Rouge Dior Relaunched Shades

In October of last year, Dior relaunched the iconic Rouge Dior in four stunning star shades: Grége 1947, Trafalgar, Darling and the infamous 999. These star shades head each of the collection’s four colour ranges.

Below, L to R: Rouge Dior in 999, Darling, Trafalgar, and Grége 1947



999 is a tribute to Christian Dior’s first lipstick, 9, which would resurface later as 99, and then again, exactly 10 years ago, as 999. “I adore red, it is the colour of life,” Christian Dior would say of his lucky charm colour, of which he advised all women to wear a touch, to light up their complexion and their style.
A highly wearable red leaning more warm than cool, 999 is gorgeous. Bright without overpowering, red, sexy, alluring, this creme applies like butter thanks to its nourishing formula. Best of all, applly 999 with its matching Dior Contour Lipliner Pencil in 999 for all-day wear. Below, worn without lipliner:


Grége 1947

Grége 1947 is a subtle, definitively Dior blend of grey and beige that has always been inseparable from the history of the house, from the Bar suits of the very first collection, to the nude looks of the latest catwalk shows.
Rumour has it this is Natalie Portman’s favourite Rouge Dior shade, and Grége 1947 has also become mine. I’m a lipstick-girl, and this has become my go-to shade for everyday (as evidenced by the dwindling lipstick tube). Gorgeous, nude with a touch of pinky-beige, this no-fuss colour pretty much applies itself.



Darling, a sparkling, vivid pink, is reminiscent of Dior’s “Chéries,” his colourful, inspired and inspirational muses.
I feel like I am gushing over every shade in this blog post, but I can’t help it. Darling is darling! A fuchsia-pink, Darling is a bright gorgeous pop of colour, and makes for a wonderful substitute for a red lip. Daring and bold, wear Darling and transform into one of Dior’s Chéries!



And finally, Trafalgar is a coral that takes its name from the flamboyant dresses that the couturier would send out as a flash of colour to act like a gunshot, shaking up the rhythm of a show containing more than 140 designs.
Trafalgar is vibrant orange-red, much more vibrant than 999 was on me. This bold hue is intense but again, very wearable due to its creme finish.


The Dior website description explains why these shades are so moisturizing:

Rouge Dior is a wardrobe of 32 sublime shades directly inspired by the deep, luxurious colors of Dior Haute Couture gowns to reveal all the beauty of triumphant and radiant femininity! Instantly and day after day, this exceptional lipstick offers the lips the extreme splendor of full, smooth and perfectly defined youthfulness.
The secret? A new generation of plumping hyaluronic acid microspheres. Generously coated with pigments on the lip surface, they help boost the radiance and depth of color.
In a midnight blue Haute Couture case, with the canework motif dear to the brand, unveils the “Haute Couleur” stick, made even more extraordinary due to its unique shine and its engraved CD signature.

What I love is that the bright shades are buildable: for less intensity, apply a light swipe of lipstick, and for the bright look featured here, apply generously. I so wanted to choose a favourite for you but I simply couldn’t. The shades are each gorgeous for a different look, and I am enjoying every one for a different mood!

Rouge Dior is available now at Dior counters nationwide. For more information, head to or check or for online shopping.

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