Zero Dry Time!

Today I have for you something a little different, something I have never tried myself… so this is extra-exciting for me!

Many of you have probably already tried nail polish appliques, but I’m a total newbie at this. And believe it or not, I was a little nervous to try them! I looked at the package a few times before ripping it open, fearing that I would not know how to apply them. Ridiculous, right? lol

China Glaze recently launched Real Nail Polish Appliques, and I was really excited to try them! In keeping with my love of white polishes, I decided to try their cool Loop Hole design.

They come in a tiny, flat package, with a cuticle stick and a mini file, which you will use when applying the appliques. The instructions are easy to follow, even illustrated for newbies like me. 🙂

There are 16 individual appliques in various sizes. One of the things I found odd was that there were 3 very small ones – are most pinky nails that much smaller than mine??? I hope I don’t get a “pinky nail complex” lol! Four of my nails were easily fitted, but I used one of the larger ones for my middle finger and cut the sides a little as there was no perfect fit. I started with my thumb and worked through the other fingers. The first applique on my thumb was the hardest to apply, both because it was the first and because it was the largest, most curved nail. For those of you who have never used these, I thought I would illustrate:

This is what it looked like when I had applied it to my thumb, before filing away the excess.

What’s great is that you can start to lay it on your nail, but remove and reapply if you don’t get it quite right. The appliques can also be stretched ever so slightly to accommodate the curvature of your nail, which helps them lie flat, just like nail polish would. I am not going to lie, I fumbled with the first couple of pieces! The applique is sandwiched between a clear cover (on top) and a backing, with the clear cover being removed first, and the backing removed when you are ready to apply to the nail (the applique is kind of like a sticker that you apply to your nail), and I kept neglecting to pull the tabs at the top to separate the applique from the two covers. However, when you finally get the hang of it, it moves much faster.

You finish up with a coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat, and voila!

I loved trying these and love that you can get cool designs (leopard print anyone??) even if you are not nail-art-savvy. They are also great because there is literally no dry time! (Even if you apply Fast Forward Top Coat, which literally dries in seconds.)

China Glaze’s Real Nail Polish Appliques are available from Nail Polish Canada, and you can view their entire collection here!

(Product was provided for consideration and review.)

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  1. I was just as nervous the first time I tried them, so don’t worry about that! Now I only wish they were cheaper because I love them, they last forever and the designs are just awesome. I love that one – and thanks for the tutorial and pics!

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