Colors by Llarowe – In the Navy

Happy Fourth of July to our American Friends!

Much like Black Gold, Texas Tea, In the Navy is a gorgeous linear holo from Colors by Llarowe’s brand-new polish collection. A deep navy the colour of the deepest sea, In the Navy is a vampy shade after my own heart… the holo in it is so strong that even in shade, you see tiny glimmers of rainbow dancing on your nails.

Application was a dream: a fluid, full-coverage polish, In the Navy has an ultra-shiny base, levelling easily, and drying quickly. Here are two coats of In the Navy over base coat with FNUG’s new IGEL Manicure Top Coat:


And here is a photo slightly blurred to show you the gorgeous linear holo:


Check out this gorgeous macro shot:


FNUG’s IGEL top coat really delivered. It is incredibly long-lasting, and truly adds an extra level of shine. I managed to wear it for a full 5 days before my polish ADD kicking in and “forcing” me to change my nail colour, but even after 5 days, there were barely any chips. I was tough on my nails, washed dishes without gloves (which I usually try not to do) and other irresponsible nail things in order to test-drive this baby. And best part? It’s a quick-dry top coat!! (I think they need to add the label “quick-dry” to the bottle because I had no idea it was fast-drying.)

See the other Colors by Llarowe here and here! Just like my previous experience with this new brand, I was impressed! The holo was incredible and application was a breeze. All of Colors by Llarowe polishes are 3-free and cruelty free, and come in a 15 ml square bottles. The future bottles after the initial launch will have those amazing soft-touch caps that we’ve come to love!

In the Navy is available from Llarowe (along with the FNUG IGEL Top Coat)! Don’t forget to follow Llarowe on Facebook, Pinterest and on Instagram!

(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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  1. me too, I missed the pre-order. I’m liking most of her line these days. Is the holo only pronounced under direct light, like some brands?

    1. Sunnydee, in the shade it looks like it does in the first pic above and in the macro. It’s really holographic in sunlight but has that depth in shade/indoors!

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