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Yesterday I showed you a couple of the new Colour Clash polishes, released for fall 2013 from Butter LONDON. Today I bring you a cute skittle mani featuring three of their bright colours!

You’ve already seen the beautiful crisp Cotton Buds, and look how gorgeous it looks with Pimms and Silly Billy!!


ButterLONDON_ColourClash-skittlesPimms is a term for a “gin-based tradition at its finest,” and is desribed as being a “refreshing beverage that is almost as popular as English tea.” A gorgeous opaque, sun‑flower yellow cream shade, Pimms is a crelly (cream jelly) polish that applies easily and dries to a gorgeous shine. On my middle finger I blended it lightly with Cotton Buds to lighten and brighten it, and on my ring finger: 2 coats alone.

Silly Billy is an opaque bright orange orange crème, and is a term for a popular clown “at fairs in Britain, and a fab nickname for anyone named William.” Another crelly-type polish, this was another dream to apply! I used two coats on my ring finger above on its own, and as you can see, it dried to a high finish.

I am totally obsessed with the Colour Clash collection and… consider me converted! I am in love with Butter LONDON lacquers.

The Colour Clash Collection is now available where Butter LONDON lacquers are sold. For more information, check out their website or follow on Facebook!



(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

A surprising twist for a fall launch, Butter LONDON has launched the Colour Clash collection for Fall 2013, consisting of five bright shades and a gorgeous, opaque white. You may have expected these to be summer shades, but Butter LONDON dared to live on the edge, fully expecting them to be paired with the muted shades of fall!

Today I have for you two of my favourites of this collection – let’s start with the crisp, clean beauty of Cotton Buds! A pure, opaque white creme, Cotton Buds was a dream to apply and wear. If you love white polish (I adore white polish!), you know what a pain it can sometimes be to apply, including streaking. Cotton Buds was incredible; applying with buttery, creamy ease, and drying to a super high shine. I think I wore Cotton Buds for five days before finally changing it, but all I had in that time to indicate wear was a tiny chip on one nail. Talk about endurance!

And here is the gorgeous shade at two coats:

ButterLondon_CottonBudsLook at that amazing shine!


Changing gears to a bright hot pink, described as a nearly-neon pink cream, Cake Hole is a beauty. Venturing into coral territory, Cake Hole is hot, hot, hot and just as dreamy to apply as Cotton Buds. It has a slight jelly consistency, making it a touch less opaque than Cotton Buds, yet it applies evenly and dries quickly. I had to use top coat to bring out the shine in Cake Hole as it did not dry to quite the high shine as the above polish. Here it is at two easy coats with top coat:

ButterLondon_CakeHoleThis was my first experience with Butter LONDON’s lacquers, and now I finally realize what the fuss is about. The lacquers are incredible from application to finish to wear! Even after days of wear, the polish held up and refused to fade. I noticed the longevity when removing the polish – it is definitely built for endurance. The Colour Clash Collection is now available where Butter LONDON lacquers are sold. For more information, check out their website or follow on Facebook!~xo

(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

­The fall catwalks showcased bold, unexpected colour combinations, and nails were no exception. Colour Clash is a chic, surprising new collection of half tones mixed with whitened pastels and polyester brights. Dare to pair these shades for a modern way to wear colour.

“We have this gorgeous, opaque, full-cover white in the collection that I am obsessed with, not to mention that massive white nail trend we have been seeing in sport luxe editorials,” says Katie Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador. “A good white is essential as it will brighten any colour it’s placed under, but it’s also a great base colour for creating nail art as it punches up the colour. One of my favourite collections yet, Colour Clash is so fun and bold.”


Cotton Buds
Opaque, pure white cream
A wad of cotton wool fixed to a small stick, used for cleaning.

Opaque, sun‑flower yellow cream
Gin-based tradition at its finest…this refreshing beverage is almost as popular as English tea.

Giddy Kipper
Opaque, indigo shimmer
Refers to someone who is overly excited…like anyone who buys this lacquer will be!

Opaque, grass green cream
A very popular rain boot, seen often in Britain.

Silly Billy
Opaque, fire orange crème
A clown popular at fairs in Britain, and a fab nickname for anyone named William.

Cake Hole
Opaque, nearly-neon pink cream
1960s Brit slang referring to one’s mouth…and the desire for it to remain closed.


Launch date: July/August 2013
Price: $17

Introducing LIPPY Shimmer, a lip gloss collection of chic shades and twinkly textures that accentuate your glow while adding a touch of whimsy! This season is all about ramping up your natural beauty.

