Gosh Light ‘N Shine Lip Glaze

Today I have for you one of the coolest, most fun lip products I’ve (accidentally) stumbled upon: a lip glaze by Gosh Cosmetics, a still-somewhat new player in the Canadian cosmetics market. (I believe they only expanded into our market in ~2008.) Gosh has created an innovative lipgloss that not only comes with its own little mirror on the side of the tube, but also contains a tiny little light for application anywhere, in any light! (Hello, late nights?)


To say I was impressed is an understatement. When a girlfriend recently pulled out her gloss (in very dim lighting), and I looked over to see a bright light around her lips, my jaw hit the floor. (Knowing that my blog is called The Obsessed, you must understand that beauty innovations such as these blow me away.) The best part? She purchased her gloss for its sparkly beauty, never guessing that it contained the little light… until the day she proceeded to open it during a lecture while the hall was submerged in darkness! 🙂  

The next time I saw her, she promptly handed me a gift: a tube of Gosh’s Light ‘N Shine! 

This is shade 11, a beautiful, sparkly raspberry sorbet-looking gloss that will not only tint your lips, but add a shimmer to any lip product you may already be wearing. It looks deliciously juicy, both in the tube and on your lips. Yummy!

The best thing is that the light is actually a hidden gem, not visible until you twist the gloss open. There is a little sensor button that depresses while the tube is closed, keeping the light off until you use it. Genius!

Here is a photo so you can see the light:


The Lip Glaze comes with a soft brush applicator, which I personally love. I don’t mind the sponge applicators, but find that brushes provide greater control and apply with more ease. Here is a photo showing both the light and the brush applicator:


I’m sure you are curious about the colour. I wore it on its own, to allow you to see its subtleness:


As far as I know, Gosh Cosmetics are available at drugstores including Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. For more info, check out their Facebook page or website!


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