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Happy piCture pOlish Thursday! It’s time for another Ozotic, an Aussie brand that piCture pOlish added to their portfolio (lucky for us!)! Today I have for you a brand-new polish for me: Ozotic 621, part of their 600 series which are all scattered holos.

Ozotic 621 is described as “a deep red holo that has no glitter! 621 contains a scattered holo element that will bring rainbows to your fingertips! Your nails will take on a whole new dimension when in bright light or sunlight.” 621 is FILLED with a rainbow-hued holo, creating a three-dimensional, gorgeous effect on your nails, even outside of direct light… Though it’s described as a deep red, I saw a lot of orange in the base which makes it quite a warm red. When the light hits 621, it sparkles with a lot of gold reflection. Gorgeous!

I applied two beautiful, easy coats of 621 over basecoat, with a coat of China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat. Ozotic 621 applied easily, self-levelling, and could even be a one-coater if you’re in a hurry. It’s the fluid, heavily pigmented consistency that made me fall in love with the entire piCture pOlish line – and the best part? It dries super-fast!

In artificial light:


Look at that shine!!!! Don’t you love the depth that the holo creates?

Now look at it come alive in sunlight:


Earlier I fell in love with the Ozotic Sugars and Beam lines, and today, I am in love with Ozotic’s amazing scattered holo. If you have never tried the 600 series, you must.

To get your very own Ozotics, visit piCture pOlish on-line and or visit any piCture pOlish Network member, including Harlow & Co, Llarowe and Nail Polish Canada.

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(Product provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

One of the most amazing non-indie polish brands out there is piCture pOlish, an Australian boutique polish company with gorgeous colours and impeccable quality. Another thing to love about piCture pOlish? They are the creators of the “Collaboration Shades,” polishes they created with bloggers or their Network members. How cool is that?

Today’s Collaboration Shade is Cosmos, a stunning scattered holographic deep blue polish that was created with Camille from Pshiiit. And stunning does not begin to describe this polish!! It has such amazing depth, almost as though you are looking into a deep, vast ocean gleaming in the sun. Like another favourite piCture pOlish, the beautiful original Monroe, this polish shined, sparkled, and was a joy to apply.

Look at the shine and sparkle!

PicturePolish_CosmosThis is using 2 coats with base and top coat. The consistency of Cosmos was amazing – just thick enough to self-level, but thin enough to easily dry to a beautiful finish.

Look at Cosmos in the sun:


See that multi-coloured scattered holo dancing in the sun?

To get your very own bottle,  visit piCture pOlish on-line and and visit their Network members, including Harlow & Co, Llarowe, and of course, the creator herself at Pshiiit Boutique.

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Happy weekend!

Today I have a wonderful charitable trio of polishes for you… polishes that are not only gorgeous enough to purchase, but 50% of proceeds benefit each of these polishes’ charities. All three polishes have a scattered holographic base – just beautiful!

First up is Ultimate Service, a pistachio-colour holo polish that leans slightly gold/yellow, and supports Disabled Veterans. I love how very different this colour is! I see a beautiful pistachio shade, the scattered holo is stunning. I’m not usually a big fan of green polish but I love this colour.

Here are two coats with base and top coat:


Isn’t this spectacular??? I think this was my very favourite of the three!!


Next up is Give Hope, a deep pink holographic polish with pink holographic glitters. 50% of proceeds will go towards National Breast Cancer Research Society.

Here are two coats with base and top coat. I love how easily Give Hope applied, and look at that shine!!


Now look at Give Hope in the sun:

NaildIt_GiveHopeSunGive Hope is a beautiful, girly pink polish… isn’t it? And what a wonderful cause.

And the third polish, Make Your Wish, a blue holo polish that’s described as shifting between blue, green and yellow;  you can see the slight turquoise tone in the photo below. Make Your Wish proceeds benefit the Make A Wish Foundation! It contains dark blue and holo glitters, as well as holographic moons, stars and large circles. A complex glitter-filled gem!!

Here are two coats with base and top coat in the shade. Unfortunately I don’t think I was able to catch any stars here but you can see all the other cool glitter shapes 🙂


And here is a pic of it in the sun, showing the incredible holo and complexity of all the glitters:


Knowing that many indies are small businesses, it warms my heart when these incredibly talented people choose to donate their time and profits to charities. It is incredible generous of them to do, and it helps us, the buyers, feel a little better about our purchase. 🙂

Naild” It polishes are available on their Etsy shop (which is currently closed though), as well as from Llarowe, Overall Beauty, and MeiMei’s Signatures.

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(Products provided for consideration and review. All opinions are my own.)

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