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If you follow my blog, you have probably read about PREVAGE’s Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser. I am currently taking it for a test-drive and will report back on my experience, but today, learn about the complementary Anti-aging Overnight Cream and Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum, and best of all, a chance to WIN ALL THREE PRODUCTS!


PREVAGE® Anti-aging Overnight Cream

PREVAGE® Anti-aging Overnight Cream is an intensive overnight moisture cream, with advanced Idebenone technology, that synchs with your skin’s sleep cycle so it’s at work when your skin is most receptive to treatments.


Apply each night after PREVAGE® Anti-aging Daily Serum and wake up to skin that looks moisturized and revitalized and feels smooth, refreshed and restored.

PREVAGE® Anti-aging Overnight Cream is proven to help:

  • Reverse dryness with intensive moisture that lasts all night.
  • Enhance your skin’s own natural nighttime repair process.
  • Smooth, soften and retexturize your skin’s appearance.
  • Restore skin’s natural resilience for a firmer look.
  • Fight the visible effects of daytime environmental assaults – lines, wrinkles, discolorations and sun damage – giving skin a rested, restored, more radiant appearance.

Test Results :
After 12 weeks**, women reported strong results:

  • 93% felt softer, smoother skin.
  • 91% felt a reduction in roughness and dryness.
  • 86% saw an improvement in skin’s overall appearance.
  • 86% reported skin looked refreshed.

Beauty Award Winner:

  • Pure Palmares Beate de lectrices (Canada)
  • Glow Best in Beauty: Ultra Indulgent Night Cream (Canada)
  • Beauty Heaven – The Glosscars 2012 Best New Moisturizer 2012 (Australia)
  • BAZAAR Anti-Aging Award 2012: Best Anti-Aging Cream (Taiwan) – 2012
  • Shape 9th Annual Beauty Awards: Best Night Cream (USA) – Sept 2012

Prevage®  Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum

Prevage’s new, breakthrough correcting serum was chosen by 7 out of 10 women over the current market leader. Destined to become everyone’s new favourite, this proven serum works immediately and over time to counteract environmental damage and visible aging signs with a powerful combination of Idebenone and skin revitalizing technology. It works by helping support your skin’s natural collagen matrix. And, thanks to arazine – an exclusive new molecule — it actually SOOTHES your skin while protecting against free radicals and reducing signs of aging caused by chronic inflammation. With continued use, it significantly reduces the visible appearance of age spots, wrinkles and even deep lines. Best of all, it’s proven to enhance the performance of other PREVAGE® treatment products. For optimal results, use as the first step of your PREVAGE® regimen day and night.

Prevage_Anti-Aging_Intensive_SerumImmediate results:
71% of women showed a significant clinical improvements in lifting in just 15 minutes.†
61% of women showed a significant clinical improvements in the appearance of fine lines and radiance in just 15 minutes.†

Results with continued use:
96% of women reported that with use their skin appeared more luminous and radiant.*
90% of women reported that it soothes and calms skin, while also improving skin’s overall appearance*.
88% of women reported that their skin tone and texture improved with use.*

Beauty Award Winner:

  • New Beauty Beauty Choice Award – 2014
  • Jones Best of Beauty Awards: Best Splurge (USA) – 2013
  • Beauty Awards: Anti-Aging Serum – 2nd place (USA) – March 2013
  • Woman & Home Best in Beauty Award: Best Moisturizer with Antioxidants (UK) – 2012
  • New Beauty New Beauty Beauty Choice Awards: Best Anti-Aging Serum (USA) January 2012

Now for the best part? You have a chance to win ALL THREE PREVAGE products to try for yourself in the first part of my PREVAGE giveaway!

(Part 2 of the Prevage Giveaway will be announced soon.)


Head on over to my Facebook page to enter, or enter the Rafflecopter giveaway !

Contest open to Canadians only (but if you have a Canadian address to ship the prize to, you can enter).

For more information, head to Elizabeth Arden on Twitter, on Facebook, on Youtube and on Pinterest!


(Contest open to Canadian addresses only. Contest runs until March 21, 2014 at 11:59 pm ET. All entries will be verified. Approx retail value: over $490 Cdn.)

Elizabeth Arden Introduces PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser

A Three-Dimensional Skin Cleansing Experience that Boosts the PREVAGE® Skincare Regimen Efficacy

Committed to delivering skin’s best defense against environmental signs of aging, Elizabeth Arden proudly introduces PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser. This anti-aging treatment cleanser provides a multi-dimensional deep cleansing experience while helping to enhance the efficacy of the PREVAGE® skincare regimen. Leveraging the brand’s 100 years of product innovation, scientific research, and hands-on spa experience, PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser couples Idebenone antioxidant technology with three levels of cleansing power to prepare skin to receive maximum anti-aging benefits.Prevage-Cleanser-Bottle-with-carton Prevage-Cleanser-Bottle

Environmental threats produce an abundance of free radicals that can cause oxidative stress, which results in signs of accelerated skin aging. With the addition of a targeted cleanser to the PREVAGE® product range, Elizabeth Arden now offers its first 360° anti-aging treatment regimen to combat skin-damaging environmental assaults for a youthful, radiant, and healthy looking complexion.

Utilizing a unique three-dimensional approach to cleansing, PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser’s creamy, light-foaming formula removes impurities, eliminates dead skin cells and refines skin’s appearance for a refreshing, radiant glow.

The PREVAGE® three-dimensional approach to skin cleansing includes three distinct cleansing systems:

  • Surfactant System: an effective and mild foaming wash cleanses dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface.
  • Mechanical & Enzymatic Exfoliation: a combination of active enzyme and natural bamboo beads removes dead skin and promotes cell renewal to reveal beautifully smooth skin.
  • Detoxiquin: a mushroom extract and hexapeptide complex that purify skin cells, supporting its natural exfoliation and leaving skin more receptive to further treatments.

PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser is proven to improve the efficacy of your skincare regimen. When used in tandem with PREVAGE® Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum, efficacy was boosted significantly.* After just 2 weeks, 94% of women saw an improvement in skin radiance and texture and 75% of women saw an improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.† This cleanser is suitable for all skin types.

* Based on a US clinical study of 21 women
† Based on a US In-home use test among 110 women
‡ When Compared to Alpha Lipoic Acid, Kinetin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10

Key Ingredients:

  • Idebenone‡: the single most powerful antioxidant* with an EPF® rating of 95 out of 100, it provides skin with the maximum protection from environmental assaults.
  • Bamboo Beads: this gentle exfoliator provides skin with a natural, mechanical exfoliation, gently sloughing away dead skin cells for a beautifully smooth complexion.
  • Mushroom Extract: this antioxidant works in tandem with Idebenone to help protect skin from environmental free radical damage.
  • Enzyme Exfoliant: this active enzyme eliminates dead skin cells to smooth skin’s surface and support natural cell renewal.
  • Shea Butter & Glycerin: this emollients and humectant blend imparts skin with long lasting moisture.

Price: PREVAGE® Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser 125ml $59.00 Cdn

Availability: Beginning October 2013 at Shoppers Drug Mart and November 2013 at Hudson’s Bay, Sears, and London Drugs (in Canada).

For more information, head to Elizabeth Arden on Twitter, on Facebook, on Youtube and on Pinterest!

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