Knitting, Crocheting, and other Quarantine Hobbies

We can all agree 2020 has been a… new kind of year. AmIright?

We watched as supermarkets ran out of supplies (specifically, personal care, cleaning, and baking supplies), home-schooling became mandatory for many, parents struggled with working while keeping the kids learning/entertained/busy all while trying to not pull their own hair out.


And this new social isolation led to… hobbies. Many, many hobbies.

So many of us turned to old faithfuls; tasks that keep us busy, but happy. Cooking and baking was one of my favourite things to do! I became a bread baker, creating everything from Simply So Good’s Crusty Bread to my own dozen iterations of this one bread (Olive Bread is my family’s favourite!), to old staples like banana bread and peach crisp pies. Boy, did we bake a lot! I became worried about the Quarantine20 so slowed the baking before I gained any more weight lol!

I find cooking to be a solace. Sometimes a chore, yes… but mostly, relaxing, calming… especially more so if there is a glass of wine in my hand and music in the background. The spring brought cool summery meals, while lately I have been whipping up my favourite soups (lentil soup is incredible, as is Italian Wedding) and Greek dishes (Youvetsi from Three Sisters is a favourite). I don’t know if I would say that I’ve been cooking more this year, but I definitely love cooking.

My favourite olive loaf

But let’s talk about my passion hobbies! How many of you took up crafting this year?

I’m talking knitting, crocheting, needlework, weaving, etc.

(Yes, knitting enormous chunky blankets with your arms does count!) Apparently one industry that did not suffer this year was the yarn industry. Everyone I’ve spoken with has seen empty yarn shelves, sold-out lines of yarn (I can’t tell you how many times the yarn I was dying for on WeCrochet was sold out this summer!) and needles and hooks out of stock. And I’m so happy that this happened!

As a lifelong knitter and crocheter, someone who learned as a small child in German schools and from my sweet mom, I always return to my favourite crafts. It used to be a seasonal affliction (haha)… where I would crochet a cute bag or bikini top in the summer… and make all the warm accessories in the winter. However, over the last two years, I find that I’ve started, and never stopped. 2020 especially brought a few converts to my corner! Friends, cousins, other bloggers, asking what they need to start this magical hobby. A couple of skeins of yarn and hooks and needles later, and thanks to the magic of the internet and YouTube, all have turned into incredible makers in a few short weeks!

My own design
Knitterella’s Wixom Hat

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably witnessed some of my makes coming to life. Maybe I’ll share them all here on the blog one day! Oh hey, I’m also on Ravelry!

Tell me all about your new hobbies? Have you rediscovered old passions? Taken up knitting or crocheting… perhaps painting or sketching?

Or perhaps you spent your time differently. Tell me more in the comments!

Let’s maybe talk about plants and journaling, and other #covidstereotypes, in another post! 😉

Can’t wait to see how everyone has been doing. Hope you have all stayed safe, healthy, and happy.

~xoxo, Aire

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  1. I have been crocheting and knitting for many years. I decided to dust off my piano books and get back to playing. It has been so much fun rediscovering favorite songs to play. Knitting will always be my first go to favorite and I usually have several things going at one time.

    1. Oh that is a beautiful skill!! I’ve always dreamed of being able to play an instrument, properly… How have you liked playing?
      I love knitting as well. Can’t stop lol… have so many WIPs on the go!

    2. I Love playing the piano I didn’t take lessons until I was an adult. I have been playing for about 15 years. I am not great but I love to play. I would love to learn to play the violin.

  2. I find myself returning to old favourites and trying something new… journaling, drawing, watercolour. It’s so accessible these days!

  3. Omg I love your work. Thanks for inspiring me to write again! That hat! I would love your lentil soup recipe

    1. You are so darn sweet, Linds! Thank you for this comment, and I’m so happy to have inspired you to write again! I love writing, too. <3 And I will gladly share my lentil soup recipe!

  4. I am from South Africa. We went into hard lockdown (Level 5) in March, with all shops closed, only essential stores were allowed to operate. Around May more stores were allowed to open and I used this to get crocheting again. Not something I have done in years, but with YouTube I picked up a few new tricks of the trade.
    This had now become a paying hobby. We still work from home and during virtual meetings, I crochet on projects that need to go out.

    1. I am so glad you were able to start crocheting again and that it became a paying hobby for you! How incredible!!
      Despite it being a tough time, it’s lovely to also read about all the amazing opportunities that were born out of this year. ❤️

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