New LIPPY Liquid Lipstick from butter LONDON!

Butter LONDON is introducing LIPPY Liquid Lipstick, for Spring 2013!

The Spring 2013 LIPPY Liquid Lipstick range is a supercharged take on the statement lip. Drawing inspiration from the fruity shades and lush pops of colour seen on the catwalks, these LIPPY are anything but your typical lipstick. Striking tones of fluoro coral, watermelon, and poppy pink, cool mauve and deep berry increase in pigment the more you apply. Each shade is an eye-catching accessory in itself.
Shades in the collection include:

  • Jaffa: Opaque, bright orange-coral liquid lipstick
  • Bampot: Opaque, bright flamingo pink lipstick
  • MacBeth: Opaque, pinky coral liquid lipstick
  • Dahling: Opaque, dusky pink liquid lipstick
  • Wine Gums: Opaque plum liquid lipstick


I LOVE THEM!!! I have never tried Butter LONDON makeup but I will need to try these. They look so yummy and juicy!



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