BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatments

One of the first shampoo lines I became obsessed with was Schwarzkopf’s Bonacure line… The products were great for my long colour-treated hair, and I became wise enough to start buying Bonacure’s Repair line in bulk. When I learned about their new BC Oil Miracle line, I knew I had to try it!

Some info on the line:

BC Oil Miracle offers a full care range for indulgent services in-salon and premium Oil Care regimes for:

• Opulent shine
• Caressable softness
• Non-overburdening

BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatments are based on the breakthrough Evaporating Technology, bestowing precious softness & opulent shine without leaving residues on the hair or overburdening it.

BC Oil Miracle Shampoo with Micro Emulsion Oil Technology‚ ensures that just the right amount of nourishing oil remains at the porous spots of the hair surface whilst smoothening it at the same time – resulting in fascinating suppleness and opulent shine.

Ingredients include:

Argan Oil

The fruits of the Argan tree have a very hard kernel which contain up to three seeds. From these seeds it is possible to extract luxurious, precious oil which is a common and well known cosmetic ingredient. It delivers high anti-oxidative properties, is known to work against free-radicals and contains an exceptionally high amount of unsaturated fatty acids which help to refresh the natural lipid barrier of hair. Therefore it fortifies the hair, giving it brilliance, suppleness, smoothness and a shiny finish. It leaves the hair soft with a silky touch and a natural look.

Marula Oil

Marula Oil is extracted from the nut of the Marula tree fruit kernels, a tree native to the Sub-Saharan-Africa. It is rich in anti-oxidants and oleic acid. A marvellous feature of the Marula Oil is its high amount of Vitamin C which is said to be four times higher than in oranges. The mixture of high nutritional value and outstanding stability due to its high content of Vitamin C makes it a supreme selection for cosmetic formulas. It nourishes, protects, moisturises and imparts elasticity to damaged hair. It is also commonly used in aromatherapy.


I had an opportunity to review the Finishing Treatments of this line: the BC Oil Miracle Light Finishing Treatment and the BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment. The difference between the two is that the Light formula is made for finer hair, so as not to weigh down your hair, while the regular formula is a hint richer for normal/thicker hair types. Both smell amazing, with a slight floral yet musky scent. The scent lingers ever so slightly if you don’t blow-dry and I just love shaking my hair out and smelling it!

The directions call for applying a pea-sized amount into towel-dried hair, then blow-drying or styling as usual. I also like to use a couple of drops on dry hair, to help smooth some of the frizziness and give my hair a little bit of moisture, especially at the ends.

Like my previous experience with Bonacure, these two products do not disappoint. I personally prefer the regular BC Oil Miracle due to my thicker, wavy hair, but I would absolutely use the Light formula, especially on dry hair. I’ve used the products both on towel-dried hair that I then styled/blow-dried, but I’ve also let my hair dry naturally and found it to help reduce frizziness. (That is my ultimate test: natural drying!) If I then flat-iron my dry hair, it lends an incredible shine and helps protect from the heat styling. I just loved Oil Miracle!

If you are a fan of treatment oils such as argan oil, then one of these products should definitely be in your haircare arsenal!

The new BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment and Treatment Light is now available at
Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.



(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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