Liquid Sky Lacquer

Today I’m excited to show you some beautiful polishes from an indie that is brand-new to me – Liquid Sky Lacquer. Liquid Sky Lacquer creates beautiful holo and thermal polishes, and I was super excited to try them; especially the three that I have here!

Sugared Berries is a very delicate, pale lavender linear holographic polish. The holo is extremely strong and gorgeous on this – look at the flash in the bottle to see the intensity! Seeing how light Sugared Berries was, I decided to layer it over OPI’s Miss You-niverse on my ring finger to show you its diversity. I think I would also love to see it layered over a white or another unexpected shade. Two coats on all fingers except ring:

LiqSkyLac_Sugared Berries

The next colour is an absolute beauty! Walk on the Wild Side is a vivid purple linear holo that is just this side of dusty in the shade, its intense holo still visible:


In the sun, Walk on the Wild Side sparkles brilliantly in a cosmos of rainbow hues! Here are two easy, quick-drying coats over basecoat:


Finally, a fun, THERMAL holo polish: Jekyll & Hyde!

This was my first thermal polish, and I have to be honest… as I applied this medium-brown holo polish, I wondered why it was ‘fading’ slightly as it dried. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? I applied a second coat and this time, the ‘fade’ was much more noticeable. Ok so I had a bit of a bimbo moment, I admit, but it finally dawned on me that this must be a thermal polish! (Yes, and the name finally made sense… lol.) How excited I was! I immediately ran my hands under cold water to get the ‘original’ bottle shade – that gorgeous holo brown:


And when it warmed again, it turned into a gorgeous nude-orange shade, leaving a French manicure-style fade of brown at the tips:


Ok I’m a little behind on the thermal polish train, but how cool is that dual-toned manicure! I absolutely loved the effect and cannot wait to experiment with it now that it’s wintery and cold!


Liquid Sky Lacquers are available at Llarowe and on their shop website! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook.


Do you have any Liquid Sky Lacquers? And have you ever tried a thermal polish?




(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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    1. I’ve had a few in the past. In fact, I actually still have them (That tells you how vast my polish collection is. I offered a bunch for trade on here and not a single person made an offer! I’m hoping eventually someone will…). My favorite is one that gives a baby blue/white look, as if I’d done them that way on purpose. It gives off a cool french manicure look that looks great no matter what I’m wearing. I love wearing it to sporting events. 🙂

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