a-England Beauties!

In honour of the big reveal of a-England’s third and stunning collection by the super-talented Ommorphia Beauty Bar, I felt it was only appropriate to share more love for one of my most favourite brands. a-England has exceedingly surpassed every expectation I have ever had, both in quality, colour and creativity.

Today I bring you Iseult, a beautiful, light and shimmery shade of delicate pink with a pearly finish. I wore this gem before as a base colour (read about it here) and today I will combine it for you once again!

Here are 2 coats of Iseult in daylight:

I wore two coats of Iseult over a base coat of a-England’s The Knight, followed by a topcoat of The Shield.

Here is an indoor picture so you can see the beautiful, subtle shimmer of Iseult. Click on the pic for a full size pic:

I have owned another a-England stunner for some time without writing about it… Here is my gorgeous Iseult mani topped with a coat of Morgan Le Fay, a magical “luminescent white silver” according to a-England’s website. Beauty in a bottle!

And another indoor pic that I love because of the slight blur on the right side of the picture. Blur always demonstrates the pearly, slight holo effect so much better!

This is one of the most universally flattering manicures I have seen. Iseult is so delicate that it is at once beautiful, simple, and best of all, office-appropriate! Even with Morgan Le Fay, the mani is not overly glittery or bright. Iseult is a lady of a colour, and I adore this combo, summer or winter.

You can purchase a-England directly on their website, from Nail Polish Canada, or from their US stockist Llarowe.

What do you think of this mani?

  1. I have the same colors and can’t wait to try this combo!

    • Oh yes, you should!! They are stunning! 🙂

      • have you seen the new line, Gothic Beauties? LOVE!

      • OMG YES!! WOW right!!!!
        I am getting the whole set. No point in pretending I don’t want it! lol

      • have you SEEN the new line, Gothic Beauties? LOVE! I

  2. i had to repost w/ emphasis on SEEN. I know you saw them in the Ommorphia post, but i mean really, they are crazy awesome.

    • Oh they ARE!!! Adina has outdone herself AGAIN! I died when I saw them! 😉

      • And lol at the repost!

  3. I’m going to go broke on a-england polish. I want every single one I see!

    • Me too!!! I have slowly acquired almost both collections because I bought every one I saw! 🙂

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