Guinevere – The Loveliest of Them All…

Meet Guinevere. A polish I have been wanting to rave about for some time…

Guinevere is part of A-England’s original “The Mythicals” collection. It is described as a “pale, antique mauve” by its creator Adina Bodana, the genius behind this newer brand that has quickly gained a huge cult following.

And for good reason. These polishes are dreamy. They are creamy and self-leveling, and could almost be one-coaters. And the shine!!! I dare to say that you could almost skip the top coat–that’s how shiny they are.

Described by some writers as “the loveliest woman in all the island,” Queen Guinevere was a fitting inspiration for this stunner. This fascinating colour really is one of the loveliest I have ever seen.
Especially for someone who is not even a fan of mauves or lilacs!

Guin, as I affectionately call her, went on smoothly, and like my previous experience with Lancelot (read about it here), dried quickly and evenly. I applied an OPI base coat with two coats of Guin, followed by a top coat.

I should also point out that a week later, the polish was still as shiny as the first day. Get yourself some A-Englands!!

A-England can be purchased directly on their website here, or from their US stockist Llarowe. Happy shopping!

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