Mercury Rising

I have dreamt of this nail polish. If I was obsessed before…. things certainly only got worse when I saw a stunning photo of Mercurial. And stunning it was.

The hunt for Lynnderella Mercurial began. I contacted the lovely woman whose creation this was, but soon realized that Lynnderella polishes were a hot commodity and difficult to get your hands on, especially if you do not reside in the US. Enter cult polish site Llarowe, where you can purchase not only the stunning Lynnderellas, but also a variety of other incredible polishes including A-England (see one of my reviews here) and Glitter Gal.

Mercurial is, in a word, special. The polish is in a sheer charcoal base, and is densely packed with lavender, silver and black glitter, ranging in size from tiny sparkles to larger hex pieces. Its description does warn that “application requires moderate patience and skill.” Definitely. Some of the very large pieces were curled somewhat, and required a little manipulation to get them on the nail correct side down.

I did not use a base colour this time around, but I think I will the next time. Due to the sheerness of this polish, I found myself having to reapply multiple times to get nice coverage, which in turn covered many of the glitter pieces with colour. You will also need multiple coats of topcoat for smoothness.

So….? What do you think?

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  1. This is one of the Lynns I have back from the good old days when you could order from her blog (and actually get your hands on them… ugh). It does require some patience but it’s just so worth it! It’s so.. mercurial, lol. You can get it in the light and it will look like several different colors. Your eyes can’t focus on which glitter you’re seeing. It’s almost a moody glitter. Kind of brooding in a way. I love it!!! One of my fave Lynns by far. (I like to use Zoya Tao as a base coat, btw… that then one or two coats of Mercurial look really beautiful together.)

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