Aphrodite Lacquers Spam Part 2

Continuing on from my Aphrodite Lacquers Spam post yesterday, here are the rest of the Printemps a Paris beauties!

Yesterday I showed you how stunning and pretty Fluerir, La Pluie, Nuages and Terre are… Let’s start today’s post with what I consider to be the centrepiece of the Printemps a Paris collection: Fete Champetre. Referring to Garden Party, Fete Champetre is truly a party in a bottle. A whitish lavender base with pinkish purple hidden shimmer, it is filled with multi-colour glitter used in the rest of this collection. Look at this fun and gorgeous bottle macro:

Here it is swatched:

That’s two coats on the index and middle fingers, and 3 coats on the other two. I previously reblogged Crystal’s Crazy Combos’ blog of this here – she won this stunning polish in my last giveaway! 🙂

Next up, beautiful Soleil, a milky white-pinkish base with the signature pink hidden shimmer of this collection, and dark pink, fuchsia, and red glitters. Below you see its shine and shimmer, even in the shade!

I have on two coats on the index and middle fingers again, with 3 coats on the ring and pinky.

Here is Soleil or Sun in beautiful sunlight:

It is such a girly and pretty polish!

Last but not least, Papillon, or Butterfly, a milky pale lavender base in a more purple hidden shimmer, with lavender and purple glitters.

I layered 3 coats on my pinky and ring fingers, while using 2 coats on the rest to show you how buildable these polishes are. Papillon looks a little whiter in the sunlight picture than in real life… it is a stunning, delicate beauty.

Overall, I adored this collection. As with all of Rebecca’s other amazing creations, this collection was cohesive, sharing a similarity across all seven polishes, yet allowing each colour to be a one-of-a-kind polish. And the best part? This was a fall collection released at the beginning of October! How different and fun to release such a pretty and pastel collection at a time when dark and moody polishes rule. Love!

This collection, along with the rest of the Printemps a Paris collection, is still available on Aphrodite’s Etsy shop! And don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Twitter for the latest Aphrodite news!

Which of the seven polishes did you like the best?


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