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In honour of our Go Pink Wednesday effort, I am thrilled to share a guest post by my good friend / sometime-guest-blogger Mai! ❤

It’s Week 3 (already!) of the Go Pink Breast Cancer awareness month, in support of breast cancer awareness which is a cause near and dear to my heart.

This week’s pink is Zoya Maya, which I initially picked up as it’s the closest Zoya to my name, Mai.  I was super thrilled when Maya arrived, the pinky colour was unlike anything in my collection, and it’s even better on the nail.

Maya is a beautiful soft watermelon pink that is just a treat on my nails.  While not a true jelly, this polish really has a great squishiness that makes me think this is some sort of a cream-jelly hybrid, a crelly I think they’re called?  This pink is perfect for those hot summer days with the sun on your shoulders, or as I’ve found, a perfect compliment to the gorgeous fuzzy-grey-sweater cooler fall weather we’ve been having.  I’m really impressed with Zoya’s formula as it was a breeze to apply, and is shown with just two coats and Essie Good to Go as the incredible shiny topcoat.  There is something I really like about Zoya’s brushes, too, they seem easier for my style of application.  I have to say, I also really like the shape of the Zoya bottles.  Simple, elegant, and unique.  The above photo was taken on a bright cloudy day and I found it best captured the actual polish colour on my nails.

This is a post that makes me think about my loved ones, here and gone.  Both the Canadian Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society have a wealth of information that can help save lives. Please visit their great websites.

Breast cancer is a horrible, horrible disease that is best treated with early detection.  Know yourself, know your body, and give your mom, aunt, sister, and girlfriends an extra tight hug the next time you see them.


Wow, we are already in week 2 of our joint Go Pink effort to in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers (who led this amazing effort!) and a whole slew of bloggers are sharing our pink manis every Wednesday throughout October!

Today I bring you some of my favourite pink manicures.

First up, one of my very favourite “near-nudes” that I have previously written about here, A England’s Iseult. This stunning, delicate pink polish is perfect for everything from a wedding mani to an office-appropriate mani.

Next I have another stunner, this time from piCture pOlish. I featured this polish as part of piCture pOlish’s Blogfest! Here is Tease! Is this silver microglitter not amazing?

And because this amazing polish sparkles so incredibly, here is a shot in the sun:

The next mani isn’t technically pink as its base colour, Essie’s Sure Shot, leans fuchsia with a shimmer, but together, Lynnderella’s Boy Girl Party and Sure Shot sure look pink together!! I just LOVE this combo!! (see all the pics here)

So what is your favourite pink polish of all time?


You may recall my recent post about broken nail mail – poor Grapetini arrived in pieces, wrapped in purple-coloured bubble wrap. : (

In one of the best customer service experiences I have had so far with frankeners (and there are tons of amazing, incredible indie polish makers out there!) – Rebecca, the creator of Aphrodite Lacquers’ Grapetini, shipped out a replacement the very next day, even though the broken bottle had clearly been wrapped well and the accident was just that, an accident.

So today I have for you—at long last, Grapetini!!

Aphrodite Lacquers Grapetini, from The SandBar collection, is another gorgeous jelly-sandwich-in-a-bottle: a purple jelly with lavender and purple glitter in a base of tiny silver sparkles. It is the perfect purple, rich and royal, and can be built up by adding more layers.

I used Grapetini on its own, though you can definitely layer this beauty!

Here it is, 2 coats of Grapetini over a clear base coat, topped with China Glaze Fast Forward quick-drying top coat. (I skipped the Gelous coat this time and it still ended up perfectly smooth.)

In reality it looks a lot more like the pinky and ring fingers rather than the top two fingers, which look quite sheer in this light.


And here it is at 3 coats:

Here’s a closeup shot so you can see the gorgeous jelly sandwich effect:

Is it not a beauty??

My second polish of the day is Aphrodite Lacquers’ Ambrosia, another SandBar collection polish, a bright, bubblegum pink jelly with purple and light pink glitter, in the same base of tiny silver sparkles that makes these jellies so sparkly.

This polish ended up veering closer to a hot light pink rather than the pink grapefruit colour I imagined. If you are a neon or hot pink fan, this polish is for you!

I also wore Ambrosia on its own, though topped it with a coat of Gelous (out of sheer habit) before adding my top coat. What I love about these glitter polishes is that they are always so smooth after top coat! Some of my other glitter-heavy frankens just don’t seem to smooth out and occasionally end up pulling on a delicate outfit.

Indoors – artificial light

Natural light – with sun

And to show you the jelly sandwich sandwich effect again, here is a macro shot:

Follow Aphrodite Lacquers on Facebook here and find these beauties, along with her new collection, Outta This World, on her Etsy shop!

Psst, she has another new collection coming out as well! Details are on the Aphrodite Facebook page. 🙂

Hope you are having a fantastic long weekend if you are in the US!


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