Dior Trianon Spring Abstract Nail Art

Happy Friday!

I have had a few lovely days of vacation, just hanging out at home (I LOVE to cuddle up, be warm at home when it’s cold out), and really wanted to do something fun on my nails before heading back to work… My nail art started off with some stamping, and that did not go so well, so I changed gears and decided to try something new on my nails. I think I needed a palette cleanser because I’ve been craving a nice, white polish base, so I started with two coats of Butter LONDON’s gorgeous crisp white Cotton Buds.

ButterLondon_CottonBuds base

One of my favourite types of art is abstract – the more colourful the lines, the better. I’ve also had my eye on the recent watercolour nail art trend, so beautiful and bright… What finally pushed me to give abstract nail art a try was The Nail Polish Challenge’s gorgeous “inspired by art work” manicure that I spotted on Instagram. My hope was that it would turn out even almost as nice as hers!

I knew the perfect polishes to try this with would be Dior’s new Trianon Spring 2014 colours.


Once my white base was completely dry, I started brushing on little wisps of colour with a nearly-dry brush (I wiped the brush on the bottle neck until there was almost no polish left), starting with Porcelaine, the pale blue. In order, I then added strokes of Bouquet, Bloom, and finished up with a few dabs of the iridescent Perlé (note that Perlé actually provides a matte finish but I applied top coat which made it shinier). Et voila!

Dior_Vernis S14 Trianon Abstract Nailart3

You can see the little iridescent areas in the macro shot (click to see full size image):

Dior_Vernis S14 Trianon Abstract Nailart

So simple, but I was blown away. Dior’s Trianon colours are perfect over this white ‘canvas’ and I could not be more happy with my first go at this!

Dior_Vernis S14 Trianon Abstract Nailart2

I am almost inspired to paint this on a real canvas!

These gorgeous Dior Vernis shades will be released shortly, on January 15th! For more information (no shipping available to Canada), head to Dior.com or shop online at thebay.com!

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    1. I became addicted when I wore one of the Bond Girls shades. Now I think it looks good no matter what time of year it happens to be.

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