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Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope that despite the… strangeness of 2020, and despite many of us being in some state of limitation or lockdown, you were able to enjoy the holidays. Hope you gifted yourself a treat… or some me-time! Enjoy this clip of some yarnporn that I gifted to myself! 😉

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on two recent We are Knitters kits that they graciously sent to me. The kits are the Hibiscus Top, perfect for summer or as a layering piece, and the Lofoten Scarf, a super-easy squishy winter scarf.


First up, the Lofoten Scarf. Super-easy to make, on giant 15 mm knitting needles, this is the perfect kit for a beginner! All We are Knitters kits come with everything you need to make your own item: the pattern, the yarn, the needles or crochet hook (you can opt out of needles or hooks if you have your own), the darning needle to sew it all up and some tags to sew on your finished piece! How much easier can it get?

If you’re not familiar with WAK’s The Wool, it’s thick, really thick. And works up so fast, especially in beginner-friendly garter stitch (where you knit every row)! (We are Knitters even has awesome tutorials for beginners!) And the added interest of the two colours of stripes makes it beautiful. Want to give it a try? We are Knitters is having an amazing sale right now on some of the colours – grab it here! (My colours are natural and navy.)

Lofoten Scarf in easy garter stitch

A more summery piece, the Hibiscus Top is the perfect V-neck tank. Made in one of my favourite yarns, WAK’s Pima Cotton.


While still listed as an “easy” level project, I will tell you, you will need to pay a little more attention while knitting this beauty. A simple V-neck on both front and back, the Hibiscus Top gets its interest from the stitch used in this pattern: the linen stitch.

Linen stich detail

Let’s talk about this gorgeous stitch, and why it has quickly become one of my favourite stitches! What initially drew me to the linen stitch was the graphic look it produces – quite geometric and intricate-looking. And as most knitters know, one of the most annoying things is when your work curls… but the linen stitch produces a flat fabric and does not curl! Yes, it’s true! Need another reason to love this stitch? It has two really different looking sides… meaning, if you sew your work carefully, you may just be able to wear it both ways! Topping out the reasons to love the linen stitch: it’s a simple two-row repeat! I promise, if you give it a try… you’ll see just how easy this beautiful stitch is to create! I am obsessed!!

Want to try the We are Knitters Hibiscus Top for yourself? The WAK sale is still on! Snag a kit here! (Colour shown here is Terracotta.)

Linen stitch and wrong side

If you follow me on social, you know that there are a couple of yarns I really adore. And I have loved most of my We are Knitters kits so far… but boy, am I glad I tried a new We are Knitters kit and learned a new stitch!! I am totally obsessed with the linen stich, and if you subscribe to my blog and want to learn how to make the linen stitch, you’ll soon see what else I have up my sleeve. 😉

Wrong side of the linen stitch

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever worked the linen stitch?

And what is your favourite We are Knitters kit so far?

~xoxo, Aire

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  1. Which size needle did you use for the hibiscus top linen stitch? Thank you.

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