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Wow, we are already in week 2 of our joint Go Pink effort to in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers (who led this amazing effort!) and a whole slew of bloggers are sharing our pink manis every Wednesday throughout October!

Today I bring you some of my favourite pink manicures.

First up, one of my very favourite “near-nudes” that I have previously written about here, A England’s Iseult. This stunning, delicate pink polish is perfect for everything from a wedding mani to an office-appropriate mani.

Next I have another stunner, this time from piCture pOlish. I featured this polish as part of piCture pOlish’s Blogfest! Here is Tease! Is this silver microglitter not amazing?

And because this amazing polish sparkles so incredibly, here is a shot in the sun:

The next mani isn’t technically pink as its base colour, Essie’s Sure Shot, leans fuchsia with a shimmer, but together, Lynnderella’s Boy Girl Party and Sure Shot sure look pink together!! I just LOVE this combo!! (see all the pics here)

So what is your favourite pink polish of all time?


I started to look for a previous post I may have written on Lynnderella’s Boy Girl Party, and it turns out that I had not written one!! Considering that this is one of my few favourites from Lynnderella, I am baffled as to how this slipped through the cracks. Nevertheless, today I will make up for that!

Boy Girl Party is one of those polishes I had my eye on since it was released, though it took me some time to finally get my hands on it. I just love its crazy blue, turquoise, red, pink glitter mix! There are so many different kinds of glitter in here – it really is a party!

The first time I wore Boy Girl Party, I layered it over black because I knew the black would make the multi-colour glitter pop: I used A England’s Lancelot, my favourite “black” ever. (Even though Lancelot is actually a black-red, it often looks black unless layered over white or in direct sunlight. And the dreamy application of A England’s cremes make them my go-to polishes!)

Here it is with 2 coats of Lancelot:

I had been dying to try Boy Girl over a brighter base for some time, and I had my eye on Essie’s Sure Shot from the 2012 Resort Collection. Sure Shot is a blue-leaning magenta polish with a gorgeous shimmer.

This colour always reminds me of my mom’s polishes and lipsticks from the ’80s!! As far back as I can remember, cosmetic labels have released a shade like this every few years. In fact, when I first purchased this Essie set, I almost put Sure Shot aside for mom, untried!

My only regret is that I only used 1 coat of Sure Shot, thinking it would suffice as it applied quite evenly and provided good coverage. However, it streaked a little once I added BGP, especially where I had to manipulate the chunky glitter. I will have to redo this properly with 2 coats next time.

And here it is with BGP on it:

And one more:


I love the cool-tone of Sure Shot under Boy Girl Party, and this has officially beat my beloved Lancelot/Boy Girl Party combo!

I added two coats of top coat: one of A England’s The Shield, and one of China Glaze’s Fast Forward.

What do you think of the two combinations?



Hello! After a long absence due to my lack of camera charger (tres frustrating), I’m back with a review of Lynnderella’s Nosegay from her most recent collection, Lovely Is As Lovely Does.
Nosegay is a delicate lilac-coloured base polish with medium purple glitter in a variety of small shapes: square, hex, circular and some micro glitter.  All glitter is the same shade of purple and this really appealed to me, along with the fact that I’m apparently purple-obsessed.
As soon as Nosegay arrived in the mail from Llarowe, I knew I had the perfect base: Zoya’s Miley which is my current favourite polish.  Miley is a gorgeous pale purple-grey JELLY!!  Its application is a breeze for a newbie like me, and it dries to the most perfect sheer jelly finish.
As you can see in this side bottle shot of Nosegay, the bottle I got wasn’t mixed very well.  There was a lot of white at the base and the purple was sort of suspended at the top.  I did a lot of vigorous shaking to help blend the two colours, but even after all of that the two colours have yet to perfectly mix together.  I found with this Lynnderella that the glitter was very well distributed throughout the bottle, even though the colour distribution was poor. I didn’t have pooling of glitter at the bottom like I did with Gotta Love Brains (see review here).
Here I have on an OPI basecoat, 3 thin coats of Zoya Miley, one coat of Nosegay (with a bit of spot-glittering with the brush) and one coat of Essie Good to Go topcoat.  Even with all of these layers on, my overall manicure doesn’t feel thick like it does when I wear cream polishes, I think that’s one reason I love jelly polishes so much.  Miley does build to a nice opacity with 3 coats but it isn’t 100% opaque.
What do you think?  Are you a fan of the jelly and glitter look?  Have you worn Nosegay with another base?
~xo Mai~

One of the bloggers recently started a 31-Day Challenge on Facebook at Painting Outside the Lines, and I decided to give it a go.