LIPPY Shimmer’s sheer hues in blush, apricot, peach, strawberry, golden bronze and an iridescent clear gloss add a touch of whimsy to your look that perfectly garnish any sundress or sunnies. The LIPPY Shimmer glosses all feature a light vanilla scent and sheer, sparkling coverage. Shades in the LIPPY Shimmer collection include:

  • Beaker– Sheer, nearly clear iridescent shimmer
  • Tickety Boo – Sheer, blush shimmer Punch Up – Sheer strawberry shimmer with gold flecks
  • Wag – Sheer, peachy pink shimmer with gold flecks
  • Pip Pip – Sheer golden bronze shimmer
  • Swish – Sheer, apricot shimmer


butter LONDON Lippy Shimmer is now available on the site!

butter LONDON Canada presents Summer Holiday, the Summer 2013 lacquercollection by butter LONDON, launching online and in store April 15th!

Make your getaway with the Summer Holiday 2013 Collection by butter LONDON Canada. This season is about being inspired by raw cultural elements and gilded textures. Mix and mash prints, and revel in fabrics that are foiled, embossed, and authentic. Sultry metallics in platinum, gold, and rust evoke luxury, while crushed glitter in rich shades of copper and umber are offset by an accent of African turquoise.

Colours in the Summer Holiday 2013 Lacquer collection include:

  • Bit Faker- Full coverage chocolate glitter
  • Sun Baker- Metallic burnished orange
  • Champers- Sandy beige shimmer
  • Poole- Opaque turquoise crème
  • Marbs- Rich metallic gold
  • Bobby Dazzler- Vibrant metallic silver

butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes said, “Fashionistas and designers alike are really embracing texture clashes – the Summer Holiday collection really explores texture; crushed glitter, metallics, and a crème combine for a well-rounded lacquer wardrobe for summertime.”

I recently shared the press release of the butter LONDON Lippy Liquid Lipsticks for Spring 2013, and the colours looked so juicy and delicious that I could not wait to try them. Described as a supercharged take on the statement lip, with fruity shades and lush pops of colour in coral, watermelon, poppy pink, cool mauve and deep berry, Lippy increase in pigment the more you apply. The shades ranges from a subtle pop of colour to a bright and vibrant lip. Love!


I was able to review three of the gorgeous new shades, and this being my very first butter LONDON experience, and I could not have been more pleased. Lippy Liquid Lipsticks are heavenly from the moment you twist open the cap and are introduced to the sweet aroma of vanilla cupcakes… the soft scent of spun sugar lingers on your lips after application ever so slightly… divine! The three colours I tried were all opaque, providing lots of coverage: Dahling, a dusky pink, Wine Gums, a gorgeous deep plum, and Jaffa, a bright orange-coral.

Dahling is what I would call a neutral-toned liquid lipstick; very suitable for most skintones and for the shyest among us. Dahling is an easy treat, dahling!

Wine Gums is a bold plum that applies brighter than it would appear in the tube; it was totally a colour I would choose and wear with my olive skin! It may be a bit more of a statement lip for the fairer among us, but again, I see this shade suiting almost anyone!!

Last but not least, Jaffa screams summer with its bright orange-coral base, and what I love most about Jaffa is that it applies as it looks. I buy a lot of corals and oranges in the hot months, and unless they are matte or ultra-rich lipsticks, the coral often does not translate from the tube to the lip. (I have a drawer full of orange glosses to show you!) But Jaffa delivers! As for suitability, I feel that anyone can pull off an orange lip, especially if you tie in the rest of your makeup a little with some warmer tones… I will certainly be rocking this shade all summer long! (Do you think I can ward off old man winter if I wear Jaffa enough?)

Here is a swatch on my arm to give you an idea of coverage and pigmentation:

ButterLondon_LippyswatchL to R: Jaffa, Dahling and Wine Gums

Lippy is high-shine, fairly long-lasting considering it is a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid, and as mentioned before, incredibly scented. I cannot get enough Lippy now that I’ve tasted its sweet colour and smelled its intoxicating scent!

butter LONDON Lippy Liquid Lipstick is now available on the site.

Get yours before this collection sells out!




(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)


Butter LONDON is introducing LIPPY Liquid Lipstick, for Spring 2013!

The Spring 2013 LIPPY Liquid Lipstick range is a supercharged take on the statement lip. Drawing inspiration from the fruity shades and lush pops of colour seen on the catwalks, these LIPPY are anything but your typical lipstick. Striking tones of fluoro coral, watermelon, and poppy pink, cool mauve and deep berry increase in pigment the more you apply. Each shade is an eye-catching accessory in itself.
Shades in the collection include:

  • Jaffa: Opaque, bright orange-coral liquid lipstick
  • Bampot: Opaque, bright flamingo pink lipstick
  • MacBeth: Opaque, pinky coral liquid lipstick
  • Dahling: Opaque, dusky pink liquid lipstick
  • Wine Gums: Opaque plum liquid lipstick


I LOVE THEM!!! I have never tried Butter LONDON makeup but I will need to try these. They look so yummy and juicy!


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