Knit Picks High Desert Yarn Review

Back in the spring I shared a brand-new yarn that KnitPicks launched: High Desert Yarn, a 100% American grown and spun wool. Made from Merino and Merino/Rambouillet wool from Shaniko Wool Company, High Desert is processed in South Carolina, dyed and milled in North Carolina, and comes in an earthy jewel-toned spectrum of 12 beautiful colours inspired by the landscape and skyline of Oregon’s high desert. This is a smooth, rounded yarn with a soft hand. It is super soft, and is available in both sport and worsted weights. And for someone like me who is sensitive to most wools, I’m usually hesitant to knit up wool yarns… but High Desert is not at all itchy.  And the best part? They’ve launched some new colours in new 50g hanks! Can’t wait to grab these new shades!

Funny enough, when I first wrote about the launch of High Desert yarn, I said I wanted to make a striped sweater with it. And then I set out to knit some gauge switches and dreamed up a pattern… and like any good crafter/yarn addict/new WIP-lover, became distracted by Two of Wands’ Alexi’s launch of her Le Bateau sweater. I literally had this same sweater in my mind’s eye, with a different neckline, when I set out to design my striped sweater. And so… I purchased her pattern and got to work!

I’m often knitting using my Chiaogoo Lace needles, but I also love wooden needles and have become obsessed with KnitPicks Sunstruck Options Interchangeables. They are so perfectly warm, so soft to touch, not to mention photogenic (see above photo)! Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but I’ve really been enjoying holding these beautiful blond birch needles. And the nice thing with wooden needles is less slipped/dropped stitches!

How beautiful is High Desert Yarn?

My Le Bateau striped sweater is working up beautifully! I am obsessed with knitting with this yarn… the softness and squishiness… it has a subtle twist which just adds to the beauty!

Look at the striping! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Not only am I working up this beautiful striped sweater, I realized the other day that my sweet boy did not have a matching pair of mittens to wear… I looked at my yarn, and it dawned on me that I’ve never knitted him a pair of mittens! Instead of crafting my own pattern, I decided to use this simple and elegant kids’ mitten pattern from Spruce Crafts. I highly recommend both the pattern and using High Desert Worsted Yarn for it! You don’t have to make it striped… and it doesn’t use a lot of yarn! They are so warm and cozy, and my son approves!

What do you think of them? I used High Desert Worsted in Lava Fields, Forge, and Cottonwood! Aren’t they adorable together?

If you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend knitting or crocheting with High Desert yarn. You will not be disappointed! Stay tuned to my Instagram feed for my finished Le Bateau sweater (and grab the free pattern from Two of Wands here if you like), as well as for my upcoming patterns using High Desert!

~xoxo, Aire

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