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Today I have for you another amazing indie brand that has consistently created beautiful polishes and has an awesome creator, Smitten Polish! I previously reviewed Smitten’s Fall collection, and today I am excited to share some of Smitten’s Berrydrops collection!

First up, Bananaberry Gumdrop, a beautiful pale yellow crelly base with subtle flakies. I adore yellow, and yellow can be a pain when it comes to polish; a pain to find a good yellow, a pain to find a good polish, and a pain to apply. But Bananaberry Gumdrop is perfection. It is such a pretty pale yellow that I suspect it would look great on many skintones. And it is such a springy, summery, buttery yellow that I fell in love! It wasn’t as tricky as I thought it could be to apply… I applied a coat over base, let it dry, and applied a second coat.


Is that not like a banana pudding?? Delicious and shiny! I love it!


The second polish is Beautyberry Gumdrop, a sweet-looking lavender crelly with subtle flakies. What can I say but demure, pretty, subtle, ladylike. I wore this one for a few days and loved it every moment. Again, two coats over base coat, this one, with top coat:



What I love most about the Berrydrops is their subtleness. You’ve probably read occasionally about my hesitance to wear crazy polishes to work, and these are absolutely work-appropriate without being boring!

The only downside, if I have to find one, is that the flakies can be sticky during removal, so you may need to scrub a little. Nothing like removing glitter though!

Have you tried any Smitten Polishes, and which one do you love most?

Smitten Polish is available on their Etsy store or from Llarowe.  Don’t forget to follow Smitten Polish on Facebook for the latest news and previews!!



(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

I’m so excited about today’s post, because I have been dying to bring you these swatches. 🙂

Smitten Polish recently launched the Fall 2012/Halloween collection, and I was thrilled to be able to review them for you!

First up – and this name cracks me up lol!! – Ermahgerd, Candee Corms!

This is such a different polish… so very Halloween-y and fall-appropriate. It is a milky white base (one of my fave kinds) with yellow and orange glitter suspended within. I love that the orange glitter reflects in a beautiful coppery way in some lights. And what a cool, subdued Halloween polish! It’s so cute that you can wear it anytime!

I wore 2 coats followed by a top coat, but could have definitely added a third coat for a little more coverage.
Next up, a beautiful jelly polish that screams “fall:” Spice Cake. This is a rusty deep orange base with orange, gold and brown glitters. This was tough to photograph because it kept leaning more cool. In reality it is not as red as it appears:

Spice Cake is not quite a bright polish as one would expect an orangey polish to be; it is a perfect deep rusty fall colour. And the glitter suspends so nicely in it – it totally looks like a bottled jelly sandwich. I love this one!

The third polish in this collection is a stunning violet jelly polish named Hocus Pocus. I lost natural light when I was photographing this one so the pictures are not perfect like I had hoped. I managed to get some pictures though, and you can see the amazing ultra-fine fuchsia holographic glitters that Hocus Pocus is packed with. 🙂

This was 2 generous coats followed by top coat. The holographic micro-glitters are amazing!!!

And last but not least, my personal favourite of this collection, Wicked, Tricksy, False, a black jelly base with different shapes of red and purple glitter. This one is a vamp-lover’s dream!! Though I usually like to try polishes on their own, I knew I had to layer Wicked over my favourite “black” of all time, A-England’s Lancelot! (I quoted “black” because Lancelot is actually a black-red but I wear it as my black base for everything!)

I wore two thin coats of Wicked, Tricksy, False over one coat of Lancelot, except for my pinky, which shows 2 coats of Wicked alone. This is to show you its gorgeous squishyness!

I also added a coat of Gelous and top coat.

And I had to do a macro shot of my pinky (2 coats of Wicked alone) next to my ring finger (2 coats of Wicked over Lancelot):

My sometime-guest-blogger Mai saw my mani and made a very interesting comment. She mentioned that it reminded her of a darker, more purple version of my previous Lynnderella Boy Girl Party manicure, also layered over A-England’s Lancelot. Interesting comparison! What do you think? Do you think the two resemble each other at all?

Overall, a great and fun fall collection. I love that there are four completely different colours so that there is something for everyone! Which is your favourite?

Smitten Polish is available on their Etsy store or from Llarowe.  Don’t forget to also like Smitten Polish on Facebook for the latest news and previews!!


(Products were provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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