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Friends often ask me how my manicure lasts so long, and do I actually cook/clean/wash dishes? (For the record, yes, yes, yes! I actually love cooking.)

So how DO you make your manicure last longer?

Well… there are those all-important first steps: have clean, dry nails before starting your mani (even wiping quickly with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol can help polish adhere longer by removing nail oils), use a good quality base coat under your polish, allow a few minutes to dry between coats and apply 2 coats of polish… finish off with a top coat – I love a quick-dry top coat such as FNUG’s IGEL or China Glaze’s Fast Forward top coats. Wrap the free tip of your nail as you apply top coat (swipe it over the free edge).

So you have done all of the above. Now what?

Even the most careful among us will experience some tip wear after a few days. If you are not ready to let go of your mani, which was the case for me when I was wearing the beautiful Colors by Llarowe Cherry Bomb (see it here), you can extend your mani for a few more days!

How? Simply apply a gradient of your favourite glitter, preferably with a tinted base, over your tips!

How to apply a gradient?

“Dry-brush” the first coat of glitter: wipe the brush of the glitter polish inside the bottle, so you are left with more glitter, less base, and apply this over the tips. Let dry a few minutes.
Apply another coat of glitter polish over your tips, this time applying the glitter polish normally.
Let dry, apply top coat, and voila!

Here is the beautiful Shimmer Polish Karina, a perfect glitter to complement Cherry Bomb, applied as a gradient over my tips:

Colors_CherryBomb_ShimmerKarina2 Colors_CherryBomb_ShimmerKarina1

The best part? This barely takes a quarter of the time of a full manicure!


What do you think? Would you try this over a few-days-old mani?


Continuing my reveal of Colors by Llarowe polishes, today I have for you a hot and bright jelly-sandwich-in-a-bottle called Cherry Bomb.  (See a few Colors by Llarowe reviews here!)

Cherry Bomb is a cool cherry-red jelly, almost leaning towards a raspberry shade, with red micro shimmer, red circle glitter and medium iridescent hexes. I was blown away by the intensity of the red shade – a vivid lipstick red, even on its first coat. It applies like a dream, leaving behind a cherry jelly on your nails that builds up beautifully by the second coat. And the shine… oh the shine!

Here are two gorgeous coats of Cherry Bomb, in the sun:


Some of the large glitters did not want to cooperate, but I actually really liked Cherry Bomb with the randomly placed pieces!

The cool raspberry undercurrent is really visible in artificial light:


Finally, a macro shot to show you just how squishy and gorgeous this lacquer is:


I am so obsessed with this polish that I’ve kept it on… and I still can’t take it off!


All Colors by Llarowe polishes are 3-free and cruelty free, and come in a 15 ml square bottles with rubber-grip cap.

Head over to Llarowe to get your very own Cherry Bomb! Don’t forget to follow Llarowe on Facebook, Pinterest and on Instagram!

Have you snagged any Colors by Llarowe polishes yet?




(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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