Cyber Weekend Crafter Must-Haves

I know you are probably stuffed from Thanksgiving Dinners (if you’re American)… or wishing it was Thanksgiving again (if you’re Canadian like me 😆)! I hope all our American friends are having a fabulous Thanksgiving/long weekend so far!

Being the weekend of sales that it is, I wanted to share some of my knitting and crocheting must-haves from KnitPicks in case you are still shopping! I rounded up a few of my favourites from KnitPicks and We Crochet… It’s a good time to grab a couple of deals and holiday presents so let’s get to it!

First up in my crafting toolkit are circular interchangeables for the knitters. And a set of crochet hooks, too. I go back and forth between wooden and metal circulars, and lately I have been loving the Sunstruck Options Interchangeable Needles. They are so easy to change and lovely to knit with, at a very reasonable price point. As for crochet hooks, the WeCrochet Bright Crochet Hook Set is affordable and gives a wonderful range of hook sizes!!

A really nice item to own is a yarn bowl, especially when working with yarn cakes or yarn balls that like to roll away. 😆 I absolutely love my mango wood bowl… do you own a yarn bowl and how do you like using it?

An item I never appreciated until I finally owned one is my yarn swift and winder. When I would buy yarns that came in hanks, I would patiently ball them by hand. Which totally still works sometimes. But I’ve always loved the look of yarn cakes…. Like when I pick my yarn up at my LYS, and they wind them beautifully! And it takes just a couple of minutes to wind yarn once you get the hang of it!

Check out this video of my KnitPicks Onyx Winding Station!

In cases you were wondering, the yarn above is for a new pattern I am working on!! It’s the Wool of Andes Superwash Bulky in Fjord Heather and it’s working up so nicely.

And of course, you need yarn! My only advice is to buy the yarn that makes YOUR heart happy! ❤️ I often buy yarn in colours I love, in textures and material that I know I love to wear, but I also let my mood dictate. Sometimes I am looking for a beautiful neutral… another time I may love a hot pink or red (like my gorgeous Huggable and Huggable 2 cowls from last winter!). You do you!!

Check out We Crochet and KnitPicks for their Cyber Weekend sale (use code CYBER21) right now and let me know what you end up getting!

And don’t forget, I have my very own sale going all weekend long on both my Ravelry and Etsy shops!! You can save 33% off any of my patterns, until 11:59 pm Monday, Nov 29, 2021!

Thank you for supporting this small business on Small Business Saturday!

~xoxo, Aire

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