Sally Coupon!

Here is the November Sally coupon!!

Happy Birthday!!! (Or Happy Shopping!) 🙂


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  1. Thanks so much. I never got my b’day coupon through email or snail from Sally’s last mo and did not see one on blog to pirnt off – I contacted Sally’s they looked up and saw mine was never sent – said they would get auth to send me one…then when I got it, it was not the normal birthday one and it expired 10-20 I only had it for 5 days before it expired. I did not realize it was expired – went into the store and found out then! Ugh…so for anyone who does not get theirs in the mail (as we all want to share right?) – be sure to check with Sally’s cust serv. and then be sure when they do send you one it’s really for the entire month and is the birthday one. They have various coupons they can send out and clear to me now they don’t get it right always…really odd that I never got one for my birthday and even more odd they could tell they never sent it to me!

    1. Aw so sorry to hear that you missed out on your bday coupon! I didn’t get anything either and I distinctly remember filling out the form and giving them my email addy 🙁
      That’s ok… we’ll go use this fantastic coupon!! Happy shopping and happy belated birthday!

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