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Cozy up to colour as Essie introduces For the Twill of It, its collection for Fall 2013!

It’s a material world, full of sensorial sartorial delights. Fall is the perfect time to pile on the cozy and amp up the chic. Rich flannels, sumptuous knits punctuated with accents of lace and the occasional ultra-fine silk twill create a lavish palette of textures that’s impossible to resist.

Essie-Group-Shot“I love the idea of creating polish that’s like the proverbial boyfriend sweater – in this case, a blazer borrowed from the boys,” says brand founder and Creative Director Essie Weingarten. “Creating nail colour with a warm and fuzzy feeling can be tricky,” Weingarten explains. “But when you get it right, it really is like putting on your favorite sweater.” Transferring the soft volumes and rich woolens of the fall runways, essie offers six seductively tactile shades that radiate beautifully tailored warmth. The lace is on to set the pace for the fashion season. Go back to cool in an after school boy blazer or positively posh in a twin sweater set. While some have a vested interest in the pursuit of style, other dress just for the twill of it – and then there are those who simply want to put on a cuddly cashmere bathrobe and call it a day.


essie’s Fall 2013 Collection will be available in salons in August 2013.

Which ones stand out for you? My favourite that I must have is For the Twill of It, followed by After School Boy Blazer!!


Today I have for you a gorgeous collection of a very limited edition fall collection from Rainbow Honey. The Yokai, a special, 3-piece collection featuring Kawako, Kitsune and Oni.

Not being one that is generally blown away by packaging, I was surprised at how pretty and attractive Rainbow Honey’s was:

Aren’t they pretty?


Let’s start with Kitsune, also known as The Magical White Fox. Its description from Rainbow Honey:
“Kitsune” can refer to your ordinary red fox, but our “Kitsune” is a glorious nine-tailed creature: fiery, wise, and absolutely gorgeous. In a cream base full of gold shimmer and flecks you will find an array of glitter in a bonfire palette, ready to spark a fire in your heart.

Kitsune was an amazing, creamy gold/beige polish, right up my alley. It was a tad thick on application so I had to be careful not to let it get too goopy, but two coats dried quickly and evenly. What I adored was the sparkle of Kitsune!! The gold shimmered and danced in every light, while the multi-coloured glitter sparkled in the sun. Here are two coats topped with a generous coat of top coat:

Next up, Kawako aka The Mischievous River Child. Rainbow Honey’s words: “Kawako” is our interpretation of the Kappa, depicted as everything from a water sprite to a river demon. Erring on the gentler side, “Kawako” is full of gorgeous silver and ice blue shimmer, with the occasional iridescent blue flake.

Rainbow Honey also describes Kawako as a moonlit river, a starry night, and that is truly what I thought when I first applied it: a marvelous, starry night indeed! What a perfect fall polish. Kawako is a deep, dark metallic-looking blue, sparkling with silver shimmers. This polish was delicate yet dark and mysterious at the same time… I am in love. Application was a breeze with the best part: no staining upon removal! Here are 2 coats over base coat, topped with top coat:

Last but not least, Oni. The Malevolent Wild Demon. Rainbow Honey’s description: Oni are generally depicted as wicked and hideous. Our “Oni” may be wicked and supernatural, but with its myriad of glass flecks and multi-chromatic shimmer it is hard to call it hideous. In fact, the consensus seems to be that it is one of the most beautiful and intense polishes out there this fall!  

And a glowing, intense polish it is! Oni is a deep chocolate cream base, filled with gold, purple and black flecks. There are probably more colours in Oni, not to mention the multi-chromatic shimmer.  I loved the creamy application – both Oni and Kawako could have been one-coaters. I used two coats with top/base coat:

I adore Oni’s chameleon quality – it almost looks like a gilded bronze in the sun!  Most of its sparkle kept eluding me, and only a blurry photo would show it off:

Do you see the stunning purple and multi-coloured shimmers?


I had a hard time deciding on a favourite. Depending on the mood I’m in, all three are incredible, gorgeous and different colours that I would wear…  and can’t wait to wear again. 🙂

The Yokai was an incredibly limited-edition collection, and it may be sold out at the moment. Please check out Rainbow Honey’s store for this and more stunning polishes, and check out its list of partner retailers in other countries here.

Don’t forget to follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook for the latest news and sneak peeks!





(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

I’m so excited about today’s post, because I have been dying to bring you these swatches. 🙂

Smitten Polish recently launched the Fall 2012/Halloween collection, and I was thrilled to be able to review them for you!

First up – and this name cracks me up lol!! – Ermahgerd, Candee Corms!

This is such a different polish… so very Halloween-y and fall-appropriate. It is a milky white base (one of my fave kinds) with yellow and orange glitter suspended within. I love that the orange glitter reflects in a beautiful coppery way in some lights. And what a cool, subdued Halloween polish! It’s so cute that you can wear it anytime!

I wore 2 coats followed by a top coat, but could have definitely added a third coat for a little more coverage.
Next up, a beautiful jelly polish that screams “fall:” Spice Cake. This is a rusty deep orange base with orange, gold and brown glitters. This was tough to photograph because it kept leaning more cool. In reality it is not as red as it appears:

Spice Cake is not quite a bright polish as one would expect an orangey polish to be; it is a perfect deep rusty fall colour. And the glitter suspends so nicely in it – it totally looks like a bottled jelly sandwich. I love this one!

The third polish in this collection is a stunning violet jelly polish named Hocus Pocus. I lost natural light when I was photographing this one so the pictures are not perfect like I had hoped. I managed to get some pictures though, and you can see the amazing ultra-fine fuchsia holographic glitters that Hocus Pocus is packed with. 🙂

This was 2 generous coats followed by top coat. The holographic micro-glitters are amazing!!!

And last but not least, my personal favourite of this collection, Wicked, Tricksy, False, a black jelly base with different shapes of red and purple glitter. This one is a vamp-lover’s dream!! Though I usually like to try polishes on their own, I knew I had to layer Wicked over my favourite “black” of all time, A-England’s Lancelot! (I quoted “black” because Lancelot is actually a black-red but I wear it as my black base for everything!)

I wore two thin coats of Wicked, Tricksy, False over one coat of Lancelot, except for my pinky, which shows 2 coats of Wicked alone. This is to show you its gorgeous squishyness!

I also added a coat of Gelous and top coat.

And I had to do a macro shot of my pinky (2 coats of Wicked alone) next to my ring finger (2 coats of Wicked over Lancelot):

My sometime-guest-blogger Mai saw my mani and made a very interesting comment. She mentioned that it reminded her of a darker, more purple version of my previous Lynnderella Boy Girl Party manicure, also layered over A-England’s Lancelot. Interesting comparison! What do you think? Do you think the two resemble each other at all?

Overall, a great and fun fall collection. I love that there are four completely different colours so that there is something for everyone! Which is your favourite?

Smitten Polish is available on their Etsy store or from Llarowe.  Don’t forget to also like Smitten Polish on Facebook for the latest news and previews!!


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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