Is it Really De Better?

When OPI announced their Holiday 2011 Muppets collection, I was unfazed. I assumed that the colours would be tacky and aimed at tweens (I’m not sure why I thought this, knowing how old the Muppets really are…).

Well imagine my surprise when I saw the collection and fell in love with most of it!!

The glitters are cute, though some have been seen before… My favourite colour by far was Designer, de Better!

Designer has a great consistency and goes on nicely. It does have the potential for some streaking (as many metallics like it do). I also needed at least two coats, sometimes three for complete opacity. Designer has a warm champagne-silvery base with flecks of gorgeous copper and red. STUNNING!

The flecks and true colour were hard to capture in photographs, but I hope OPI decides to keep this one for a while.

Click on the pic to see the beautiful flecks!

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  1. I really wasn’t sure about this colour when it was in the bottle, and I was so surprized how much I liked it on. The tiny flecks of rouge were a good balance to the silver. Nice nails, btw!

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