Infused with Mica to impart a delightful golden shimmer.

The Oil-licious line was such a hit in my home that once again, I was finding myself “borrowing” the products from hubby’s shower. The unisex scent is delicious on my hair, and equally yummy when hubby uses it. Today I finally picked up backup so we each could have our own bottles! I’ve also purchased the famous Oil-licious Styling Oil and will hopefully be able to bring you a review soon!

göt2b NEW Oil-licious Opulent Smooth Shampoo and Golden Shimmer Conditioner retail for $7.99 each and are available at mass retail locations across Canada including Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, PharmaPlus, Loblaws, Jean Coutu and Target Canada.


(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo & Moroccanoil® Hydrating Conditioner

MO---Hydrating-Shampoo&Conditioner.Jan2013.hiresMoroccanoil®, the innovator and global leader in luxury, professional oil-infused hair products, introduces new Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo and Moroccanoil® Hydrating Conditioner – specially designed to help prevent dryness and dehydration, maintain hair’s elasticity, and keep strands looking healthy, smooth and shiny.

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo and Moroccanoil® Hydrating Conditioner infuse hair with antioxidant argan oil and replenishing nutrients. Used daily on hair, both formulas are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Red Algae, to help combat free radicals, retain moisture and leave hair more manageable and easier to style. They are colour-safe and free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens.
Perfect for all hair types, Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo and Moroccanoil® Hydrating Conditioner:

  • Restores elasticity, smoothness and manageability
  • Moisturizes and protect hair’s cuticle against dryness
  • Vitamin-rich formula combats against free radicals and retains hair’s natural moisture balance

For Best Results:

  • Massage Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo through wet hair and scalp to create a lather. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.
  • Gently squeeze excess water from hair and apply a small about of the Moroccanoil® Hydrating Conditioner to the hair, starting from the roots and moving down to the ends. Leave in for 1-2 minutes and rinse well.

Moroccanoil® Hydrating Shampoo / 250ml / MSRP: $20.60
Moroccanoil® Hydrating Conditioner / 250ml / MSRP: $21.60

Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse For Beautiful, Voluminous Hair

MO---Volumizing-MousseMoroccanoil®, the brand that revolutionized the hair care industry with luxurious, argan oil-infused products, has introduced their answer to flat, limp hair with Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse.Previewed and launched on the runways of New York Fashion Week—where top stylists including Peter Gray, Orlando Pita and Moroccanoil Artistic Director, Antonio Corral Calero, created head-turning looks for the Spring/Summer 2013 designer collections—the newest addition to the full Moroccanoil® line of hair products combines high performance and ease of use.

New Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse transforms limp, lifeless locks into full-bodied, natural-looking styles with lift and movement that lasts. At Carolina Herrera, Badgley Mischka, Cushnie Et Ochs, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Catherine Malandrino, the season’s freshest looks took center stage alongside the hottest hairstyles created with this innovative formula.

Specially designed for fine to medium textured hair, Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse gives a boost of body, leaving hair soft, shiny and manageable. Its weightless formula provides flexible control without any sticky residue, flaking or buildup.

Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse features a weightless, flexible polymer which provides instant volume, maximum lift and a special “memory factor” for hair that holds its shape and styles that last longer. Infused with argan oil, it provides shine, manageability and extra hydration for fuller, more voluminous hair. Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse is enriched with added conditioners, which leave hair looking and feeling healthy, silky, shiny and static-free.

How to Style

Apply to wet hair, blow dry and style with a Moroccanoil® Ionic Ceramic Round Brush, starting at the roots, to create extra lift and volume.

Perfect for fine hair, Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse:

  • Creates body, lift and fullness
  • Adds movement and volume
  • Provides a flexible hold
  • Unique ‘memory factor’ remembers style structure

Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mousse/ 250ml/ MSRP: $28.00


Moroccanoil® offers innovative, easy-to-use, performance-driven formulas that dramatically transform all hair types resulting in beautiful, healthy, natural-looking hair. As the pioneer of an all-new oil treatment hair care category, Moroccanoil® has quickly become a runaway hit among fashion and beauty insiders and has generated a devoted following among top stylists and their A-list celebrity clients. Launched six years ago, Moroccanoil® products are now available in 40 countries around the globe. Famed for their weightless, residue-free quality, Moroccanoil’s extensive line of luxury hair care products addresses the needs of all hair types and features a proprietary advanced blend of the finest ingredients to deliver optimal performance and dramatic results.

Moroccanoil® products are available at fine salons and spas. For more information, visit, Twitter, and Facebook.

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