Try as I might otherwise, I always come back to the precious metals.

One of my fave looks is wearing dark and rich polishes… but it’s also nice to “spice” them up once in a while! I decided to start with one of my very favourite winter colours, OPI’s  Black Cherry Chutney. This colour is the ultimate in vampy: it is deep and dark with a rich cherry, metallic undertone. This colour is simply magic in any light! (It’s an oldie but I always go back to it.)

To glam this (already gorgeous) colour up, I added gold tips–lightly brushing a beautiful gold polish over the tips only. I added a touch of gold glitter courtesy of Sephora by OPI Only Gold For Me to light it up some more.

I LOVE this combination!!!

(My pic does not do it justice. I could not photograph this well!)

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