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…what do you do??? You keep painting your nails with the same polish!!!

I wanted to use a creme. I wanted to do something light…something sheer…

But I had Lynnderella’s Gotta Love Brains on my counter, staring at me. I took another polish, tried it on my thumb. GLB was still looking at me.

Tried another.

GLB. Still enticing me.

Ok fine.

You win, GLB!!!

Here we go. Gotta Love Brains with no base colour. Still stunning. A little more subtle. Ever so st

unning. One of my fave Lynnderellas ever. And one of the shiniest frankens I have seen!


Do you have a polish or a makeup item you keep running back to?

You may remember the guest blog from Mai raving about Lynnderella’s Gotta Love Brains, but now I finally have my very own bottle! ūüôā

I was a bit hesitant after my very first Lynnderella experience (with Mercurial) didn’t quite live up to what I’d seen elsewhere and expected… but I was still dying to try GLB.

And one lucky day a few days ago… appeared a bag of nail mail!!

I immediately removed my polish as I just could NOT wait. I decided to layer GLB over a coat of China Glaze’s Pelican Grey, a gorgeous light grey with a subtle shimmer (a colour that can certainly stand on its own as well!). Not sure what it is about grey polishes, but I cannot seem to get enough of them! I topped that off with two very thin coats of GLB… and voila!

What do you think?

{Don’t mind my slightly dry hands here ;)}

I tried to keep the subtlety of this particular glitter by not layering it on too thick–GLB has a stunning fine sparkle/shimmer to it like most other Lynnderella polishes, and the scattered glitter really is part of its charm.

Here’s another shot:

What impressed me the most about this gorgeous colour (aside from the beautiful grey-ness!!) was how easily it applied and how shiny it has stayed! I used a coat of Gelous before applying a top coat, and it has been shiny for 3 days so far.

This is definitely one of my faves, and has confirmed my love of the beauty that is Lynnderella!!

A big thank you to Llarowe for continuing to cater to the demand of this successful line!

Hello! ¬†This is my first of hopefully many guest posts here on The Obsessed. ¬†I’m a relative newbie to the nail polish world, but my recent obsession has become just that, an OBSESSION. ¬†I’ve scoured websites and blogs, carefully plotting my next purchase based on many reviews and swatches like this one, and I’m excited to finally be doing my own.

I¬†saw my first Lynnderella swatch on Pinterest, and when I followed the link and did a little further digging I was blown away with what the cult polish¬†genius¬†has created. ¬†These weren’t the typical opaque cream polishes I was used to from the drug store, each polish is seemingly more creative and unique than the last. ¬†Hooked, I finally (after a bit of website stalking) was able to nab my first Lynnderella through her stockist Llarowe, and I haven’t looked back since.

Gotta Love Brains is my kind of polish.  A light, dove grey sheer base with a delightful mix of blue, pink and silver square, small and large silver hex, and tiny blue and green glitters.  My favourite of the bunch is the elusive silver bar glitter, which in the sun has a nice holo to it!
I initially layered Gotta Love Brains over Essie Cocktail Bling, but I found the base colour too blue. Then I tried China Glaze Pelican Grey which was a softer, warmer grey but I had a bad bottle and the lumpy formula ruined my layering of Brains over it. ¬†I eventually settled on a layer of OPI basecoat, 3 layers of Gotta Love Brains and finished with an OPI topcoat. ¬†Finally, I had the mix I was lusting after. It wasn’t too thick with the extra two coats of a base polish, and I could really see the unexpected purple shimmer.

Final thoughts: I much preferred this polish as a three-coater than layered over a base polish. ¬†It felt much lighter on my nails, as I have quite thick fingernails that I like to keep short otherwise they start to feel like dragon claws. ¬†The purple shimmer is more¬†noticeable¬†in the bottle or in direct sunlight, and the one large hex glitter that I managed to get out of the bottle was quite curled and required a bit of wrangling. ¬†As you can see, the actual glitter-polish ratio isn’t very high but I think this is due to my¬†inexperience¬†with applying polish with any sort of glitter. ¬†I’m sure I can remedy this the next time.

I LOVE this polish, and can’t wait for my other Lynn’s to arrive from Llarowe so I can swatch them too.

What do you think? ¬†Do you have any of the coveted Lynnderella’s?

~xo~ Mai

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