I’ve seen this particular challenge on a few blogs lately, and though I really don’t know if I can keep up, I thought I’d try and participate anyway. 🙂

So far it’s been a lot of fun, and one of the challenge days really inspired me….

This was a rush job, but given my adoration of white nail polishes, I fell in LOVE with this!!! It’s just a white base with Lynnderella’s Connect the Dots, which is slowly becoming my go-to top coat. CtD looks phenomenal on ANYTHING!!!!

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do?


The other challenges included an orange day:

OPI A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find. I had no idea this was a jelly and I’ve had this for at least one or two summers!!! It is a perfect summer colour!

I then used this as a base for my next challenge which I haven’t posted yet, but here it is. Rainbow!

Let’s be honest. I could never wear this out in public but it was fun to be creative. lol.

Finally, here is another I tried just for fun: Polka Dots

Again… not sure I could wear some of these creative polishes to work but it was fun to challenge myself and create these.
Have you ever participated in these challenges? And how did you last all 30 or 31 days??


If you have read any of my posts, you’ll know just how much I adore A England polishes. They are incredibly shiny, extremely long-wearing, not to mention having the most gorgeous colour selection and pretty cool historic names.

During the recent sale in honour of Tristam’s 1st birthday, I picked up most of the colours I loved, including the beauty below. For those of you not yet familiar with the creator of this brand, read more about Adina Bodana here. Tristam is her adorable cat, and he has inspired two of her polishes so far: Tristam and Princess Sabra/Tristam Eyes.

Here is Galahad. A stunning dusty, slightly muted teal.

I had a tough time capturing the true colour of this polish with a camera. It kept leaning more blue than it really is.

And  since I also received a much-dreamt-about polish — Connect the Dots by Lynnderella– in my recent haul, I just had to top up Galahad:

One of the things that I tried but had a hard time capturing is the beautiful shimmer in CTD. While its base is pretty clear, it has tiny flecks of rainbow shimmer that sparkle when applied on the nail. Makes your polish look even shinier than it is!

Here’s another shot of this adorable mani:

For once, I think my mani is totally office-appropriate lol!

What do you think of Connect the Dots? Would you wear it over anything?


And as always, Lynnderella can be ordered via a special wish list system from Llarowe, while Galahad is available on Llarowe’s site or directly from A England.

I received some amazing nail mail yesterday!!!!

Both my order from A England and Llarowe‘s shipment arrived at the same time. What impeccable timing.

Chief among these beauties are two Lynnderellas I have been wanting to try for a while. It was so hard to decide which to wear first… Galahad with Connect the Dots?? or with Morgan La Fay? Or beautiful, regal Elaine?

I finally settled on gorgeous, subtle Iseult. Can I just say, what a classic shade of pink.

I am convinced this shade is for everyone. Looking for a summer colour to wear with a tan? Iseult!
How about a light and shimmery shade for the office? Iseult it is!

I honestly don’t know why I held off on purchasing this stunner for so long!

As much as I wanted to keep wearing Iseult, I had a ton of polish to try… so after a day, I added Lynnderella’s Matter of the Heart, another beauty I’ve been eyeing for some time.

I had some trouble with this one. Application was easy just to get the famous irridescent Lynnderella base colour on, but the glitter was mostly at the bottom of the bottle (even though I had the bottle upside down for some time before application). Even the tiny pieces would not stay on the brush. I also found the base to be super-runny and watery, and that’s perhaps why the glitter would not stay on the brush.

I had to literally stop wiping the brush and allow a lot of excess polish to get on my nail in order to get any of the glitter you see here…

You know what, after all that, I still love this colour.  It’s such a sweet and pretty mix… so feminine and cute.

My only concern is that out of all my glitter manis, this is probably the least office-appropriate!

How do you guys like Matter of the Heart? Or gorgeous Iseult? 🙂

…what do you do??? You keep painting your nails with the same polish!!!

I wanted to use a creme. I wanted to do something light…something sheer…

But I had Lynnderella’s Gotta Love Brains on my counter, staring at me. I took another polish, tried it on my thumb. GLB was still looking at me.

Tried another.

GLB. Still enticing me.

Ok fine.

You win, GLB!!!

Here we go. Gotta Love Brains with no base colour. Still stunning. A little more subtle. Ever so st

unning. One of my fave Lynnderellas ever. And one of the shiniest frankens I have seen!


