piCture pOlish Blog Fest!!

Today is officially piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012, and I am thrilled to finally spill the beans that I was selected by The Girls to participate! Yay!

I am elated to be a part of this ingenious worldwide event with almost 80 bloggers swatching new releases, and I cannot wait to share with you the two shades I received for review: Tease and Demeter!

Tease is a new “Mesh” shade, while Demeter is a new polish from their “Collaboration Collection”– it was created together with Katie from Harlow & Co, a Canadian Network member!  I was honoured to review one of our local Canadian girl’s co-creations!

First up, Demeter. I immediately imagined golden autumn leaves when I saw this… It is a deep, mesmerizing chocolate holographic colour, and reminded me of a cup of steaming hot cocoa on a cool day…really yummy.

The polish applied like a dream. It is a little on the thicker side, but not goopy (my favourite type of formula!), and at just one coat provided great coverage. I applied 2 coats over my usual: a basecoat (China Glaze Strong Adhesion), followed by a coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat. Even before I added top coat, the polish was beautifully shiny.

Indoor shot

The holographic particles looked like little shards… uneven, tiny particles.

Here is a slightly blurred photo so you can see the holo effect:

In direct sunlight

And one more:

Daylight – shade

Doesn’t it look so very chocolatey?

Demeter was gorgeous. And the best part:  I wore this polish for one week with barely any sign of wear!  I know this will become one of my go-to polishes for the fall!

Then we have a completely different colour…bright, glittery… Tease.

Tease is a brand-new “Mesh” shade featuring a fuchsia jelly base, densely packed full of pink and silver micro glitter. I have to admit, when I first saw Tease, I expected a clear base glitter polish that, when used as a top coat, would provide a “mesh” effect. Boy, was I surprised when I applied Tease and saw a completely opaque polish!!

Tease needed only 2 coats over a base coat, but the micro glitter gave it a rough, sandpaper-like finish that was easily glossed over with 2 thin coats of top coat.


Tease was tough to perfectly capture in photos. The silver in this polish reflected so much light that the polish looked slightly different in each photo.

Full sun

The light was literally dancing off this beauty!!

Tease is just stunning. The density of the dual-coloured micro glitter within the jelly gives it this incredible depth and sparkle. In the full sun picture above, you can see the two colours clearly in the bottle, but once on the nail, it’s almost impossible to see the silver.

Finally, a macro shot that you can see even better by clicking on the picture. Can you see the silver and pink micro glitter?

Macro – shade

Both Demeter and Tease were gorgeous polishes, definitely colours I would purchase and wear. Both dried in great time, were self-levelling and easy to apply. I also have to say, I absolutely LOVED the rubber brush handle as it made opening the bottles and applying that much easier. No slippery fingers here!
Check out the cool new QR labels on the side of each polish that you can scan with your smart phone in order to go to piCture pOlish on-line or to a Network Member site, depending on where the polish was purchased:

Tease will be available from piCture pOlish on-line and from all Network members, while Demeter is exclusive to piCture pOlish on-line and Harlow & Co.

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  1. Congratulations on being selected, Aire! Your swatches are absolutely gorgeous! I’m really in love with both polishes, but I really like Demeter. I don’t have many brown colors and this cocoa color really does look like milk chocolate! Can I like your nails?? They look delicious!! Lol.

    1. Hahaha, sure you can! I, too, had to remind myself it wasn’t really pudding, it just LOOKED that way! 😉
      I don’t have a lot of browns either, and this was a spectacular brown!
      Thanks so much Andrea! xo

  2. congratulations on being chosen!! I’m soooo envious. lol. Is Demeter as fantastic in person as it is in the pics?

    1. Aw thank you! LOL yes, it really is. It has this beautiful depth and looks almost like chocolate…with a bit of a dancing sparkle in the sun. I definitely recommend it for a stunning fall colour!! xo

  3. it’s been so much fun checking out everyone’s swatches this week! I love how deep and rich Demeter looks. Not a colour I’d usually go for, but your pictures make me want it! I’m wiping up drool over here!

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