Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe that 2014 is already here?

Yesterday I rounded up some of my favourites for you, including my top ten polishes and top ten nail art looks. Today I will share some of my favourite beauty and hair care products! Believe me when I say it was tough to narrow them down to just a few. Hope you enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them, and let me know in the comments what some of your favourites are!!



This year I finally tried Butter LONDON’s Lippy, a liquid lipstick/gloss hybrid, and fell in love. My favourite of them was Wine Gums, second from left below.


Two products that  I cannot live without are from my manicure essentials post: cuticle oil, like Qtica’s amazing Solid Gold and a cuticle eraser stick like the one below. (Get both at Nail Polish Canada.) Another great cuticle cream is Lemony Flutter from Lush!

SolidGold Cuticleeraser

A product I was excited to try this year, and absolutely cannot live without now, was Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour® Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm. I use this product religiously before bed, and it has helped so much, especially through the winter months. Speaking of which, it’s time to hit the EA counter for a backup….


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is another must-have, not only because of the non-greasy texture that helps your skin look refreshed every morning, but because of its delicious, soft, natural essential oil scent. I literally inhale deeply as I apply this each evening – dare I say it is intoxicating?

Kiehls-Midnight-Recovery Con

Another new line I had the pleasure of trying this year was Kevin Murphy, an Australian hairstylist’s innovative hair care line. My favourite was the Young.Again.Masque, a deep conditioning treatment that my processed hair just loves. Another great product with a delicious, soft scent!


If you have long, especially chemically-processed hair, you must know that daily washing is a no-no. Dry shampoos are what saves us, and two I absolutely love are göt2b’s Rockin’ it Dry Shampoo and OSiS+ Refresh Dust by Schwarzkopf Professional! Both come in a handy spray bottle (so nice for keeping one in your gym bag), and both bodify your hair in the process. OSiS+ was even released in a triple-size bottle and was named “best dry shampoo” in Salon Magazine’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards!

g2b_RI_CAN_DryS_HRNWSKP-Osis-RefreshDust-TextShamp1One more hair product favourite this year was BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment. Offered in regular and light versions and containing Marula and Argan oils, I never skip applying this to towel-dried hair. It helps protect your hair from heat styling, and moisturizes those pesky ends. And again, it smells so amazing!



I confess a love for… Dior. 2013 saw Dior launch the incredible Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadows, single pots of a gel-mousse eyeshadow formula that can be used wet or dry… and when used wet, they leave behind a metallic, high-shine, incredible finish. I am head-over heels! (Think it would be wrong to collect the other 4 metallics that I don’t have?)


And speaking of Dior… are you a Dior Addict? With the Mystic Metallics launch, Dior added a few more Dior Addict Gloss shades, including the lovely, nude yet sparkly Charm. These glosses are phenomenal for the range of shades that are offered, from wisps of colour to saturated hues that smell amazing, apply and wear phenomenally, and best of all, offer a non-sticky finish. Absolute favourite!


Just a couple of months ago I discovered Dior’s Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil, applied to a wet or dry face to dissolve all traces of makeup, including pesky eye makeup. Rated as one of InStyle’s Best Summer Skincare Products for 2013, it is a godsend, allowing me to rub my makeup off and not leaving behind any oiliness. Love!


Finally, another new discovery for me was the Lip Glow from Dior – a lip balm that hydrates and also enhances the natural colour of your lips (in its original pink formula)! Below is the newest addition to the Lip Glow family, a Coral shade to be launched on January 15th!


I hope you enjoyed my 2013 Favourites posts!


What are some of your favourite beauty products?



Bigger is Always Better – Schwarzkopf Professional Presents Award-Winning OSiS+ Refresh Dust in Triple-Size for a Limited Time!

No time to wash your hair before the party? Greasy roots and lack of volume getting you down? Updos simply not staying up? A high quality dry shampoo is a quick and simple solution to all these daunting hair woes, and beloved OSiS+ Refresh Dust by Schwarzkopf Professional is second to none! Just named ‘Best Dry Shampoo’ in Salon Magazine’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards, and available soon in triple-the-size for a limited time, OSiS+ Refresh Dust can be used either to refresh hair in between shampoos, or to instantly add more volume, grip and structure to hair before styling – making it a beauty essential for stylists and style-conscious women alike! SKP-Osis-RefreshDust-TextShamp1

OSiS+ Refresh Dust bodyfying dry shampoo by Schwarzkopf Professional is ultra-fine, allowing the powder to be sprayed and distributed evenly for ease of use. Hair is given incredible volume, stays fresh for longer and styling becomes a breeze. The exceptionally fine powder and pleasantly fresh fragrance of OSiS+ Refresh Dust delivers optimised results, leaving no doubt as to why the
limited-time grown up size is a must!

