Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil

On a recent trip to Dior (more on that here), I headed to the Dior counter looking to stock up on my Diorshow Mascara…  instead I was led to this miraculous, non-greasy oil. Launched this past summer (2013), this product somehow evaded me until my fortunate trip to the Holt Renfrew Dior counter last week, where somehow, in conversation, the DBA (designated beauty advisor) asked me if I had tried Dior’s Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil… then proceeded to apply some over the lipstick swatch smeared on my hand. With a little rub, the colour almost melted off my skin, and with a damp wipe, left my hand glowing, nourished.. and not oily!

Rated as one of InStyle’s Best Summer Skincare Products for 2013, Dior’s Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil truly is remarkable. Suitable for all skin types, this oil dissolves makeup when massaged onto skin, leaving no greasy residue yet preserving the natural hydration of skin. Formulated with Pure Lily Extract, also present in Dior’s Instant Cleansing Water, it helps to inhibit skin inflammation. Possessing a slight, soft and very pretty scent, it is not strong enough to be offensive to those not fond of scented products.

I am so obsessed with this product that I can’t imagine living without it anymore. I literally pump twice into my hand each night, emulsify and warm up the clear oil by rubbing hands together, and rub on my dry face including the eye area (can be used on dry or damp skin). Eye liner, mascara, foundation – it all starts to melt off! You can add some water and continue massaging to remove the makeup, or use a soft cloth while rinsing to wipe the face clean, which is what I like to do. I usually follow up with my regular foaming cleanser. What’s incredible is the fact that it actually rinses clean and leaves no residue or film behind, truly cleaning your face of all its makeup.


Have you tried Dior’s Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil, or another cleansing oil?

This product is now available at Dior counters nationwide, as well as at Sephora.com and online at thebay.com! For more information (but no shipping available to Canada), head to Dior.com. (And if you head to Holt Renfrew’s Dior counter on Bloor Street in Toronto, be sure to see Ronnie Yung, the DBA who made me an addict!)


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