Do you have a polish or a makeup item you keep running back to?

You may remember the guest blog from Mai raving about Lynnderella’s Gotta Love Brains, but now I finally have my very own bottle! 🙂

I was a bit hesitant after my very first Lynnderella experience (with Mercurial) didn’t quite live up to what I’d seen elsewhere and expected… but I was still dying to try GLB.

And one lucky day a few days ago… appeared a bag of nail mail!!

I immediately removed my polish as I just could NOT wait. I decided to layer GLB over a coat of China Glaze’s Pelican Grey, a gorgeous light grey with a subtle shimmer (a colour that can certainly stand on its own as well!). Not sure what it is about grey polishes, but I cannot seem to get enough of them! I topped that off with two very thin coats of GLB… and voila!

What do you think?

{Don’t mind my slightly dry hands here ;)}

I tried to keep the subtlety of this particular glitter by not layering it on too thick–GLB has a stunning fine sparkle/shimmer to it like most other Lynnderella polishes, and the scattered glitter really is part of its charm.

Here’s another shot:

What impressed me the most about this gorgeous colour (aside from the beautiful grey-ness!!) was how easily it applied and how shiny it has stayed! I used a coat of Gelous before applying a top coat, and it has been shiny for 3 days so far.

This is definitely one of my faves, and has confirmed my love of the beauty that is Lynnderella!!

A big thank you to Llarowe for continuing to cater to the demand of this successful line!

After my first experience trying glittery Lynnderella Mercurial (read about it here), I was a little… well, unhappy.

It was nowhere near as shiny or as grey as I had seen in other pictures. The glitter pieces did not show their true colours, mainly because of the many, many coats I had used. You may recall I did not use a base colour, so had to reapply coats in order to get full coverage.

Yesterday I was still wearing my beautiful A-England Guinevere when I decided to give Mercurial another shot. Guinevere is a pale mauve–not exactly the colour you may think of using as a base with Mercurial. But I decided to try it.

I used only one thicker coat of Mercurial as I did not want its charcoal base “staining” the glitter. I also used a coat of Gelous, followed by OPI’s top coat.

Here is the new pic vs the old one below.

What do you think? Is Mercurial better on its own or with a base colour?

Hello!  This is my first of hopefully many guest posts here on The Obsessed.  I’m a relative newbie to the nail polish world, but my recent obsession has become just that, an OBSESSION.  I’ve scoured websites and blogs, carefully plotting my next purchase based on many reviews and swatches like this one, and I’m excited to finally be doing my own.

I saw my first Lynnderella swatch on Pinterest, and when I followed the link and did a little further digging I was blown away with what the cult polish genius has created.  These weren’t the typical opaque cream polishes I was used to from the drug store, each polish is seemingly more creative and unique than the last.  Hooked, I finally (after a bit of website stalking) was able to nab my first Lynnderella through her stockist Llarowe, and I haven’t looked back since.

Gotta Love Brains is my kind of polish.  A light, dove grey sheer base with a delightful mix of blue, pink and silver square, small and large silver hex, and tiny blue and green glitters.  My favourite of the bunch is the elusive silver bar glitter, which in the sun has a nice holo to it!
I initially layered Gotta Love Brains over Essie Cocktail Bling, but I found the base colour too blue. Then I tried China Glaze Pelican Grey which was a softer, warmer grey but I had a bad bottle and the lumpy formula ruined my layering of Brains over it.  I eventually settled on a layer of OPI basecoat, 3 layers of Gotta Love Brains and finished with an OPI topcoat.  Finally, I had the mix I was lusting after. It wasn’t too thick with the extra two coats of a base polish, and I could really see the unexpected purple shimmer.

Final thoughts: I much preferred this polish as a three-coater than layered over a base polish.  It felt much lighter on my nails, as I have quite thick fingernails that I like to keep short otherwise they start to feel like dragon claws.  The purple shimmer is more noticeable in the bottle or in direct sunlight, and the one large hex glitter that I managed to get out of the bottle was quite curled and required a bit of wrangling.  As you can see, the actual glitter-polish ratio isn’t very high but I think this is due to my inexperience with applying polish with any sort of glitter.  I’m sure I can remedy this the next time.

I LOVE this polish, and can’t wait for my other Lynn’s to arrive from Llarowe so I can swatch them too.

What do you think?  Do you have any of the coveted Lynnderella’s?

~xo~ Mai

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