Sonnetarium Snowfall

One of the polishes that I tried talking myself out of for weeks was Sonnetarium’s Snowfall. I kept thinking, I don’t need another glitter topper… just walk away.

Then I saw this glorious photo from Chelsea of The Nail Network, and all my thoughts changed to “!!!!!!!!!!!!” That gorgeous nude base!!! (Which reminds me. Why don’t I have Zoya Kennedy yet?)
It really looked like snowfall. I HAD to have it!

But as with all indie polishes you have to “have now,” Snowfall had a long list of fans. And like the much-sought-after Birkin, it was darn near impossible to get!! It seemed like forever, but after some waiting, it arrived!

Snowfall is a clear polish with tiny irridescent and multi-size white hex glitters. The irridescent pieces flash orange, pink, blue in different light. My favourite look with Snowfall is inspired by The Nail Network and is over a white, light or nude colour.

I used a base of an old(er) favourite of mine, OPI’s Canberra’t Without You, a gorgeous nude sheer polish. This poor polish has not received favourable reviews, and I can kind of understand why…. in the bottle, it’s a delicate, gorgeous nude with tiny specks of silver glinting throughout. When you apply the polish, most of those specks don’t make it to the nail. However, I still love this polish and use it often. I’ve just learned to apply it generously to diminish streaking…

Here is OPI’s Canberra’t Without You with two generous coats:


It’s pretty, isn’t it?

And here it is, topped with Snowfall:


Snowfall is still available from Sonnetarium’s online shop, and are 3-free. Sonnetarium offers both 9mL and 15ml sizes, and just restocked the shop!! Don’t forget to follow Sonnetarium on Facebook for the latest news!

So…what do you think?




  1. I think Snowfall is gorgeous! I don’t have anything like it – only down side I can see to it is unless it works in a jelly sand – it’s going to be kind of limited to winter time and a little holiday…but then don’t we all have a ton of neons that only work in summertime? I sure do esp after all that came out again last summer and I did not say no – I got 10 more of ’em! So do try snow fall with a coat of this lovely sheer Canberra’t Without You over it unless you got SSnowfall too thick…it might need to be lighter to do a good jelly sand. Oh and I saw I think it was Sonnetarium’s new polish she made with Picture Polish today – it’s called Avalanche – and The PolishAholic also has one in the new PP collection coming out maybe it’s out by now – was not earlier today…the one by PA is gorg too – it’s called something – darn it – cannot think – it’s green – that’s the only down side – I am really into lighter shades now all of a sudden…usually wear lighter shades right after holiday and this yr did not – I went for some of my fall shades since it was constant summer where I live until Dec ish time.. I only have 1 PP and am trying not to by new ones of anything until I know what $$$ I have to pay from upcoming surg and another round of chemo…I have a ton of polish despite not a lot of complex ones like are coming out now. I say bravo for getting Snowfall!

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