The formulation with Oryza Sativa Starch, a great oil-banishing ingredient found in rice, has absorbing properties to energize hair from the root. Used as a styling aid, OSiS+ Refresh Dust gives fresh volume, structure and natural control. Used on freshly washed hair, it provides more hold and makes hair easier to style – so you can create the perfect trendy voluminous styles or the latest updos even on soft hair right out of the shower. Simply spray the product in short, even bursts onto the root area of already dry hair, leave to dry for two minutes and then brush out well to remove any residue.

Schwarzkopf Professional knows bigger is always better, and for a limited time you can get your hands on award-winning OSiS+ Refresh Dust in a triple-size 300 mL can! OSiS+ Refresh Dust in new 300mL size is available as of September 2013 exclusively at all Schwarzkopf Professional Partner salons for $23.50 CAD.

For further information please visit or or visit the Facebook fan page!

After reading the press release for the new OSiS+ products Blow & Go, I knew I had to take them for a spin. I will try anything to reduce blowdry time of my long hair!! Especially this time of year when I often wash my hair daily (I know, so bad for your hair).

There are two blow-dry sprays for the perfect blow-dry: OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK provides hair with great volume and a glamorous shine, while OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH provides sleek and luxurious smoothness.


So how did they fare?

Both products come in a clear 200 ml spray bottle, misting a perfect, even spray. This may not sound like an important factor, but I always test sprays before buying a hair product – I’ve purchased too many with weak or faulty spray tops.

OSiS+ Blow & Go is easy to use: spray onto damp hair, blowdry and style as required. Not a lot of product is needed. The only negative for me at this stage was that the product has a bit of an alcohol/hair spray scent to it when you first apply it; however, the scent does dissipate once you blowdry, leaving behind a very faint hair product scent.

OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK makes your hair feel thicker, denser as you blowdry, and leaves behind visible volume. Who doesn’t love more volume! It also smoothes your hair with a touch of hold, eliminating the need for finishing products.

OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH is very similar to THICK, minus the volume. Once you have blowdried, it feels more as though you quickly ran a hair straightener through your mane; it leaves behind a smooth, shiny, sleek finish, and helps eliminate frizz.

Overall verdict? Both OSiS+ Blow & Go sprays seemed to help reduce dry time a little, and I loved the finished feeling of my hair. I did not think that they would be very different, but as mentioned, they do provide a slight variation in finish. I personally prefer the volume THICK provides, but have loved how SMOOTH helped provide some control on high-humidity days.

OSiS+ Blow & Go is now available in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons across Canada, for $21.00 Cdn/bottle. For further information please visit or or visit the Facebook fan page!




(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

A Blow Dry to Go, please!

Schwarzkopf Professional presents OSiS+ Blow & Go!

You have an important business meeting in the afternoon, followed by an exciting date in the
evening – but your hairstyle lost its bounce and it’s not even lunch! How great would it be to quickly
stop by at your local salon for a “Blow Dry & Go” to save the day – and your hairstyle? Here comes your wish: with new OSiS+ Blow & Go, Schwarzkopf Professional offers you the first 2-in-1 blow-dry sprays reducing drying time while providing hair with additional voluptuous volume or luxurious

As if that wasn’t great enough, these innovative styling products allow you to indulge in the trend of
blow-dry bars demanded by our busy schedules, from the convenience of home! With the exciting
launch of OSiS+ Blow & Go, Schwarzkopf Professional emphasizes its innovative leadership
yet again, by bringing this trend to salons as well as bathrooms worldwide. OSiS+ Blow & Go includes two innovative blow-dry sprays for the perfect blow-dry service: OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK gives hair great volume and a glamorous shine, while OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH is the ideal product to provide sleek and luxurious smoothness. Both OSiS+ Blow & Go sprays by Schwarzkopf Professional offer trend aficionados great styling opportunities, and are available in Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons across Canada from July 2013.

Experience a new dimension of blow-drying!

Perfectly styled hair – all day long? Here’s how: Bad hair days can now be blown away forevermore; the future belongs to blow-dry services in the salon, as well as blow-dry styles at home! Enjoy great blow-out hair styles in next to no time. Discover OSiS+ Blow & Go and you’ll find accelerated drying time with unparalleled finishes, ensuring great styling results!

OSiS+ Blow & Go THICK: The formulation instantly gives hair incredible volume and glamorous shine. Hair looks thicker and fuller with added moisture. Thanks to a new technology, the spray provides hold and care without overburdening the hair. Simply spray into damp hair, blow-dry and style as required. 200 ml, $21.00 CAD

SKP Osis BlowAndGo Thick

OSiS+ Blow & Go SMOOTH makes the hair lustrous and smooth as it is blow-dried – for the perfect shiny, sleek look or for luxurious, gentle waves. The innovative formula ensures long-lasting smoothness and incredible shine of the hair surface, as well as perfect frizz and style control. Simply spray into damp hair, blow dry and style as required. 200 ml, $21.00 CAD

SKP Osis BlowAndGo Smooth Sleek BlowDry 200ml Render_SKP

For further information please visit or or visit the Facebook fan page!


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