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As much as I adore nail polish in a myriad of crazy colours – in all my makeup, actually – I love to go back to nudes and soft colours once in a while. So when nail mail arrived in the form of Whimsical Ideas by Pam, which I had been patiently awaiting for weeks, I could not decide which to try first!

You see, Pam no longer ships internationally so I had to get creative to order these beauties. And re-routing through the States takes a lot longer than I thought… 🙂  I was so excited, I briefly contemplated wearing all of them at the same time!

Here are three of the beauties I ordered. (The 4th will be on its way soon!)

Because I had been itching for all of these beauties since the day I discovered Pam (why didn’t I just order them then, right??? I know…), it really was a tough call, but I chose Ooh La La!

Ooh La La! is a stunning, very sheer, bubble gum pink. Not bubblegum pink in a Katy Perry kind of way, but in a French manicure, elegant kind of way. Dispersed in the pink goodness there are tiny light blue micro glitters, along with lavender, small hex glitters.

Something worth noting: when I received the bottle, I expected a lot of sparkle via the lavender glitters, but this polish is not like that. At first I thought the bottle had settled and that’s why I could not get visible hex glitters on my nails, but it seems that Ooh La La! is meant to be more demure. 🙂

Ok enough reading… here are some pics!

Ooh La La! in the shade

Ooh La La! direct sunlight (with lots of residual cuticle oil, apparently) : )

alternate shade

And finally, so you can see the glitter, here is a macro shot:

As you can see, Ooh La La! is very sheer.  For these swatches, I wore Ooh La La! on its own (I always like to see what polishes look like without undies). I used a base coat of A England’s The Knight, followed by three coats of Ooh La La! and a top coat of China Glaze Fast Forward quick-dry top coat. I could probably have added a fourth coat but I don’t know how much of an impact that would have had on the opacity.

I love this look. If I had painted my tips white, this would have been a gorgeous glitter French mani!

What do you think? Is Ooh La La! on your wishlist? 🙂


Who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s??  I kept seeing China Glaze’s aptly-named For Audrey swatched all over, and the few times I remembered to look for it, I could not find it. Thanks to some amazing Facebook fans’ advice, I finally found it at a local Sally Beauty!!

Though I have at least three or four different shades of turquoise, I simply had to have For Audrey, if for nothing else, just for Audrey.

Scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The colour is gorgeous. It is the perfect Tiffany blue.

I was not disappointed. As with most China Glaze lacquers, For Audrey went on beautifully, and is shown here at two coats.

I used China Glaze’s Strong Adhesion base coat under two coats of For Audrey.

The polish was gorgeous, shiny and chip-free for the few days that I wore it as a creme….

I had been inspired by another blogger’s post about Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s Kitty Glitter where she had swatched it over For Audrey, and was dying to try it! These polishes are a match made in heaven! Kitty Glitter, as you can see from my previous post here, is a very sheer Tiffany-blue, needing at least three coats for opacity.

Here it is with For Audrey as a base:

Compared to Kitty Glitter alone, no base:

Kitty Glitter and For Audrey share a gorgeous base colour, and I love the way they complement each other.  Being the crazy perfectionist that I am, though, I would like to try Kitty Glitter over a light coat of For Audrey, as I felt the base drowned out the beauty of Kitty Glitter. I kept thinking I was wearing OPI’s Piroutte My Whistle over For Audrey instead of gorgeous Kitty Glitter!!

(If you don’t believe me, check out Scrangie’s pic of Piroutte here!)

Which do you like better? Kitty Glitter with For Audrey, or Kitty Glitter alone?
Or maybe just For Audrey alone?

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