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Today I have for you another jelly sandwich! This one was photographed in the fall but I didn’t get a chance to post it with all of the things that have been going on lately (my big move)….

You may remember my adoration of the Zoya Gloss trio, a collection of perfect jellies that I cannot get enough of (see more here and here!). In this mani, I used Zoya Katherine, along with one of my favourite indie brands, Aphrodite Lacquers…. squished together in a jam-like polish. πŸ™‚

Catfight was from Aphrodite’s Friday Night Glitter Bombs Collection released in early September, and described as a sheer red polish, with a pinkish purple shimmer, and multiple different red, black, and white glitters. It’s gorgeous in its bottle – a deep red jelly glitter. Instead of wearing this alone, I decided to layer this polish between coats of Zoya Katherine, a deep aubergine jelly in the highest shine, glossy formula I have ever seen.


It looks slightly sheer in the bright sun, but in the shade, below, you can see the depth and high shine of this combo. I just LOVE how this is bordering on the edge of both vampy and glittery…Β  And did you see that slight purple shimmer?


I believe Zoya Katherine is still available at as well as Nail Polish Canada and anywhere else Zoya is sold. Unfortunately Catfight may now be a HTF polish as it seems to be sold out on Aphrodite Lacquers’ Etsy shop, but keep an eye on her shop, Facebook page and on Twitter for the latest updates!

Do you love jellies as much as I do? πŸ™‚



Yesterday I shared with you my excitement over finally receiving the stunning Zoya Gloss trio, which, let’s face it, contains some of the most beautiful jellies ever released.

Today I continue that obsession with part two of my jelly-fest featuring the beautiful Zoya Paloma, a sheer berry colour, sandwiched with a brand-new indie I introduced you to yesterday!

Let’s start with all four of the gorgeous Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polishes I recently received:

Aren’t they beautiful?

For today’s jelly sandwich, I used Kiss Your Elbow’s Wallflower, a gorgeous glitter polish featuring rose gold hexes and squares with little gold squares dispersed throughout.

I love the colour combo in this polish…

My mani consisted of 2 coats of Zoya Paloma over a base coat (China Glaze), followed by a coat of Wallflower, and finished up with another coat of Paloma. Paloma was a dream to work with. It applied really well for a jelly, with no streaks (you do need to be more generous with it than you would a non-jelly), and dried to a super-high-gloss shine. I could have totally skipped the top coat but used it mainly to quickly dry my mani (I used China Glaze’s Fast Forward).

in the shade

This jelly sandwich turned out amazing, literally glowing from within! The rose gold looks really coppery within Paloma, giving it such depth!

love the amber colouring of this sunset pic

And finally, a macro shot:

I love this combo so much that I refuse to remove it! I can’t wait to try my third and final Zoya Gloss, the enigmatic Katherine…. Look out for part 3 of my Jelly Sandwich posts!
You can purchase any of the Zoya Gloss polishes individually or as a set from Zoya if you’re in the US, or Nail Polish Canada! Kiss Your Elbow is on Facebook and don’t forget to check out her Etsy shop!

And now… for the best part:


Cassidy of Kiss Your Elbow has sponsored a giveaway for my readers!! Head on over to my Facebook page where you can enter to win TWO bottles of your choice from Kiss Your Elbow!

Happy long Labour Day Weekend!!!


(Some products were provided for consideration and review.)

I finally, finally, FINALLY got my hands on the BEAUTIFUL Zoya Gloss Trio. I mean, can you tell just how excited I am?? Jellies were made for ME!!!!

Not only that, but admire my bottle shot above!!! 6 Zoyas in all!! Don’t worry, I’ll bring you some more pictures of all the others soon. πŸ™‚ And I’m also thrilled to try my very first bottle of Soulstice, but more on all that later!

I practically tore open the Zoya Gloss package in order to get my hands on these jellies! The very first one I tried is here:

That’s only 2 coats of Zoya Frida, a teal jelly beauty that layers amazingly well. For some reason, this Gloss collection has not received the best reviews, but I wonder if that’s because some people just don’t love jellies. I find them to be a very special breed of polish… I compare them to lipgloss – for the nails. It’s not for everybody, but those that love it, LOVE it. And I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect jelly! This was one of the best jelly polishes I have tried, by far! The consistency was a little thicker – almost gelatin-like, and you have to work quickly and evenly. But by the time I had applied the first coat, I was able to go back and apply the second without any more wait. And no bubbling!

If I was wearing this alone, I would have applied a third coat for sure. The Gloss collection is so glossy, it does not even need a top coat. See the picture above? No top coat and the polish is dry!

But I had other things in mind.

Let me show you:

A beautiful, perfect jelly sandwich!!!!

Allow me to introduce you to a new polish line called Kiss Your Elbow Nail Polish, whose gorgeous A Drop in the Ocean I layered between my Zoya Frida.

Cassidy, the super-sweet creator behind this brand, recently launched her inaugural line of 6 polishes, and she asked if I would swatch some for her. I keep pretending I don’t like blues and greens when it comes to polishes, but who am I kidding. Blue is actually my favourite colour, and water (especially the ocean) is my very favourite thing. So naturally I always gravitate towards these beauties, and A Drop in the Ocean was no different. And the moment I saw the bottle, I knew I had to layer it with Frida!

Let’s let the pictures do the talking!

Look at a polish macro:

And more jelly sandwiches!

And how about a macro shot? (Click the pic for full size!)

Let’s show Kiss Your Elbow some love on her Facebook page or by checking out A Drop in the Ocean in her Etsy shop! And there may just be a little something happening on my Facebook page soon… maybe a giveaway…?

I’ll have more Kiss Your Elbow polish for you again soon!

The Zoya Gloss Trio is available directly from Zoya if you’re in the US, or Nail Polish Canada, and I’m not sure just how long they’ll be there!

What did you think of Frida? And of A Drop in the Ocean?


(Some products were provided for consideration and review.)

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