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Since I started this blog, I have discovered so many fantastic indie polish makers. One brand I kept hearing about was Cult Nails – I just had not had a chance to try any of these polishes.

When I saw Crystal’s swatches of Cult Nails’ Let’s Get Nekkid collection on her blog, I decided I HAD to try them for myself! And lucky for me, Maria (the founder of Cult) decided to have an amazing sale recently where I snagged three Cult beauties: My Kind of Cool Aid, Swanbourne and Cruisin’ Nude:

First up, the iconic My Kind of Cool Aid – Cult’s very first release! This colour is described as a “gravender” – a beautiful lilac-grey with the slightest hint of shimmer. This polish was a dream to apply, looking quite thick as it went on though the polish was fluid and quick-drying. Two self-levelling coats later….

I love the shimmer you can see in the second pic!

What I found so interesting was how My Kind of Cool Aid appears so much more lilac/grape on me than grey! This is definitely a bit of a chameleon polish, changing appearances on every wearer and in different light.


Up next, Swanbourne. I have probably mentioned my love of vampy polishes – the darker and deeper, the better! I had to have this beauty.

Swanbourne was a rich, chocolate colour with tiny flecks of gold. Like Cool Aid, it felt thick as I applied it – like chocolate fondue – but dried quickly. The only challenge I had with this polish was that if you went over an area with not enough polish on your brush, it left a bit of a patch. A third coat would have provided more even, flawless coverage, but I stopped at two.

Unfortunately I only have indoor shots of Swanbourne which did not do it justice. You only see hints of the gold glimmer, whereas in sunlight the gold really sparkles and dances.


Last but not least, a subtle, dreamy nude that everyone should own: Cruisin’ Nude.

Talk about the perfect shade. Cruisin’ Nude has just enough colour, and the slightest hint of pink and pearly shimmer.

See the pink shimmer?

I fell in love with Cruisin’. The only issue I had with this polish was that it was a little finicky like Swanbourne: if you didn’t get it right on three or four strokes, you would risk leaving behind a patchy area (you can see a little of this on my pinky nail). I think a third coat would have evened this out quite nicely, so I will have to try that. Nevertheless, this is one of those polishes I will use to the last drop!


And finally, for a nice surprising finish, I decided to layer Essie’s LuxEffects top coat in Shine of the Times over my Cult Nails.

Shine of the Times over Cruisin’ Nude. A perfect match. Shine is a flaky polish that shifts to copper and green, and it looked fantastic over Cruisin’!

Here it is swatched over the other Cult beauties:

Do you own any Cult Nails? What is your favourite colour?


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