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I couldn’t help myself… I had some unposted swatches of some gorgeous polishes and figured I’d share them in a spam post. 🙂

First up, a-England’s Elaine. Stunning, regal, elegant. A perfect purple creme, with an incredible high shine – like the rest of this collection. I adore a-England.


Elaine became the base for this stunning glitter, from Aphrodite Lacquers’ Friday Night Glitter Bombs Collection (previously reviewed here, here ,here, and here), Velvet Rope.




Isn’t this beautiful? Here is one more photo as the sun was setting:



One of the most gorgeous OPIs (in my humble opinion) from the Muppets collection was Wocka Wocka, a rich, deep, cool-hued red with a multi-chromatic shimmer. I wish I wore this colour more often because I adore it.




Wocka Wocka became the base for another Aphrodite Lacquers Glitter Bomb:  Catfight, just reviewed yesterday in a jelly sandwich. 🙂




Finally, one of my summery go-to colours from OPI, Miami Beet, a beautiful deep berry creme, became the base for Aphrodite’s Pre-Party, a sheer pink polish base with color changing shimmer that goes from pink to coppery gold, and multiple different pink, black, and white glitters.




Here is one of it in the shade… I love the shimmer reflecting off this.




Most of these OPI colours are still available at fine salons, and Aphrodite Lacquers can be found on Aphrodite’s Etsy shop.  And don’t forget to follow Aphrodite Lacquers on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news!


I have a slew of beautiful Aphrodite Lacquers polishes that I have been wanting to share, so I have broken it up into two spam posts… the first of which I bring you today!

For Fall 2012, Rebecca decided to take Aphrodite Lacquers in a different direction by releasing a gorgeous collection of whites and pastels, her favourite colours (some of mine too!) to contrast the deeps and darks generally preferred this time of year. This collection is called Printemps a Paris, and it is feminine, pretty, gorgeous. ❤  (See my previous posts here and here as well as a reblog of one of the gorgeous colours here.)

Here are a few of these stunning fall polishes for you to drool over 🙂

First up, Fluerier, previously posted for my first Go Pink Wednesday:

Aphrodite Lacquers describes this polish as a pastel pink base with pink hidden shimmer and  pink, lavender and fuchsia glitters. Gorgeous!

Up next, La Pluie…. a rainy, soft polish with a pastel blue base, blue hidden shimmer, and blue, silver, gunmetal glitters. Aptly named Rain in French:

Here I have on 2 coats on my index and middle fingers, and 2 coats over my new favourite white jelly, OPI’s Funny Bunny on the other two. See how buildable and gorgeous it is?

And then, Nuages, a gorgeous soft white jelly milky base with sky blue hidden shimmer, and aqua, silver and gunmetal glitters. Clouds, indeed:

Here, too, I layered 2 coats over OPI’s Funny Bunny on my first two fingers, with 2 coats of Nuages over a base coat on my ring and pinky. I love it both ways… and a third coat would have achieved the same look minus the undies.

Last but not least for today’s post, Terre (Earth), a soft pastel green base with green hidden shimmer, and yellow, moss green and emerald glitter. I didn’t think I would like Terre at first, but then you see it on, and wow. That shimmer… that softness… so squishy!

Check out the macro of it showing that gorgeous shimmer! (Feel free to click on the photo for a larger view.)

This collection, along with the rest of the Printemps a Paris collection, is still available on Aphrodite’s Etsy shop! And don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Aphrodite news!

Which one is your favourite so far?


This is probably the fastest I have rushed to post an entry to my blog after receiving nail mail!

So this is how the evening started. I got home to hubby’s announcement of “nail mail!” (Even he has the lingo down.) Followed by, “…but I think one of them is broken…”

Umm… thank you, USPS / Canada Post?

This was Grapetini – one of the most candy-like, prettiest indie polishes I have seen, courtesy of Aphrodite Lacquers. Rest in peace, Grapetini : (

I was heartbroken. I had been waiting for these gorgeous jelly glitters since discovering Aphrodite two weeks earlier…

Thankfully there were two survivors!

Both of these polishes are just gorgeous, and I had a tough time deciding which one to go with. I finally decided Rum Runner was the way to go. (It was either rum or Rum Runner after the loss of Grapetini… )

Rum Runner is. simply. stunning.

It is the perfect berry jelly, with just enough glitter to look like a jelly sandwich. It has pink and holo glitter pieces with tiny silver specks blended in, and the polish has a lady-like, pretty quality to it. Not too much glitter for those who aren’t glitter fans.

I used a base coat and 3 coats of Rum Runner in these pics, with a coat of Gelous and top coat.

Is this not beautiful??

It looks like a juicy berry squished into a nail polish bottle with some stars grabbed from the skies and tossed in for effect. Just darling.

And to top the beauty of these polishes, Rebecca, Aphrodite Lacquers’ creator, is such a sweetheart, patiently answering all your questions and shipping super-quickly.  If you haven’t discovered her collection, join her Facebook page here or run to her Etsy store and admire those gorgeous pictures! I promise, you will not be disappointed!

I think my next order will be the rest of the collection. (Oh and a Grapetini replacement!!)

Next up, I will try Aphrodite’s Ambrosia and share pics with you guys! ~xo~


And here’s a quick update with a daytime shot of this beauty:

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